Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rival Princess

Val was the Princess of the northern province while Toby was the Southern Princess, to say the least they were not fond of each other.

The palace in the land of controversary was where Princess Val and Princess Toby met to try to work out a peaceful settlement.

Val pulled a fast one on Toby by having many of her guards on hand and threatened to beat her ladies in waiting if Toby did not sign over the territory.

Toby would not hear of it and so one by one each of the ladies in waiting on Toby's staff were strippped and spanked with a paddle and whip. You could hear the varied ladies crying out in pain as the strap, paddle or whip was cutting into their flesh.

This was all being done in front of Princes Toby, but she was secured and in no position to stop the whippings of her ladies.

One of Princess Val's guards comes running to the chamber to inform her that Princess Toby's brother broke through the lines and was approaching the castle.

Hearing this Toby informed Val that soon it will be her ladies in waiting disciplined with the strap, paddle and whip and that as the main attraction she herself will be spanked in a most humiliating position.

So the tables were turned it was now Val's ladies that were stripped and disciplined one after the other.

All awaited to see if Princess Toby would really go through and spank Princess Val.

She had Princess Val totally stripped before even her own guards, she was placed into a vice like device on her back, her ankles were tied and the rope pulled up so that her bared bottom was properly exposed for whatever implement was to be applied.

Princess Val was adamant indicating to Toby that she can do with her as she wants she would not break.

Toby wanted the personal pleasure of disciplining Val so she took the whip and began applying it to Val's bared hind quarters.

Stroke after stroke was applied in this most exposing and humiliating position and although Val grunted with each stroke she did not break.

Toby taunted that she would take the skin off of Val's bared bottom and was true to form strapping her over and over again, yet Val would not break.

When Toby's brother the Prince arrived and saw the condition of Val's bottom he had his sister stop and helped Val up.

He had Val brought to his chambers to be attended to.

The Prince turned to his sister and said she may not break from a beating so perhaps she would find being raped more to her liking, the Princess smiled as Val was taken out.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spanking Progression with my aunt

My aunt began spanking me at age 12.

It was very embarassing for me to be totally bared and spanked by my aunt.

After the first rew spankings I realized that my aunt was getting off by dominating me and having me nude submitting to her for a spanking with her razor strop.

Once I discovered my aunts excitement at having me naked and spanked by her it began to excite me.

This went on for about 2 years with my aunt finding all sorts of stupid little reasons to have me bared and spanked.

It was around this time that my aunt found ways to expose herself to me leaving her door slightly opened when changing or the bathroom door ajar when she showered.

The culmination came one day shortly before I was to return home when my aunt called me into her room while she was changing.

She said she knew that I peeked in while she changed and she thought it best for me to get a good close up view, teasing after all I have had many close up views of you.

She tauted me asking if I would like that, of course I said yes.

She took off her bra and panties and gave me a long full view, she sure looked great.

Then after a few minutes she said I guess it is only proper now for me to spank you.

She had me get totally naked before her with her eyes examining me.

She put on a silk bathrobe with nothing on underneath

She put me over her lap and spanked me erotically with lots of rubbing and fondling.

I almost came that time.

It was several years later when I met up with my aunt again this time I was 20 years old, bigger and stronger than her. It was my intention to give her a spanking this time.

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Rose Spanked by a Social Worker - part 2

It was about 2 weeks later that I entered my office and to my surprise Jane was waiting for me. She told me that things were getting bad again between her mother and herself and that she pleaded with me to come over and see her mom.

I went to their apartment and confronted Rose asking her what happened.

She told me that Jane was staying out late, hanging out with a bad crowd, smoking that she was at wits end.

I confronted Jane and she did not deny her mom’s accusations.

Returning to Rose I ask so instead of addressing this problem properly you threatened to kick Jane out, she is your daughter.

I know, Rose said, I am sorry, I don’t know what to do, I love Jane, but she is too much for me to handle.

I thought a moment and then told Rose I thought they were both wrong this time and that they should both be spanked, Rose thanked me for giving her another chance, Jane was no so happy about the idea of taking a spanking as well.

I told Jane that her mom was willing to take a embarrassing whopping for her wrong doing and you should accept the same otherwise you might just end up on the street.

Jane gave a sneer to her mom and said ok but I don’t have to like it.

How many sir, Rose asked, 40 Rose – ok should I get all undressed again, please I said.

Rose began to undress, Jane could not believe how compliant her mother was.

Once totally naked Rose faced me remembering to keep her hands at her side, she asked me to please give her the discipline she deserved, I said it will be my pleasure.

Rose took up the position over the back of the couch with her toes just barely touching the floor, her bottom nicely presented for the razor strop.

Rose said I will try to take the strokes without moving or covering up sir, very good Rose, I told her.

I positioned myself behind Rose, glanced up at Jane and began laying on the strokes moderately hard, but not as hard as that first licking I gave Rose, I felt more compassionate toward her this time and she was really trying.

Rose took her licking well, when finished she got up and thanked me again, I told her she could get dressed.

Now I looked in Jane’s direction telling her she knew the drill and to remove her clothing, she was obviously embarrassed but did as she was told.

Once totally naked I had to remind Jane to keep her hands at her side as I lectured her.

Jane had a beautiful firm body, not as full as her mom but a very lovely site to see.

When Jane took up the position over the back of the couch previously occupied by her mom, I told her to ask nicely for her punishment.

Almost in a whisper Jane said may I please have a licking.

The strapping was more severe than I had just given Rose, but Jane was adamant about not moving or covering up.

Jane did yelp after about 20 strokes and was crying by 30.

Rose felt badly for her daughter but also knew this was something she needed.

When Jane’s licking was finished she got up and Rose embraced her .

Both mom and daughter promised to try harder to get along with each other and they both thanked me for helping them for another chance and to find the way.

Before I left I told them both to call me anytime they feel I can help.

Both smiled and said we will Lou.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rose Spanked by a Social Worker

Jane was 16 she was found living on the street by a social worker. After questioning her it was determined that she was virtually thrown out of her house by her mother and that when she was living with her mom her mom would beat her on a regular basis. Jane said she loved her mom and knew that the whippings she gave her were out of frustration so she submitted and took them.

In returning to her mothers home it was discovered that the mother, Rose, got pregnant at the age of 15 and raised Jane for the most part on her own.

Rose felt that Jane was now old enough to fend for herself and that she was entitled to a life and could not have one if she had to worry about Jane.

I asked Rose about the spankings she continuously gave Jane, she did not deny it, she said that she deserved many and that it was a way of taking out her frustrations.

It was my feeling that to submit a report on the basis of what I discovered would not benefit either Jane or Rose.

I decided to offer Rose an unorthodox off the record option.

I told Rose that if I submitted a report she would go to jail and Jane would go into a group home.

Rose was nervous; I told her I could offer her an option albeit unorthodox.

She asked me what it was.

I told her if she agreed to submit to an embarrassing spanking by me in front of her daughter Jane and if she took Jane back into the house I would let her off with a warning.

Roses’ initial response was that is ridiculous I am a grown woman.

I said fine Rose then I shall just write the report and submit it and let the chips fall where they may.

Ok wait Rose said, what kind of spanking how would you do it and with what.

I turned to Jane and asked her how she was spanked, she said with a big old razor strop her mom had in the back of the guest closet, I told Jane to get it.

As for position Jane how did your mom use that razor strop on you, she told me she had to bend over the back of the couch, head on the cushions toes barely touching the floor.

Jane did your mom have you bare your bottom, Jane blushed saying she made me get totally naked.

Totally naked including your top, yes Jane said.

I turned to Rose and asked her why she had Jane get totally naked for her whipping.

She explained that as a girl her father made her do it and felt that when disciplined you should be exposed and embarrassed.

I smiled and said ok Rose you answered your own question then as to how the spanking would be administered.

OMG Rose said you can’t mean, I stopped her, exactly Rose – yes or no ….

I looked at Jane she was all smiles obviously looking forward to her mom’s difficult situation.

Rose was thinking, I looked at my watch and said Rose I don’t have all day.

Ok, ok, she said: I can’t believe I am agreeing to this, go ahead get your jollies, she said.

Fine Rose please remove all of your clothing, Jane folded her arms and watched as her mom began to undress.

Down to her bra and panties, Rose felt she would make a last appeal to keep them on, I smiled, shook my head and told her to take them off.

With a look of scorn on her face she unhooked her bra and immediately covered her bared breasts. On your side I said, she put her hands down happy she said are you getting your rocks off.

Now your panties Rose, she huffed, inserted her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and quickly pulled them down.

Happy now, she asked, yes very nice Rose hands at your side.

She obviously was embarrassed but did as she was told.

To further embarrass her I told her to turn around and show me her bottom.

She again did as she was told, she had a nice full round bottom very meaty and fair of color which was going to change very shortly.

I had her face me again admiring her abundant breasts and nicely trimmed bush as I lectured her telling what I expected of her during her strapping. That if she moved out of position or tried to cover up 5 strokes would be added.

I pronounced her punishment to be 60 hard strokes across her unprotected bare bottom with the razor strop. She stomped her foot at the pronouncement as I asked her if she wanted to add an additional 10 she said no.

I instructed her to lay over the back of the couch with her head on the cushion so that her butt stuck right up to give me the perfect angle to lay on the razor strop.

Rose did as she was told, I approached her, ran my hand over her well presented bare bottom, then stepped back, laid the strap across the center of her bottom cheeks and asked if she was ready.

With a grunt of acknowledgement I began to lay it on. Beginning from the center most of one cheek to the other alternating then down to the sit spot and still lower to her upper thighs. I had her yelping after about 20 strokes. It was with about 5 or 6 more when she first tried to cover up, that’s 5 more, oh no was her reply please.

Remove your hand Rose, she did so slowly and the strapping continued another 12 strokes and she covered up again, 5 more nooooooooooo she pleaded, keep your hands away.

Her strapping went on hard and fast, with all of her lack of ability to restrain herself from moving and covering up, Rose ended up getting 85 strokes instead of the original sentence of 60-.

By the time I finished punishing her she was crying like a baby and her butt was as red as a beat.

When allowed to get up Rose was truly apologetic now knowing what the strap pings she had been giving Jane felt like. Jane offered her an embrace and Rose was crying on Jane’s shoulder.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pam Gets it from Jack

After Pam’s licking from her mom she was sent to bed. The following morning her mom woke her up early. Pam get dressed we are going to see Jack.

Jack, Pam questioned her mom, yes Jack your old boss, we are going to try and get your job back.

So the two appeared before Jack Mrs. Jones tried to appeal to Jack to give Pam another chance, he was adamant saying he could not trust her and she let Bill take the blame for her she embarrassed both of us.

Mrs. Jones thought for a moment well Jack I blistered her backside real good last night with my husbands old razor strop. Jack looked at Pam she was so embarrassed that her mom told him about her licking.

You did right Mrs. Jones, Jack said that is exactly what she needs, tell you what if she agrees to take a licking from me in front of Bill I will give her another chance but she must also pay back all of the money she stole from me.

Oh yes Jack she will agree, no I won’t Pam said running out of the restaurant.

I will see to it Jack Mrs. Jones assured him.

Mrs. Jones went outside grabbed Pam by the wrist you will march back into the restaurant and beg Jack to whop you if you have to. Oh ma please that would be so embarrassing to have my boss whop me and in front of Bill as it is he always looks at me.

Well that is just too bad you should have thought about that before you stole – you need that job and we need that money the embarrassment will do you some good it will make you remember this for a long time.

Pam knew she had no choice could she conjure up the courage to face Jack and ask him to discipline her how embarssing.

She returned with her mother to Jack – you have something to say to me Jack taunted her.

Ah yes sir I know I was so wrong I ah was really given a very severe beating from my mom, I know I deserved it ah and I guess I mean I know I deserve to get another beating from you and ah Bill I am so sorry he got in trouble he should be able to see me get it.

Very well Jack said with a sneer he called to Bill, when he told Bill what was going on Bill smiled too.

Jack took off his 48 inch garrison belt doubled it over bend over the table Pam.

She was wearing a skirt again, he lifted it up – oh my G-D Pam let out as she felt the cool air over her panty covered bottom.

Wasting no time Jack pulled her panties down Pam was red faced bent over like that in front of her boss and fellow worker. Part your legs she looked up at Jack – mom she cried out – her mom only told her to do as she was told.

I can’t believe you are letting him expose me this way next time you will know better now do as you are told Pam’s mom told her.

So Pam parted her legs exposing all of her feminine charms to her boss and fellow worker her face was bright red from embarrassment as Jack took aim and began to whop her good.

If Mrs. Jones brought the point across with that razor stropping Pam was learning real fast what a real licking was like from a big strong man. He whacked her over and over again she yelled out trying to get up but he mom and Bill held her down until Jack felt she got what she deserved.

When finished Jack further embarrassed her by having her face both himself and Bill while she held her skirt up and apologized.

Discipline Spanking Agreement Alex and Lou

The Lord was so pleased with the change in his wife and daughter under the strict guidance of both Lou and Alex that the Lord gave us our own land and cottage to reside in away from the main house.

The Lord still wanted us to attend to the disciplinary needs of both his wife and daughter but allowed us to otherwise have our own lives to lead.

I sat down with Alex about our lives together and thought that since we have accomplished so much on the basis of disciplining the Lords wife and daughter that it would be a good central point for us to run our lives also.

We agreed that we would spank each other in three categories a discipline spanking, a stress release spanking and romantic spankings.

We agreed that all discipline spankings must be submitted to meaning that the one to be disciplined must take on the submissive posture and comply with the agreed upon procedure which is to admit wrong doing, apologize, fetch the implements of chastisement, offer the implements to your partner hug your partner and ask to be disciplined as he or she sees fit, then bare your bottom for discipline.

The culprit being spanked should maintain the position with buttocks well presented with no effort to cover up or move away from the just due punishment.

Upon completion of the spanking the culprit is to again apologize to he or she that disciplined them offer another hug and then a love making forgiveness session would be in order.

Little Laura - Part 2

I continue to thrash your upturned bottom with the crop while you are secured helplessly. Getting you nicely aroused with the strokes of the crop and the fondling in between I strop to change your position.

I untie you from over the easy chair allow you to rub your bottom a bit as I smile watching you, you look up and see my smile you give me a little girl frown so cute I must embrace you and kiss your forehead.

I lay you down on your back on the couch I raise your legs over your head and tie them together then I wrap the rope around your back so that you’re your legs are over your head and nicely spread apart.

I can see your face as I admire your exposed beauty. I rub your charms watching your reaction, you obviously are very aroused, feel good baby girl – you let out a moan and say yes.

I pick up the crop I tickle your anus and rear entry hole as well as that cute vaginal opening of yours. You are such a tease you say, I smile ready for the crop hon, I ask – yes please you say.

I flick the crop across each globe 3 on each before pausing to fondle more baby girl mmmmmmmmmm is your respond whack, whack, whack – oh yes – yes – yes whack, whack, whack.

Not taking too long between to strokes and the fondling and Laura sweet Laura releases her love juice once again for me.

Little Laura - part 3

The crop doing the job I untie you once again Laura and sit down in the middle of the couch with you over my lap we chat as I rub your hind quarters.

I ask how you are doing and how you feel, you say a bit sore but I feel wonderful. Good I say let me know when you are ready for the paddle.

Just keep rubbing you say I do but mix in a bit of the fondling still feeling a nice dampness between your legs.

You tell me you are ready for you paddling. Do you want to be restrained honey, I ask.

You tell me that after receiving the crop you don’t think you can maintain your position without restraints.

I smile ok honey I take the arm chair from the dinning room place it in the center of the room tie your wrists to the arms and your legs to the legs of the chair nicely parted not obscenely just enough so your cute womanhood is peeking out.

I pick up the paddle made of hard wood covered with a nice thick layer of soft leather. It is about 18” long and 3” wide and has a handle. I run the paddle over your out thruster bare bottom.

I am going to give you 24 good sound whacks Laura, I want you to count them and thank me for them asking for the next.

Are you ready, yes you say In a hoarse voice whack – oh one thank you sir – may I have another – good girl whack – ah two thank you sir ah may I have another – of course whack – eh

And so your paddling is administered in a very systematic manor from left sit spot to left cheek from left cheek to right sit spot then to your right cheek and then back to the left sit spot and we make the rounds once again.

I pause after each round to rub your nice warm red bottom leaning over putting my lips by your ear doing ok baby girl – you always respond so seductively yes Lou I am ok – Ok Laura get ready for the next and you always tighten your bottom cheeks when I say that. I love to tap you with my hand when you do to have you loosen up.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Laura Gets the Strap

Little Laura your butt is so red are you sure you can take the strap, perhaps we should hold off your strapping for tomorrow.

No you say I can take it give me a few minutes Lou – I love your rubbing and fondling.

Teasing I say Laura I can tell you love it by your arousal you are so wet.

MMMMMMM yes Lou, you say I love the way you touch me.

Ok Laura I am going to place you on your back with your legs up over your head for your strapping.

I want your legs nicely spread apart for me so I can see all of your charms you know how I adore your charms.

Smiling and a bit embarrassed you say you do, but you also like my reaction.

I love this position for you Laura because not only can I see all of your beauty displayed before me in such a venerable position but I can see your face and your expression as I strap you and fondle you.

Lou, you ask can you take down your pants so I can fondle you as you fondle and strap me.

Of course sweetie, I reply as I take my pants and undies down exposing my semi erect cock and balls for you to fondle as I discipline you.

I line up the strap over the center part of your bottom, hold those ankles tight Laura, I say I don’t want to strike your cute little cookie with the strap.

Ready hon., I ask – yes Lou whack oh whack yes whack oh yes whack, whack, whack.

I pause to fondle you from the top of your bottom crack between your legs all the way up your vaginal opening. You are moaning and groaning I know you are very close to Cumming.

You are so wet I strap as I fondle you moan louder jerk moving from side to side I pick up the intensity and then you tighten up let out a big loud moan and relax as you have a most wonderful climax.

Laura Spanked in Front of her Class

Laura you continue to be naughty no matter how much I end up spanking
you, you leave me no other recourse but to discipline you in a way
that would prove to be very embarrassing to you and in addition very

You pout wondering what it is that I have in mind, but I only smile at
you and say you will find out soon enough.

I contact your teachers at school and some of your friends boys and
girls I arrange for them to all come to my house to witness your
public humiliation and discipline.

They are all assembled when you arrive, you come to me and say Lou
what are all of my classmates and teachers doing here, you appear a
bit nervous.

I take you by the hand and we walk over to some of the kids from your
class, this is Johnny you know him he tells me you always flirt with
him and then insult him, we go to Billy he said you curse at him all
of the time, we see Cindy who said you stole her panties in the girls
locker room and this is Mr. Smith your math teacher who said you do
not pay attention in class. Mrs. Jones your history teacher says you
are always talking and are disrespectful and she said she would love
to see you disciplined in the old fashion way.

Laura I am going to discipline you in front of your classmates and
teachers I am sure they will all enjoy your exposure and spanking
especially those that you have treated badly.

Now Laura I know you are a true brat and as such I think we will have
to secure you for the discipline that awaits you.

Before we begin the discipline session and because it is going to be
prolonged and embarrassing the school nurse suggested I first take
your temperature and then give you an enema to clean you out, both
will serve two purposes to make sure you are normal and clean but it
will also be done in a very embarrassing manor your temperature will
be taken rectally also.

You attempt to run out of the house but two of the boys grab you and
bring you over to me I hug you and kiss you on your forehead saying
you asked for this and now your are going to get it good and proper.

I have the boys help me to put you on all fours on top of the table
with them holding you down I raise your skirt and begin to pull down
your panties.

As I begin to pull down your panties you plead with me Lou please
don't not in front of my classmates and teachers how will I ever face
them again.

I smile and say it is too late for that now and with those remarks I
pull down your panties. You hear many remarks from the boys some of
the girls giggle as the adults just smile at your bare bottom.

I take a jar of Vaseline stick the thermometer in and then spread your
bottom cheeks and insert the thermometer into your cute little anus.

All are watching your embarrassing condition with great interest. I
take out the thermometer and announce with glee that you are normal.
I ask one of the girls to bring over the enema bag and fill it with
warm soapy water.

On no please Lou you plead as once again your bottom cheeks are parted
to allow the nozzle of the enema bag to enter and fill you.

You are helpless but to accept the indignities that are bestowed upon

You just take it in having an increased desire to relieve yourself.

Part II

I allow you to get up and have one female teacher and a female student
to accompany you to the bathroom to relieve yourself.

When you return young lady you will be totally exposed for the
enjoyment of all as you will be soundly disciplined.

You come back with tears in your eyes as I lay out the implements of
your chastisement a hair brush, a paddle, a strap and the cane.

I advise you that we will begin with the hair brush over my knee you
will get at least 40 with the hair brush but if you do not take your
hair brush spanking well and cooperate you will get more the same
holds true for you allotment of strokes with the paddle 24, the strap
24 and the cane 12.

It is up to you Laura how many strokes beyond the allotment you get.

Now naughty girl take off your skirt and blouse I want you totally
naked for all of your classmates and teachers to see you and look at

Please Lou please do you want to increase your strokes - oh no Lou you
sob as you begin to open your blouse.

As you remove your blouse you look at me once again with pleading eyes
I nod and smile and you reach behind you and unfasten your bra. You
unhook your bra let it fall loose and take it off with the natural
instinct to try to cover your bare breasts but I have you place your
hands on your head and face the class so they all get a good look at

Standing bare with your chest bare with your hands on your head before
your class is very embarrassing to you. I look around the class and
see some of the boys salivating and others with an obvious erection in
their pants.

I let them all get a good look at your breasts and then order you to
remove your skirt. Totally submissive at this point you do as you are

You look so beautiful in you white cotton panties and bare chest with
your hands on your head I wish I had a camera.

Panties I say, you don't even plea just a look I smile and you pull
your panties down.

Totally naked now for the world to see I give them all a good look.

I know have you positioned over my knee as I raise the hair brush 40
we said Laura right - yes sir you say - don't forget to count and
thank me and ask for the next you don't want to add to your total, yes
Lou you reply.

I raise the hair brush and begin to swat your nicely presented bare
bottom whack, whack, whack, whack sequence of four from sit spot to
check to other side and then the pause for rubbing a little fondling I
lean over and tell you after you are fully punished and they all leave
if you are good I will make it all worth while honey.

You look over at me and smile thanks Lou you say I am so embarrassed,
I know honey but you brought this upon yourself.

I continue to spank your bottom with the hairbrush as the others all
count along with you 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 ......

Tai Pai Spanking

I must tell you about my R & R while in Vietnam to Tai Pai.

As you probably know Tai Wan the country previously known as Formosa is the break away China or Nationalist China from the big China or communist China.

I went there on R & R we have a navy base there so the Navy was in charge of us.

At the airport a Navy bus picked us up and brought us to a hanger we only had military clothing so we were able to buy clothing at the Navy hanger.

They also gave us a briefing about the woman they knew they could not stop us from getting some action so they wanted to be sure that we got the girls that were checked medically, they were called Contract Girls, in fact I have one of those contracts somewhere at home.

The contract girl spoke English and served as your guide amongst other services.

Each time you would say you like something she would pick up the phone in the hotel and 5 minutes later a specialist in that area would appear trying to sell you something.

For example they tried to sell you custom suits, etc. asked if I would like a massage a blind masseur appears had to pay extra.

So I asked about spanking, she assumed I wanted to spank a girl or see it so she told me about a state run exhibition outside the city limits that we could go visit by train it was a great place and show so I was eager to go.

We went on this older train but well maintained and clean beautiful countryside rode for about 45 minutes.

We arrived at what amounted to large grass huts with no sides set up on a stage with a table and chairs for the judge’s benches and standing room for observers and a wooden device to restrain the prisoner.

For minor offenses they offered the offenders the option of jail or judicial punishment. The judicial punishments were administered by either a large thick strap or a cane depending upon the age of the offender and the extent of the crime if it was a first offense or second and so on.

The jails in Tai Wan were really very bad places much worse than ours so most of the people given that opportunity choose the judicial punishment.

There must have been about 200 people observing the judicial punishment many Americans but also from other Orient countries.

The wooden restraint was shaped like a double H two long vertical bars and two horizontal bars. The lady to be disciplined was escorted before the 3 judges they bow they were dressed in prison dresses looked like a sack with a hole for the head.

The head judge says something to them my contract girl interrupted asking the girl if she freely accepts judicial punishment.

The girl acknowledges.

Two matrons take her by the arms escort her in front on the restraining device.

She is standing up at this point and her arms are attached to the top of the device making her hands be outstretched over her head. A large belt is secured around her kidney area and tightened.

The device is then bent forward on hinges putting the girls head all the way down perhaps only a foot from the ground. This causes her bottom to be elevated at this point her skirt is raised and clipped up above her waist by a matron. The other matron is securing her ankles one to each leg of the device.

In this position the girl is well secured and well displayed all of her charms on view for the enjoyment of the viewing public.

The concept is that they charged a lot to see this show, it was about $7 American which was about a weeks pay for the average person there at the time. It saved the government money to try and incarcerate these minor offenders and they got lots of money for charging admission.

A person, I assume it was a man approaches with a hood on holding either a judical strap or a cane he approaches the judges first a few words are exchanged and he bows and then takes up his position to the left of the offender and to her rear.

A man appears with a form in his hand and reads out loud the offense and the penalty.

He moves away the man with the hood on is nodded to by the head judge and the discipline begins.

The strokes of the strap were very hard from the first the girls scream out, they usually get from 18 to 24 strokes but there was one prostitute third offense who got 36 strokes.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laura In Singapore

This is a takeoff on the experience I had in Tai Won.

Laura and Lou decide to vacation together in Singapore

As we arrive security pulls Laura out of the line and two female guards take her to the ladies room

Laura is strip searched and found to be carrying marijuana.

Singapore doesn’t wait long for trials or verdicts.

Laura is put in a women’s jail awaiting trial the following day.

In the jail are many male guards who sneer at Laura as an American and because of her lovely charms.

I am in contact with the American embassy and a representative does come to see you but it is much red tape to race against the clock before the trial.

The trial is held the following day it is all in their language we have a lady lawyer who can barely speak English herself Laura is found guilty to possession of marijuana.

She is offered the option of 30 days or 30 lashes.

Laura is besides herself she is told that the lashes are very harsh and it will be done in public with her fully exposed on view for all assembled to witness.

I convince you that the prisons at Singapore are very poorly maintained as is the food and bathroom facilities and that the cruel guards would probably beat her and rape her so she is better off just taking a beating up front and getting it over with.

Laura agrees and the following day she is sentenced to receive 30 lashes with the administrative strap.

Prior to being brought to the staging area Laura is examined by a doctor. It was humiliating enough to be examined in all of her cavities by a male doctor in her cell, but to make matters worse the male guards were standing outside the cell watching and enjoying and remarking as Laura had to lay on her back legs up in the gyno position, as she was made to take up this position the male guards all begin to laugh and make remarks.

Laura was given a plain prison dress it looked like a sack with a hole in it for the head to pass through.
Laura is brought to a staging area where there is a table with three chairs seated are 3 judges.

The general public is assembled around the stage.

In the center of the stage is the discipline device. It is a series of 2 x 4 beams with hinges at the center also having two cross beams.

Laura is escorted to stand in front of the judges, they hold her arms as the judges speak, a translator tells Laura what they are saying.

Laura is told of what she is found guilty of and that she agreed to submit to corporal punishment by means of a judicial strap in the amount of 30 strokes upon her bared bottom.

Laura is asked if she agreed to accept the lashing in lieu of jail time, Laura acknowledges.

The matrons escort Laura to stand facing the discipline device.

Laura’s arms are raised and attached to the top of the device forcing her arms to be stretched above her head.

The other matron reaches down to the hem of Laura’s prison dress and raises it up exposing her luscious bare bottom for all to admire. Cat whistles and remarks are heard especially from the male members of the audience.

The hem of Laura’s dress is fastened to the top of her dress keeping the dress up above her waist so that her bottom is properly exposed to receive the forthcoming discipline.

Each leg is now spread and fastened to the legs of the device crudely exposing Laura’s beautiful womanly charms for all those to observe and enjoy.

The top section of the device is bent forward so that her head is only about a foot from the ground forcing her bottom to be elevated at the perfect level to receive the judicial strap.

A man hooded takes up his position behind Laura he is looking at the judges awaiting a nod to proceed.

A second man approaches and stands to Laura’s right further behind her he has a clip board.

The judge nods to the man with the strap and he proceeds to apply the first stroke, one counts the man with the clip board. Laura lets out a screech.

They pause for about 30 seconds between strokes whack, ahhhhh is Laura’s remark.

With only two strokes Laura’s beautiful bottom was already shinning a very nice shade of red.

Whack, three as Laura bucked but the restraints held her into position.

Whack four oh my G-d Laura exclaimed.

Whack five ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Whack six please I’m sorry

Whack seven nooooooooooooooooo

And so the judicial strapping of Laura an American lady continued until her entire full bottom was soundly strapped a very bright crimson shade of red.

Laura was released from the discipline device and the matrons dragged her to a holding area.

The authorities allowed me to accompany Laura to the holding area whereupon they gave me an ointment to apply to her bottom.

Laura was place on a cot on her belly with her skirt up in the rear, I sat down next to her and began to comfort her applying the ointment to her throbbing rear end. She was still sobbing softly but did indicated the soothing effect of the ointment.

I began to comfort Laura telling her that the ordeal was over that she took her punishment so well that she looked so beautiful and had nothing to be embarrassed about.

When we got to our hotel I put up a bath for Laura and rubbed her back as she was relaxing as she got out of the bath once again I had her lay on her belly this time applying lotion to her purplish bottom.

I was about to tuck Laura in figuring she would want to sleep, but she asked me if I would get in bed with her.

I took off all of my clothing, Laura watched as I did so I made sure she was able to see whatever please her.

I got into the bed I comforted her holding her and caressing her when she asked me to make love to her.

We made love in a very soft and gentle way so as not to hurt her already bruised posterior.

Laura The Insurance Agent

Many of the stories I write are taken partly from real life experiences and embellished.

Of late I was involved with a health insurance company in the tedious task of getting code approval of a procedure I need and am covered for.

Laura I will make you the supervisor in charge who I ultimately had resolve my case but not until I threatened with governmental investigation.

Laura if you were in my area I would take you and put you over my knee bare your bottom and give you a well deserved spanking for the hard time you have given me.

Well Lou it is my job to try and save the company I work for money, if we can settle a claim for a lesser amount I get a commission on the amount saved.

Where are you located, oh I am in the same area code as you as a matter of fact.

Well Laura I tell you what either you agree to meet with me and take a good sound embarssing spanking on your bare bottom or I am going to file a complaint against you now what will it be.

Oh Lou please don’t file a complaint my boss told me one more complaint and I am out and I really need this job it is a good job.

Well then Laura are you prepared to accept the alternative?

But Lou you really don’t expect to spank me after all I am a grown woman and on the bare bottom that would be so embarssing.

As a grown woman you should know better don’t you agree – ah, well yes I guess you are right I am sorry.

Sorry will not cut it Laura now I am losing patients with you.

I guess I will take the spanking.

We meet half way between at a motel I bring along a big old razor strop from my aunts favorite collection.

I have you remove your dress completely and stand before me hands at your side reprimanding you as I admire your charms and relish in your embarrassed state.

Finally I have you bend over the foot board of the bed with your legs nicely parted so that all of your womanly charms are not only on display but open for inspection.

I take the strop lay it across your bared buttocks and proceed to thrash you.

With each stroke your bottom becomes a darker shade of red until I have you yelping and begging for mercy, soon that mature arrogant manager is crying crocodile tears like a little naughty young girl.

Dr. Brown's Wife

It was during the depression that 19 year old Jack desperately sought any work possible so he could get a dress his mother wanted.
Jack went from store to store offering to do any kind of work to raise money for the dress.
At the general store he ran into Dr. Brown who offered him $10 if he would clean up his basement.
Jack agreed, Dr. Brown told Jack to go right downstairs and not disturb his wife.
Jack went to Dr. Brown’s house entered the basement, turned on the light and began to clean up, it was a mess.
Shortly after he began cleaning the light went on, it was Mrs. Brown, oh hi I am Jack, and your husband hired me to clean up the basement.
Oh said Mrs. Brown as she came downstairs, how old are you Jack, she asked, I am 19 ma’am he answered.
You are a handsome young man Jack; Mrs. Brown said and so well developed. Jack looked at her saying thank you.
Mrs. Brown came up to Jack and ran her hand over Jacks arm, nice smooth skin Jack, she said and such muscles. You know Dr. Brown never touches me anymore she said.
Jack, feeling uncomfortable and needing to make another $10 somehow to get his mother that dress told Mrs. Brown he had work to do and time was running out because he needed to raise another $10 to get a dress for his mother.
I have $10 upstairs on my dresser, Mrs. Brown said, if you come upstairs it is yours.
Come upstairs, Mrs. Brown, Jack asked, what will I have to do?
Do, Mrs. Brown repeated, oh all you have to do is touch me.
Touch you Mrs. Brown, Jack asked….
Yes Jack were you spanked as a boy?
Spanked Mrs. Brown, Jack asked?
Yes spanked I am sure you know what a spanking is?
Yes I know what a spanking is Jack replied.
Good said Mrs. Brown, would you like to bare my bottom and give me a good sound spanking. That is all you have to do to earn the $10.
What, Jack asked?
Mrs. Brown smiled, and said she like to be spanked on her bare bottom with the razor strop.
Jack was really surprised by this, he heard about people liking to get spanked, but this was a lot to digest for his young mind all at once.
He thought about Mrs. Brown’s request and began to get excited. He realized that he would get to see this pleasantly plump middle aged woman’s bare bottom and maybe more. That to spank her bottom could be fun and there was no hard work or risk and he would have the money to buy his mother the dress she so desperately wanted.
Jack looked over at Mrs. Brown, all I have to do is give you a spanking with the strap and you will give me $10, he asked.
Yes Mrs. Brown said with a smile.
Ok Jack said.
Mrs. Brown reached out her hand come with me upstairs to my bedroom.
Jack took her hand and they went upstairs.
As she entered her bedroom she went over to the closet and took out a big thick old warn razor strop she ran her hand over the strop lovingly looking at it and saying that this is the razor strop that was used on her by her uncle when she was a little girl, she handed the strop to Jack.
Mrs. Brown went over to the head of her bed and took both pillows and stacked them in the center of the bed. She smiled to Jack and asked him if he had ever seen a grown woman totally naked.
Jack was a bit flushed and nervous but also anxious to see how this was to play out, he said no.
Would you like me to get all undressed in front of you Jack, Mrs. Brown teased.
Ah yes, sure, Jack replied.
Mrs. Brown smiled as she took off her shoes and threw them on the side. She sat down on the bed and raised her skirt a bit to unfasten first one then the other nylon.
Jack was watching wide eyed and getting aroused as she was undressing before him.
With her shoes and nylons off, Mrs. Brown began to get undressed in a sexy, sensual, strip teasing kind of a way.
Jack could not help but get aroused as this attractive pleasantly plump wife of a doctor was exposing herself slowly before him.
Down to her bra and panties Mrs. Brown again took the opportunity to tease Jack by asking him if he would prefer to take her bra off.
Ah sure Jack said as Mrs. Brown turned around offering the fastener from her bra to Jack’s nervous hand.
Jack unhooked Mrs. Brown who turned around facing Jack holding her loose bra up then she slowly took one strap then the other off of her shoulder. While doing so she continued to maintain direct eye contact with Jack and always had that sly smile upon her face.
As she let the bra fall away and the abundance and beautiful full breasts came into Jack’s full view, he was mesmerized by the sight before him.
Almost in a trance viewing Mrs. Brown’s breasts, she had to call his name twice to get his attention as she inserted her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties.
Slowly she began to lower her panties until the forest of her charms came into view, then she turned and lowered them off of her bottom so that her full round bottom was now totally bare for Jack to view and admire.
She allowed Jack several moments to take in her posterior and then lowered her panties all the way down and took them off.
Mrs. Brown then slowly turned around keeping her hands over her feminine triangle then looking straight into Jack’s eyes and smiling she removed her hands and put them out to her sides putting herself on full display for Jack to take in.
Jack’s was hard as a rock and it was very apparent, Mrs. Brown looked down at his crotch and said my my aren’t we a bit excited.
Jack turned a blushing red from that remark and said nothing.
Mrs. Brown said to Jack that he should free the constraints of his manly desire that it would make him feel that much better.
Jack reluctant thought twice when Mrs. Brown encouraged him further by moving up to him and rubbing his buldge.
Mrs. Brown undid Jack’s pants and pulled them down followed quickly by his under shorts.
My aren’t we an eager beaver Mrs. Brown pronounced as she ran her hand over Jack’s shaft.
Mrs. Brown then reached over for the razor strop handed it teasingly to Jack and said lets get on with the task at hand.
Mrs. Brown bent over the pillows positioning her well formed bare bottom in the perfect position for Jack to chastise her.
She parted her legs a bit so her charms showed through, wiggled her bottom, looked over her shoulder and said Jack obviously I am a very naughty lady to so expose myself to you like this, give me the good sound stropping I so well deserve.
Jack placed the strop across Mrs. Brown’s bottom and then raised it and let it fly. The first stroke was moderate, Mrs. Brown ohhhhhhhed and said good harder and faster.
Jack gave her another stroke this time harder followed again by another oh, ah, yes Mrs. Brown moaned let me have it, give it to me good.
As Mrs. Brown was moaning these words Jack was getting into a good rhythm of stropping her, her bottom was getting very red and warm to the touch, but she was asking for more and faster and harder.
After several more strokes of the razor strop Mrs. Brown collapsed on the bed, her voice was hoarse now she asked for Jack to rub her bottom to soothe it.
Jack did as Mrs. Brown requested and as he was doing so Mrs. Brown was recovering from her sexual release and began to ask Jack if he enjoyed giving her a whopping. Jack smiled and said yes I did.
Mrs. Brown smiled back and said next time maybe we will switch places, Jack thought a moment, smiled and said that could be fun too.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Laura The Rich Man's Wife

Laura was the wife of a wealthy Importer who was away from Laura a great deal of the time.

Her husband was much older not much of a lover and never satisfied her sensual and spanking desires. Laura stayed with him for the benefit of the kids but was increasingly finding his touch to be revolting and her desire for sexual and spanking release increasing.

Laura’s husband hired me as his manager mostly to coordinate his business affairs while he was away, he set up an office in his elaborate spacious home but told me not to go into the living part of the house where Laura would be.

One day while working attentively in the office the door adjoining the living quarters of the house opens and there you are standing in a sheer negligee.

I am a bit shy and nervous I like my job and don’t want to jeopardize it yet I also feel a need to be polite to you after all you are the wife of my boss.

You say hi I am Laura, I stand up yes how do you do mam I am Lou your husband’s manager. I can’t help staring at your beauty and the way you are dressed I can see your nipples through the negligee and a dark patch by your pussy. You know only too well what I can see and you smile at my discomfort and obvious arousal.

You walk closer to me in a seductive manor asking me if I find you attract, ah yes mam you are very attractive.

Would you like to see me nude, you ask, I ah mam I think I better get back to work, I say.

I am a lonely woman married to a man who doesn’t take care of me sexually, you say, you are very handsome Lou would you like to make love to me, you ask.

Mam, I should get back to work, I say, you smile, I know I am being very naughty with you Lou, you say, that is why I want you to spank me.

Spank you mam, I ask.

Yes Lou I enjoy getting spanked by a handsome man like you right on my bare bottom with a razor strop.

Come upstairs with me Lou, my husband won’t be back for days for each spanking and sex you give me I will pay you double your daily pay I heard you are saving to buy a home of your own to provide for your children.

Ah yes mam, but I don’t think it would be proper.

Don’t be silly Lou, you say, is it proper for my husband to leave me alone all these times and when home to rarely come close to me and when he does it is only for his own personal satisfaction.

Double my daily pay, I ask, you smile and reach your hand out to me, I take your hand and you take me to your bedroom suite.

Once we get into your bedroom you have me sit on the edge of your bed as you go to your closet and take out a big old worn razor strop.

You run the razor strop seductively and lovingly through your hands as you approach me.

You ask me if I had ever disciplined a lady on her bare backside with a strap, ah yes mam I did several times as I too have received the strap.

I perked your interest with that response you thought me to not be into any kink.

Really, you exclaim, yes mam I must confess that a woman’s posterior is very exciting to me and when applying a spanking when the bottom turns to pink and then red, the warmth, well mam it is very arousing to me.

You smile broadly, Lou, you say I think we are both going to have a very enjoyable afternoon.

You hand the razor strop to me telling me not to spare the force of the strokes that you like them good and hard.

You go to the head of the bed take about 3 pillows and position them in the center of the bed stacked one on top of the other.

You now stand facing me and smiling as you begin to open your negligee exposing all of your charms to me, I am staring and getting aroused. You can see the bulge in my pants and make a comment about my condition making me blush.

You climb onto the bed on your knees position yourself over the pillows lower your head so it rests on the mattress you spread your legs so all of your womanly charms are on full display to me.

You look back over your shoulder smiling at me as you wiggle your bottom, you can fondle me Lou if you wish, I hesitate but I want to fondle you as much as you want me to.

I move up and put my hand on your butt, run your finger down my crack you tell me, I do as you request.

You moan nice Lou now underneath stick your finger in me, again I do as you request, I can feel your moisture, your warmth and your moaning tells me that you are already very aroused.

In a hoarse voice you say now thrash me, thrash me good, I raise the strop and bring it down across your beautiful bare bottom with but one stroke a wonderful pink aurora appears. MMMMMMMMMMMM harder Lou and faster closer together I whop you again and again you moan with each stroke rub me Lou you say I do and then I fondle I spank you again whack, whack, whack yes oh yes more harder you say, whack, whack, whack…

I continue to whack you and fondle you and then you cum you rest a moment and turn over parting your legs.

You look up at me smiling, do you like my pussy you ask, yes mam, I say.

You smile take off your clothes Lou – ah yes mam I say as I begin to undress as I turn away from you, no Lou I want you to face me I want to see all of you as you get undressed.

I get undressed as you watch me facing you I am fully erect come close to me you say, I do, you grab my shaft and stroke it a little, does that feel good Lou, you ask – yes mam.

I want you to lick my snatch you say come here between my legs and lick my pussy.

I climb between your legs and move my lips down to your pussy as I put my lips on your pussy you push my head down so that the contact is harder rougher the way you want it the way you love it.

I begin to lick your pussy, you are moaning, stick your tongue inside Lou, I do wiggling it you moan louder and harder and buck once again as you cum for the second time.

You rest once again hand under your head propping your head up as you lay there totally naked with your legs nicely spread apart I can see your pussy lips are swollen eager for more action.

Ok Lou now I want you to fuck me climbs over me so I can grab your cock I want to fondle you a little.

I straddle you on my hands and knees with you under me laying flat legs nicely apart you reach under me and begin to fondle my balls, feel good, you ask, oh yes mam.

You smile and reach for my cock it is throbbing are you ready, yes mam I say very much ready.

You take the head of my cock and stick it into your sweet pussy, it is so soft and warm and moist.

I begin to lower myself into you slowly at first that faster and harder we both don’t need much priming we are both very hot we pump and hold tight and cum together I collapse onto you, you put your arms around me rubbing my back moving your hands to my backside stroking my backside as I nestle into your bosom.

We get up you go over to your purse take out $300 in cash hand it to me, same time tomorrow you smile, yes mam I say, bye for now, bye I say.

The Mob Boss

I saw Jane at the local coffee shop every morning when I got my roll and coffee. A glance turned to a smile and a smile to a hello and soon we looked forward to our 15 minutes together each morning.

What I was not aware of was that Jane was the girl friend of a local mob boss.

Jane and I became an item and one thing led to another and before you knew it we were sleeping with each other perhaps once a week usually at her place.

She had a really plush apartment with a fancy New York City address.

By this time I had known that she was the unwilling girl friend of the local mob boss who no longer cared for him but feared trying to leave him.

As luck would have it one day as we were in her bed making love the lights were turned on and there sitting before us was her boy friend with two of his body guards.

We were both very nervous she trying to first explain and then apologize. At this point she was pretty much trying to protect herself even at the expense of my life, she feared for her own.

Her boy friend spoke calmly coolly asking her about the obvious. She kept answering truthfully not wanting to put salt on the wounds. He asked if she were naked under the covers she said yes. Were you making love with this man yes. Have you done wrong for your actions – yes. Do you deserve to be punished for your actions – yes. Shall I beat you here in front of your lover – yes.

Her boy friend leaned over to one of his body guards and whispered something in his ear. The body guard smirked at us and then left the apartment. He returned shortly and in his hand was a big thick old razor strop with a handle on it. The body guard handed the razor strop to his boss.

The mob boss was running his hand over the razor strop showing it to his girl friend who had a pretty good idea what he intended to do with it. He said I am going to discipline you here and now in front of all of us you have embarrassed me by sleeping with this man you should be embarrassed as well, don’t you agree – yes she responded tearfully.

Very well then uncover yourself and make no attempt to cover your nudity and come to the end of the bed. Shaking in fear but knowing she must obey she got out of the bed and walked to the foot of the bed as instructed.

She was told to turn around and grab the lower railing at the foot of the bed. By so doing her bottom was exposed as a perfect target. Her boy friend was not fully satisfied with this position he wanted her legs spread apart and so instructed her.

Now with her legs parted, all of her womanly charms on full display for all to see, the mob boss told his two body guards to take up position on either side of her to hold her down during her whopping.

The mob boss moved up close to her, taunting her, running the leather over her bare bottom, telling her that each stroke is going to feel like fire on her butt that she will scream and holler but to no avail that he will tan her hide until he is satisfied.

True to his word the mob boss began to tan her hide good and proper each stroke was applied full force and from her reaction you can tell it was very painful.

Jane was crying like a baby after only a dozen strokes but the mob boss continued to apply that strap, her bottom was crimson by the time he had finished with her.

Just as the Mob boss was finishing disciplining his girl friend several attractive but rough looking ladies came in. They saw Jane’s bottom and smiled and made remarks. The mob boss said he will be yours to play with for fun, they looked at me with cruel smiles.

Once finished with Jane the mob boss let his men have their way with her, she was forced to get on all fours as first one took her from behind while the other had himself orally satisfied by her, then they switched places.

Meeting Pam - part 1

I was in my mid 50’s when I got divorced, I was surprised at how many single women my age were out there.

I went to get my hair cut and discovered that a new lady had taken the place of my hair stylist, her name was Pam.

Pam is in her late 40’s, what you would refer to as pleasantly plump great breasts and backside just my cup of tea.

Music was playing it was from her ex husband, he was trying to win her back, she would have no part of him.

Apparently recently divorced she still had some open wounds and used verbalization to cover them.

She began to tell me that the song was by her ex husband that they had a great sex life together until he began to drink.

I demonstrated compassion and a friendly ear so she went on telling me that she was forced to get a restraining order against him because he became violent.

She continued that when married it began with playful spankings which she enjoyed, she commented that she would have liked to spank him but he never would let her.

I could hold back no more after hearing this and felt free to speak openly since she had just done the same.

I told her I too enjoyed spanking as a form of adult play to both give and receive.

At first she thought I was just playing with her but I went on in greater depth telling her of some history.

She was smiling and kept saying really wow, etc.

I said you know we should get together sometime, she agreed.

As I was about to leave she asked if I were free later in the afternoon, she explained that her two grown kids work but live with her so they don’t get home until about 5:30 and she gets off around 2 pm and that she lived close by.

I told her I would love to come by. She smiled and gave me her address, I knew exactly where it was not far from my office at all.

So at around 2 pm I went a calling on my newly found friend Pam.

I knocked on her door, she let me in with a smile still dressed in the same clothes she had on at work.

She said let me change into something more comfortable and then we can have some fun, I said ok.

She returned shortly clad in a house dress no stockings not even shoes bare footed and I could tell that she took her bra off also.

Although very forward up to that point she now seemed a bit nervous so I thought it best to offer her to spank me first. She seemed relieved by my offer.

I asked her if she wanted me to lower my pants or if she wanted to do it for me. She came up to me and began to unbuckle my pants.

With my pants down to my ankles I had already begun to rise for the occasion she noticed and ran her hand over the bulge.