Wednesday, April 26, 2006

15 Years Later

As a modest young boy of 12, I was first introduced to exposure and spanking at my aunts knee.

My aunt was a firm believer in embarrassment and humiliation as part of punishment in fact she spanked her then 14 years old daughter in the same manor as she spanked me.

Looking back now as a 27 year old there is no doubt that my aunt enjoyed my exposure and my spankings I think she was also aware that I enjoyed them equally as well.

If I took my spankings well my aunt frequently rewarded me by leaving the door to her bedroom slightly ajar while changing, again no doubt she knew exactly what she was doing and showing me.

It was 15 years since I spent that summer with my aunt and cousin. My cousin had gotten divorced and returned to that cottage on the lake to live with her mom. I had just broke up with my most recent girl friend and lost my job and was really down on my luck.

I decided to give my aunt a call; she was delighted to hear from me, we haven’t been in touch for a long time. She invited me to come and stay with them at the cottage for the summer to help me get back on my feet.

I took my aunt up on her offer and packed my things put most of my personal things in storage and took off for the lakeside cottage where my aunt and her daughter were now residing full time.

As I got there they both greeted me warmly my cousin putting her arm around me and telling me of all of her events since last we chatted.

At dinner my aunt began to tell me that her rules of the household remained the same. I looked up at her and smiled and said you mean you still spank Carol, ah ha she said and you too if you need it, I smiled back and said oh yes I am definitely in need, my cousin laughed and said she would love to see me get it, I laughed and said as I would you.

My aunt interjected saying she was sure we would both be getting it and witnessing the other getting it.

I smiled back at my aunt and said yes auntie as she liked me to respond when I was to be disciplined, she smiled.

Then I said if I take my spankings well auntie do I still get the same reward, meaning her leaving the door slightly opened while getting undressed. Sure my aunt replied although I certainly don’t look as good as I did 15 years ago, I smiled back telling her I am sure she was still very attractive, she just smiled.

I had thought about the excitement of spanking and exposure I had experienced as a boy with my aunt and cousin but didn’t think it would really come to pass.

After dinner we all sat in the living room sipping wine as my cousin began to relate the causes of her divorce. Apparently both she and her husband began cheating on each other and when he found out she was cheating he couldn’t handle that.

I looked over at my aunt and said wow if ever I heard grounds for a spanking that is certainly it. My cousin smiled and said sure you just want to see me get it.

Well sure I smiled, she said ok fine, but I am sure you have something to confess as well.

Smiling I said you are right I am as guilty as you were fooling around in my apartment that I was living in with my girl friend and getting caught with another woman.

There you go my cousin smiled so I guess we both deserve it, guess you are right I responded.

My aunt was listening on smiling and saying ok so you both get it who goes first.

Ladies first I shouted out – ok my cousin said as she stood up and began to pull down her pants.

She was tall and thin and proud of her body as she took down her pants she sort of pranced around in front of me turning around so I got both a front and rear view of her clad in her panties.

She took her blouse off next obviously wanted to be totally nude for me, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts were on the small side but very nicely proportioned.

Standing with her hands on her hips facing both me and her mom with both of us smiling she looked down at my crotch teasing as always about an obvious rise in my pants.

She reached into the elastic of her panties and pulled her panties straight down revealing a very nicely trimmed sweet looking pussy. Again displaying herself to me she turned to her mom indicating she was ready to position herself over her knee.

My aunt was seated in the center of the couch I was directly across from her on the edge of my seat as my cousin laid across her moms lap.

My aunt went right to work smacking away just as she did those years before.

I don’t think that the smacks were really hurting my cousin all that much, though I would find out first hand soon enough, but my cousin was really putting on a show yelping with each added smack.

After my cousin’s cute little butt was well colored and most likely very warm my aunt had her get up and lay over the back of the couch with her legs parted. My aunt had that same old razor strop she had used on us as kids asking us if we remembered this strap. Many fond memories I teased, yes my cousin chimed in, bottoms up my aunt interjected.

So my cousin got her licking with the strap again yelping with each stroke, when my aunt got down to the last 10 she told my cousin to count them out and those last 10 were most definitely given hard.

My cousin was permitted to get up and was rubbing her bottom while facing me and giving me a very nice view of her pubes, I thought I denoted a tear or two in her eye but a most definite big smile on her face.

Your next my cousin teased and as was the case in the past my cousin had to remain naked while I was to get mine.

I stood up trying to be as brave as my cousin was but of course as I took my pants down I was already fully erect making both my aunt and cousin very happy, but embarrassing me.

Both my aunt and cousin made remarks about how I had grown and my condition while I had to stand there allowing them to enjoy the view until my aunt told me to assume the position across her lap.

Finally I was positioned across my aunt’s lap and she proceeded to tan my hide good in preparation for the strap. She definitely spanked me longer and harder than she did my cousin and in addition she paused on several occasion to rub and even some light fondling, which she did not do with my cousin.

Finally I was allowed up and like my cousin I did a bit of rubbing before assuming the position for the strap.

My aunt wanted my legs really spread apart obviously so that they both had a good look at my balls and cock hanging down as she delivered the strap.

My pleasure I thought as my desires kicked in, I spread my legs nice and wide asking if they enjoyed the view, with each stroke of the strap I wiggled so that my balls and cock would wiggle I know they enjoyed that as I enjoyed showing them.

When my strapping was finished my aunt sat back down on the couch putting the strap next to her my cousin came up to me and grabbed my shaft with one hand my balls in the other, she began to stroke and it didn’t take much for me to cum.

I was about to go into the bathroom to clean up when my cousin said no let me. She took a wash cloth put under warm water and washed me all around, ok Lou hope you enjoyed she smiled.