Thursday, April 27, 2006

2nd. Spanking from my friends Mom

After that first spanking from Rose I was hooked.

I think Rose was too, she always liked me and treated me as her second son, but once I reached 16 she looked and treated me a bit differently. I never was able to put my finger on it but after that first spanking from her and the way she looked at me after I think I understand that she was turned on.

Since Bob, Rose's son was my best friend and I was over their house often, I pretty much knew the routine.

Bob and I were out late one Friday night, I was driving so I had control as to when we would leave. Bob told me he had to be home by 1 am, I had no curfew.

My mind began to work I knew Bob would be working on Saturday and I knew his sister was over a friends house. I decided to purposely get Bob in trouble, he would get spanked then I could contact Rose on Saturday and confess that it was all my fault.

My plan worked perfectly I got Bob half crocked so it was easier for me to stall the time.

I got him home at 2:30 and Rose was waiting for him, I just smile, waved and left.

It was about 10 in the morning on Saturday when I called Rose. I confessed that Bob being late was all my fault. I asked her if she punished Bob, she said yes.

I told her that I was the one who deserved it not Bob, she agreed.

I went over to Rose's house, I wanted a good hard spanking from her so I laid it on telling her that I should get it longer and harder than she gave it to Bob, she said don't worry about that, by the time I finish with you, your butt will be bright red and you will be crying like a baby.

I became very submissive, yes mam I said.

take your pants down Rose ordered, I did, take them off, I did, in fact I want you totally naked she said, take everything off, I did.

She made me stand before her stark naked as she lectured me ocassionally looking down at my member to see what state it was in, I felt awkward and embarassed but in a way turned on.

Rose gave me a little smile as she sat down for the first phase of my spanking.

She put me over her knee starting with her hand but using a pink pong paddle after that, wow she really peppered me and this was just the warm up.

The main event approached a big razor strop over you go I heard her say pointing to the arm of the couch.

My butt suck right up in the air, she made me move my legs back and out so not only was I vunerable but was putting on quite a show for her, nothing was left to the imagination.

Rose positioned herself and told me to count and thank her.

The first whack really opened my eyes, the count was delayed she gave me another real quick hard stroke one she said miss again and we will do it over uptil you get it right.

Yes mam I said, now thank me thank you mam.

and so the thrashing went on in earnest she thrashed me through my groaning, yelping, crying and pleading.

In all I received 87 very hard strokes from that razor strop, my butt was numb and when I looked in the mirror it was a crimson color.

By the next day my butt was black and blue in several places.

When I called to speak with Bob, Rose answered the phone and in a teasing way asked me how my butt was.

I told her it was still sore and black and blue, she said good you deserved it, I said yes mam I did thank you.

She said I will tell you a little secret, yes mam I asked, I enjoy spanking your butt and seeing you nude and I think you enjoy it too, she put that in a question.

I paused a moment and said yes mam, she said next time maybe I will have a treat for you, a treat mam, it is a surprise she said you will find out next time.


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