Wednesday, April 26, 2006

40 Years Later with my Cousin

After my experiences with my aunt and cousin at age 12 I didn’t get to see them that much. Life seemed to get so busy and involved for all of us, soon my cousin was off to college and I followed a few years after her.

My cousin got married and moved to California; she divorced and relocated to Las Vegas. I too got divorced shortly after she did and I visited Las Vegas at least once a year.

It was 40 years after our spanking encounters at the lake in New Jersey that I met up with my cousin in Las Vegas.

I called her on the phone; she was a waitress and told me she was off on Wednesday so we made it a date to spend the day together.

As I met her at her apartment we hugged and kissed and sat down for a great dinner and chat about old times and what had happened in out lives in the past 40 years.

After dinner we chatted some more with her serving some nice wine. Carol looked very much the way her mother did as I remembered her back at the lake and I told her so.

Carol began to talk about those months we spent together at the lake teasing me about getting my first exposure and how I got to see a girl naked for the first time and about the spankings her mom had given us.

Carol was a very forward type, always had been, so tell me Lou have you thought about those times at the Lake, she asked. Oh yes I admitted quite often.

Did you enjoy yourself that summer, she went on. Oh yea I did I kind of laughed in memory.

You know Lou I always think about what we did and the fun we hand are you into spanking, she asked? That made me blush even stutter before I admitted I was.

She smiled and teased and said I thought so, you know so am I, she confessed.

Hey I have a great idea, she said. Why don’t we replay our experiences at the lake I can play my mom getting undressed, you peeking, me catching you and spanking you, wouldn’t that be fun.

I thought a moment and agreed it would be.

So my cousin got up, grabbed my checks and planted a big kiss on my lips smiling saying the door will be slightly opened.

I got up and went over to her bedroom door a minute after she went in, I stood by the door and peeked in. As I did so she was getting undressed. When she got down to her bra and panties she began to rub herself, her breasts, her pussy, her ass.

Then she unhooked her bra and took it off with her back facing me, then she turned around to give me a nice full view of her breasts, she still looked good naked.

She turned around again inserted her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down revealing the crack of her ass then her entire bottom, oh yes her bottom was very spank able.

Running her hands over her bottom she slowly turned around and as she did so she moved her hands up to her hair so that she was giving me a full frontal view of all of her charms.

Then she looked right at me, Lou is that you, you naughty boy get in here. Still fully naked she reprimanded me for sneaking on her telling me that I was going to get a very sound spanking for it.

She put on her robe and had me get undressed before her putting me over her lap she warmed me up with a good long hand spanking before having me bend over the bed to receive the strap.

She was definitely experienced in discipline men and you could tell how much she was enjoying it as I was. After a good many strokes of the strap she rubbed and fondled and then had me lay on my back as she stroked my shaft until I blew my load.