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Alex and Lord Lou

After conquering a new group of settlers many were taken in as slaves.

As the cache of slaves were displayed before me my eye immediately set upon one very attractive female.

Your name slave I asked.

Alex, you replied.

Clean her up and bring her to my quarters.

You are taken away by the guards and brought to a bathing area where 4 women begin attending to you, at first you resist but as they call upon a guard who enters with a whip in hand you think better of it.

What is the problem the guard asks,.

She is not cooperating sir, the servant remarks.

Bend her over then he says.

You are bent over and he applies 6 lashes upon your upturned bare bottom. You yelp out and then he stops.

Next time it will be 12 strokes 6 on your back young lady, do you understand he asks.

Yes sir, you reply meekly.

Finally bathed and oiled and perfumed, you are escorted to the chambers of Lord Lou.

As you appear now dressed in fine silks and all cleaned up your beauty is beyond reproach.

Leave us I tell the others.

You stand there as I command you to come to me.

You have an idea of what I have in mind or at least you believe you do.

With a high level of reluctance you approach me.

I lift your vale and admire your face, you have lovely structure I comment, you look down embarrassed to be so examined by a man.

I would like you as my mistress, do you object I ask.

No sire you say, thank you.

I should tell you what I expect and what the consequences of not meeting my expectations are.

Yes sire you reply again.

I want to make love to you in every which way thinkable, I want to caress you to arousal, I want to fondle you and hold you and kiss you – would that please you, I ask.

Yes sire.

When we make love I will attempt to please you each time and I expect nothing less from you, if you fail to please me or obey me you will be punished, do you understand.

Yes sire.

I would very much enjoy viewing your naked charms Alex disrobe for me.

Embarrassed to comply with this request, you know better than not to obey, you begin removing your garments.

Your abundant breasts are first to come into view, very large and upright I am pleased as I fondle you noticing how your nipples respond favorably. I look upon your face with a smile as your nipples respond and ask if my touch pleases you.

Yes sire very much, you respond.

Continue I command as you lower the bottom part of your dressing gown revealing a most delicious vaginal triangle.

I take in the view of your beauty and then begin to rub your belly, my touch startles you as you jerk away but only for a second and apologize.

I smile upon your face as I allow my hand to move lower to your clit. As I run my fingers down your clit I feel the moisture and notice your facial reaction. You please me very much Alex I tell you.

Oh master thank you, I smile at your reply.

Turn for me Alex, you do as I request.

Your magnificent bare bottom comes into view. I immediately place my hand upon it and rub.

Wonderful Alex just wonderful bend at the waist for me, you do as you are told.

I move from rubbing to fondling your crack from the top by your hips down under between your legs as you let out an oh as I touch your most intimate of parts.

I wish to spank you erotically Alex would you enjoy that?

Yes master very much.

I smile telling you that if you take your erotic spanking well I will reward you with a most wonderful feeling.

Thank you master, you reply I will try.

I sit down on an armless chair and have you place yourself over my lap, as you do so you can feel my arousal through my attire.

You smile to yourself knowing how you can control me if I am so aroused.

I place my hand on your well presented beautiful bare bottom as I rub and fondle.

I raise my hand and proceed to spank lightly upon the center then from cheek to cheek and then up the sit spot.

Warming your bottom to a nice shade of pink love the feeling of smoothness as I pause to rub you. I run my hand between your legs and you are soaked. As I run my hand between your legs you moan to an extent of great arousal.

Feeling you are already primed for love I have you rise and instruct you to release my member.

You begin to open my bottom covering as my manhood pops out in all its glory of fully erect readiness to stimulate your already welcoming vaginal nest.

I place my hand around your naked waist as I guide you to my bed. I place you down upon the head of the bed and part your legs as I remove the rest of my own clothing.

As you lay there in all your magnificent naked beauty I can’t help but notice the lust in your eyes and the desire of your lips. [is Alex wondering at this point which lips are demonstrating lust?]

I place myself over you and lean down to kiss you, you open your mouth and welcome my kisses with your tongue. As our tongues meet I begin to lower myself into you.

I feel the warmth and moisture of your womanhood as I delve deeper within you.

Your moans and groans in conjunction with your contractions begin to drive me wild as I pump slowly at first in and out of you.

As our movement becomes one in the same I hold on to you tightly as you do likewise to me.

In and out, up and down faster and faster moaning and groaning. I am going to cum I can feel it, I try to hold back as you are reaching your peak as well. We now both allow ourselves to release and explode together as I collapse atop of you.

Huffing and puffing to regain our conscious state I tell you that you are wonderful. You smile, reach up and kiss me on the lips and say you not too bad either.

Part II

Pleased with you as my love slave I keep you in my chambers and have several chamber maids attend to you.

Three of the chamber maids are young, even younger than you but one is a middle aged woman perhaps in her mid 40’s in age, she is in charge and I know her well, I instruct her to see to it that you are well provided for and that you are always well bathed and perfumed.

The lead chamber maid is Betty I advise her that although you Alex are my prime mistress that should you fail to comply with instruction I give her that she may discipline you.

Betty has the other hand maidens prepare your morning bath, you don’t like the idea of someone else bathing you, but you comply. All goes well at first as evening comes on I instruct Betty that I want you displayed on hands and knees totally exposed with your bottom up and head down and legs spread for my pleasure.

As Betty advises you of my wishes, you object and refuse to comply. Betty informs you that if you do not comply she is authorized to whip you. You tell Betty to go to hell.

Betty calls in the other hand maidens and tells you that she is going to have to do this the hard way. The hand maidens secure your across the bed Betty raises your bottom coverings until bare she picks up a light whip and proceeds to thrash your bottom moderately hard.

While in the process of whipping your unprotected bottom, I enter my chamber, Betty stops – what is going on I ask.

Betty responds that Alex would not assume the posture I demanded, I see I respond and why not I ask you?

You look upon me and tell me that you will submit yourself entirely to me but not to the chamber maids.

I advise you that Betty is in charge of you and if you do not obey her I have authorized her to chastise you. If you feel that her chastisement is unfair or uncalled for you can inform me and if I agree I will have Betty submit to the same punishment.

I ask you if you understand, you tell me you understand but don’t see why Betty should have authority over you.

I smile and turn to Betty and ask her how many strokes she had administered to you, she tells me that you had received 15 so far. I tell Betty that another 10 strokes should suffice. I advise her to proceed.

You look upon me and frown, assume the position Alex I instruct, you pout but get back on your knees head down as Betty takes up her position behind you and readies the whip.

Count them Alex I order, whack one sir, whack two sir, whack oh three sir, whack four sir and so on until the additional 10 strokes are administered.

Lotion her bottom and oil her up and apply perfume then bring her to me I order.

You are taken out again and laid upon a table on your belly as lotions, oils and perfume is applied to your whipped bottom, it feels good but you were wishing it was my hand that whipped you and applied the lotions.

You are angered at the established relationship between you and Betty and hope to be able to convince me to have Betty whipped before you or perhaps for you to even do the whipping as you had to submit to her.

Now brought into my chamber ready for me to take you as you climb into my bed I once again admire your magnificent charms.

As we are kissing and hugging and fondling you ask me if I could be the one to punish you rather than Betty.

I smile at your request, you would rather be punished by a man than a woman Alex, I ask.

Not just any man my Lord; to be punished by you would be an honor.

I think for a moment, smile to myself and ask you that if that were to be the case would the lash administered by me arouse you.

Realizing I have discovered a part of you that you thought hidden, you blush prior to your reply.

Yes my Lord to be punished by you would arouse me sire.

In that case Alex I shall take care of the punishment of you – thank you sire you respond.

Is there anything else I can do to arouse you Alex.

Yes sire I would like to whip that old witch Betty as she whipped me.

Really why so Alex, I ask.

Because she enjoyed having that authority over me.

If I have Betty enter my chamber now and have her stripped before us for a whipping at your hand would that arouse you so that we can have a very enjoyable copulation when finished.

Yes my Lord you respond.

I call for Betty to appear before us.

She enters the chambers and I inform her to remove all of her clothing and get on her hands and knees upon a lounge chair.

Without question Betty does as I instruct I admire her compliance and her abundant though sagging breasts and oversized bared buttocks.

You pick up the whip and tell me that you had received 25 strokes shall I give her the same.

I smile and say yes you may give her as many strokes as you like you may have to give her more since she has more to protect herself. You smile knowingly and say thank you sir.

That said you begin to thrash Betty as she had previously thrashed you, her bottom soon takes on a reddish glow and thereafter her moans and groans please and arouse you.

You let down the whip and tell Betty to leave us, she looks at me I nod and she complies.

Remove your garments Alex I command, you do as I ask.

I place my hand between your legs, sure enough you are already nice and moist.

Wonderful my love get on your knees I wish to take you from behind first, yes sire you smile as you position yourself.

With your bottom will presented to me I can’t resist rubbing and fondling a bit before I enter you.

Once inside of you both being very much aroused we cum together again in a most wonderful and enjoyable fashion.

Part 3

A few days pass I am out on business I leave instructions that you are my number one Mistress and that you should be treated as such I even assign male slaves to assist you in any of your needs along with your chamber maids.

I tell you to compile a list of any transgressions that you are to submit to me upon my return and I will assign discipline for each. Unbeknownst to you I advise lead chamber maid Betty to also compile a list for me.

Betty wants to get even with you for the trashing she got at your hand so I knew she would keep an eye on you.

I return four days later dusty from my travels I have the chamber maids prepare a bath for me. Normally the chamber maids would bathe me, but you tell them that you will take care of me they bow, smile and leave the champers.

As I undress you watch me intently and as I turn to face you, you can see that I am aroused just to be with you, you stare at my manhood and smile as I enter the tub.

You get undressed and get in the tub with me as you soap me down paying much attention to my cock as it rises with your touch.

I lean back exhausted from my travels and you begin to tell me of your naughty misdeeds while I was away.

As you begin telling me of your naughty behavior I begin to affix varied types of punishments and strokes you would receive for each. You smile and tease and say yes sir.

You get out of the tub get a towel to dry me off as you help me out of the tub. You begin at my feet as you look up with your toy hanging down for your pleasure, as you look up you smile knowing your joy toy is ready.

Once I am dried you begin to dry yourself, I take the towel from you, you spread your arms and I dry you off, you just stare and smile at me as I do so. You tell me teasingly that you are ready for your punishment now; I look over at you and smile as I take you still totally nude onto the bed.

I tell you that I want you over my lap you crawl on the bed to me sitting mid bed also totally nude as you lay across my lap, wiggling into a comfortable position I smack your bottom telling you that I know what you are trying to do, you look up and say sorry sir.

I continue to spank your from the center of your bottom down to your sit spot then back up to the center most part of your bottom, you continue to wiggle and I am definitely erect under you and I know you can feel me pressing up against you.

In an attempt to level the playing field I pause from the spanking spread you legs apart and begin fondling. As I do so you moan and groan in pleasure as I spank and rub, spank and rub until you are moaning harder and faster until you climax.

I turn you over lay next to you kissing your closed eyes then your nose and then your lips. You open your eyes and give me that wonderful smile of yours as I move my hand to your breasts.

You look down at your breast and then into my eyes smiling as my hand begins to fondle your breasts with my fingers taking your nipples between them twisting and tweaking until your nipples are erect for me.

Once your nipples have responded to my touch I move one hand down to your belly where I rub lightly slowly moving my hand lower and lower until I feel the beginnings of your vaginal patch.

Once I feel your patch I move the other hand down to your belly and the first hand makes its way to your vaginal lips as you feel my touch your moan seductively and move your head from side to side.

I move the other hand down and now part your vaginal lips as I lean over and begin to kiss your inner thighs. You continue to moan and move your head from side to side as I work my way up your thighs to your vagina.

As my lips meet your vaginal lips you are in ecstasy bobbing your head back and forth in an uncontrolled manor.

As my tongue delves into you, you push my head down with your hands moaning faster and harder until you stiffen up like a board and release.

Part 4 – “The Confrontation”

The Prime Lord of the territory comes to visit my manor his wife a sultry bitch is brought to remain under our care and protection while I must leave with the Prime Lord for a very important mission in the city.

As soon as we leave the Prime Lords wife assumes authority and dominates over you, you take exception and respond in front of all those present. The Prime wife Cruella promises you revenge upon the return of her husband.

We return three days later and immediately Cruella tells her husband of the controversies.

He asks her what would please her. She advises to have Alex publicly humiliated and whipped first by her own hand and then have me as her master whip her.

The Prime advises me of the incident I am not even given the opportunity to question you only to advise you of what is in store for you.

You can see my distraught I inform you Alex that Cruella will thrash you severely and I must do likewise otherwise be in violation of the Prime Lords wishes, you kiss my lips tenderly and say you know and that I should not fear you have been beaten before and survived.

A pronouncement is made that at 12 noon you Alex first mistress of Lord Lou are to be brought to the center of the plaza stripped of all of your protection in front of all those assembled, secured to a cross post with your posterior crudely displayed for all to witness. You will be whipped across your back and buttocks first by Cruella wife of the Prime Lord and then by Lord Lou. Upon termination of your thrashing you will remain on display for the next two hours before your hand maids may attend to you.

You are dressed in a plain cloth dress escorted to the center of the plaza, you hold your head up high knowing that you are being so chastised only because of the jealously of the very cruel Cruella wife of the Prime.

The whipping post is unique in that it is shaped as a big X with a hinge waist level.
You step up one step onto a platform you turn to face the crowd of servants and other villagers assembled to witness your humiliation and chastisement. A speaker voices the proclamation of your punishment 25 hard strokes of the whip across the unprotected back and bottom to be administered by Prime Wife Cruella and an addition 25 hard strokes of the whip across the unprotect back and bottom to be administered by Lord Lou Lord of the Manor.

There are jeers and cheers from those assembled I can hear a crude man remark to have you stripped to see all of your charms nicely displayed, of course you hear these calls but you try to block them from your mind content only in the solace that I am there with you, my presence making you feel safe somehow even though you are only too well aware of how exposed and thrashed you will soon be.

Two of the Primes men have you turn and affix your wrists above your head on each side of the X each ankle is then secured to the lower aspect of the X, as such you are secured in a spread eagled position. To make matters worse the center of the X is lower to a 45 degree ankle forcing your bottom to stick out in a very obscene manor. The dress is opened from behind from your neck all the way down and parted leaving your entire back and bottom totally exposed. You are only too aware of how displayed you are let alone the cat calls from the men enjoying the view you are offering them. The breeze on your bare flesh only enhances the anticipation as Cruella picks up the whip and steps behind you.

She steps up on the platform and speaks softly to you so only you can hear now bitch, she says I will take my revenge on your backside aren’t you ashamed to be so exposed to all of your servants, perhaps you will learn from this lesson how to treat your superiors in the future.

You do not respond to her only holding your head up and forward, too bad, she says I am not afforded the heavy whip but only the middle weight nonetheless I will do my best to thrash you good and hard would enjoy hearing you scream out, she says.

You take a deep breath knowing the lash is soon to come and you are adamant about not giving Cruella the satisfaction of your cries. She reaches back and with all her strength lets the whip fly directly across the center of your buttocks one is counted by the speaker, another stroke followed quickly on an angle across your butt – two is the count.

And so the whipping continues your bottom and back are well marked by the time Cruella administers the full 25 stroke quota. You are forcing yourself to hold back your tears feeling proud that you did not let out a cry.

Almost forgetting that you have a second whipping coming from me you are almost surprised when you hear the speaker announce the second phase of your whipping.

Feeling so strongly about how you were wronged and knowing that the bitch Cruella created this and that the Prime is only allowing this whipping to go on because he did not want to deal with his wife, I contest the second phase.

Cruella approaches me and tells me that I dare disobey the Prime, I reply how dare you challenge a Lord I respond. Cruella looks upon the Prime husband if not her then let him take the licks in her place.

The Prime looks upon me stating that for disobedience to his order I will take the place of Alex. Hearing this you protest to no avail as you are untied.

I am placed upon the whipping post you previously occupied stripped of all of my clothing prostrated in a similar crude manor that you were and whipped by Cruella.


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