Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex and Lou in the 17th. Century

In 17th. Century England I was foreman surf while Alex worked as a house maid in the kitchen of the Lords Manor.

The first time I saw Alex I feel in love and to my surprise she was attracted to me.

Let me describe Alex, she was about 5’5” about 117 pounds beautiful figure, large firm breasts a cute perky backside, long blond hair and a gorgeous face with delicious lips.

Once Alex and I were in love we had to hide our affection from the Lord because if he found out he would use it against us.

As Foreman Surf in the stables I was frequently called upon to either witness or administer corporal punishment in the barn.

So it was that one day Alex was to be disciplined for dropping a soup server crystal spilling all of its contents some of which fell on the Lords evil 17 year old daughter. The Lords daughter insisted that Alex be disciplined in a sound and humiliating way.

Alex was brought to the stables her wrists tied with her arms suspended over a rafter, the young Duchess called upon me to have Alex stripped naked and thrashed, but I refused, my refusal caused me to suffer the same fate as Alex.

We were both suspended next to each other and stripped of all of our clothing as the young Duchess ordered a man to discipline Alex and a House Maiden to discipline me so as to cause each of us the maximum amount of humiliation.

Alex and I just looked at each other suspended there as our backsides were thrashed with a big leather horse strap. The strokes were very painful and we flinched from each stroke but since we were both being disciplined together and since I tried to protect her our looking at each other of love and affection over took the pain of the strap.

We smiled to each other as the strokes rained down on our unprotected bare bottoms, tears flowing from Alex’s eyes but a smile for me as we maintained eye contact.

When our thrashing was over and we were let down Alex and I attended to each others backsides. This was the first time I had seen Alex nude and I had to tell her how beautiful she truly was. My words were embarrassing to her but she loved how I felt about her.


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