Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex and Lou in the Loft

After the Duchess was properly exposed and disciplined by Alex, she was let down and forced to remain in her naked state and apologize.

Alex looked at Lou smiling knowing that he was definitely turned on by the Duchess nudity and discipline, Alex raised an eyebrow to Lou and a wink and motion toward the hay loft.

When everyone left Lou took Alex by the hand and embraced her, you are flushed my love Lou told her were you enjoying thrashing that naughty young lady. MMMMMMMMM yes my love but I am too soft you are much better at it, are you saying that I should punish you for being too soft. Do you think you should Lou, she asked teasingly.

Up the ladder to the loft we went, don’t look up my skirt Alex teased, but why my love I always love to see you, enjoy yourself my love.

Up on the top of the loft Alex continued her teasing shall I raise my dress for my thrashing. Yes my love raise it good and high so I can see the full extent of your beautiful bare bottom.

Alex raised her skirt opened her pantaloons baring that beautiful wonderful bottom of hers, she bent forward looking over her shoulder. Thrash me my love as I deserve she taunted me.

I moved up to her holding that same piece of horse leather she had used on the Duchess teasing now as I rubbed her beautiful bottom saying how much of a work out the leather strap was getting today.

I fondled her between her legs asking if she enjoyed that if it felt good, oh yes my love I love your touch, you too are very wet sweetheart I think you did get excited didn’t you, only that smile escaped her lips.

I raised the strap and struck Alex right across both wondrous globes of her beautiful behind. She let out a marvelous oh as the leather made its mark on her hind quarters, I struck her again and again she was moaning with each stroke.

I paused to rub and fondle Alex parted her legs for me offering me her charms to caress at my will. Each touch brought forth a moan of delight and arousal to the point where Alex could not distinguish the sting of the strap from the ecstasy of the fondling.

Then as I began another round of fondling Alex yelled out loud bucked up culminating in a most wonderful climax. I dropped the strap embraced her and kissed her with my hand continuously fondling her till she finished her climax.


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