Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex Gets it for Teasing

Alex as usual was found to be misbehaving it is her natural instinct with her beauty and charm to come across as a tease, men mistake her honesty for teasing.

I have warned Alex about how easily men are attracted to her like bees to honey, she would smile and say I was exaggerating but promised me she would be more careful because she knew I was concerned for her welfare, some men might get the wrong impression, decide she is a tease and then when she did not comply attack her.

One of the older men working with us for some time brought the most recent incident to my attention. The guy was new he was young and thought of himself as quite the ladies man.

Alex was very nice and cordial to him and he began flirting with her, it appeared that she was flirting back. The man was very frustrated and had some words with Alex before retreating.

I approached Alex about what happened, she admitted that it was as the old man had described. I asked her why she allowed this to happen after she told me it would not happen again. I asked her why she didn’t tell me about it when it did happen. Alex was apologetic on both counts. I looked at Alex shook my head embraced her and kissed her and said you know you must be disciplined.

Yes Lou Alex said shall I fetch the strap, well Alex I think it best for me to discipline you in front of the young man you teased. Oh no Lou, Alex pleaded please discipline me in private.

Alex you know I am right that the young man you teased should see you get disciplined it will solve many problems. First it will be embarrassing for you and you will remember not to tease that much better. Secondly he will see that you were punished for your actions and third he will know that by you submitting to discipline at my hand in such an embarrassing way that you are truly my lady.

I know you are right Lou, Alex responded, but you know how embarrassed I am to have to be bared in front of other men. I smiled I hugged Alex yes I know my love and I truly don’t want others to see you so exposed but I love you so dearly and I know this is the proper venue for discipline for this act.

I asked the old man to locate the new young hand and bring him to us. When he came before me I told him that Alex had something to say to him.

He looked at Alex her eyes did not meet hers she said I am sorry for being a tease and I am going to be disciplined before you for my naughty actions in a very embarrassing way, I hope you will forgive me.

The young man smiled of course he said then looked up at me.

I took Alex over to a horse post, I had her bend over I tied one wrist to her ankle over the post in such a way that her legs would be parted. I rasied her skirt and pulled down her panties having her step out of them. Parting her legs so that the other wrist was tied in a similar manor over the post to her other ankle she was now well presented and exposed to receive a good sound strapping.

The young man was very much enjoying Alex’s very exposed position, a position she could do nothing about tied as she was, she had a very good idea of what she was showing this young man. Alex was beat red in embarrassment as Lou asked the man what he thought of Alex’s charms, he said hey man she is hot.

Yea I know, Lou said, that is why she must get a good licking, she needs to learn that she must not flaunt her beauty. That said I ran the strop over Alex’s well presented hind quarters – ready my love, I asked.

Yes Lou, Alex meekly responded let me have it good – and so the stropping began whack, whack, whack from sit spot to meaty center over to the other globe and down to the other sit spot.

After about 6 strokes I rub Alex’s bottom and leaned over no fondling hon before the others we will save that for our privacy ok hon – ok Lou thanks.

Whack, whack, whack her thrashing continued until I felt she was adequately punished for her actions. I stopped looked at the young man and asked do you feel she has been adequately punished.

The young man had trouble speaking he was so aroused, I glanced down at his pants and noticed a very hugh buldge. Ah yes yea sure he said.

I let Alex up took her to our cottage rubbed and fondled her bottom and then made mad passionate love to her as I forgave her as she apologized and promised never to tease again.


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