Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex gives it to Lou for the Lady

Alex was given a few moments to rub the sting out of her naked hind quarters before the Lady called for her to discipline Lou.

She wanted Lou to lower his pants while facing her as the Lady stood up and walked around Lou admiring his exposure. You look very good naked, the Lady told Lou, thank you my Lady, the Lord just smiled, so did Alex.

After several moments of admiring and touching Lou the Lady told Alex to proceed. Alex took up the seat that Lou had previously occupied patted her lap and Lou placed himself over her lap.

Alex began to spank Lou’s bottom back and fourth with her hand it appeared as hard as she could but she was barely making his butt pink.

No, no young lady put some gusto into it the Lady said coming up to me and smacking my bottom hard and straight many times. Alex continued until the Lady was satisfied.

The Lou hand to bend over for the strap, the Lady wanted his legs parted so all of his manhood was hanging down there on display for her pleasure.

Thrash him good and hard Alex or you will get another thrashing form me, yes My Lady Alex responded. Whack, whack, whack Alex laid it on as hard as she could, I grunted even yelped a few times.

The Lady standing over us hands crossed in front of her with a big smile encouraging Alex on very good, again and again.

My butt was stinging Alex leaned over to me doing ok hon, she asked, yes fine baby just let me have it don’t want her taking her frustration out on you.


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