Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex Pays for her Dress

Linda gave me a call in the office telling me that you Alex were scantly clad while the mason men were doing their work causing great distraction and more importantly putting yourself in a position to give these men the wrong idea about you.

Greatly distraught by this information, especially since you and I have had many conversations about you being more careful how you dress around workers, I have no alternative but to teach you a very embarrassing lesson.

I tell Linda that I intend to discipline and humiliate you once I get home and to tell the mason workers that if they thought they had a show earlier that day that it was nothing compared to what they will see once I get home.

You Alex not knowing anything about my plan and coordination with Linda greet me as I come home as you always do, scantly clad and with no idea of what is in store for you. You were a bit surprised that the workers were still working outside at this late hour but didn’t think much of it.

I sit you down at the kitchen table take hold of your hands and ask you if you have been dressed as you are now all day, you say yes. I remind you of our many conversation of how you are to dress when workers are about, you play it down.

I tell you that I am going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget about prancing around the house half naked.

Alex if you want to taunt and tease the workers around the house then lets give them a real show, perhaps by you being made to give them a full show you will be embarrassed enough to learn a lesson.

You look at me with concern in your eyes now for the first time – what Lou, you ask.

You are going to be totally stripped naked, suspended and strapped in front of Linda and the mason workers it will be extremely embarrassing for you and each time you see Linda you both will know what humiliation you endured. No Lou No you can’t you taunt, oh but I can Alex and I will.

You attempt to escape me and run toward the door, but as you open it there are two of the masons who grab hold of you and say come on Miss lets see if you can take your medicine as well as tease us.

Let me go you yell as they bring you back in the house, from the other door Linda enters smiling at you as she asks me if I want her to get some rope, I say yes.

Linda goes down the basement gets some rope and I tie your wrists together, you are squirming like an eel out of water but then try a new pleading tactic.

With your wrists tied I take another piece of rope and throw it over the rafter in the den. I pull on the rope until it is taut to the point where you are virtually standing on your tip toes.

I have the mason workers take a seat on the couch to enjoy the show. As you are suspended helplessly in the den clad only in a bikini type top and bottom I go to fetch the strap. You appeal to Linda as I leave the room.

Linda says Alex this is really for your own good, if you continue to flaunt your assets around to strange men all of the time like you do, sooner or later one of them is going to get the wrong idea and you could end up with big problems, Lou is very serious about really embarrassing you and I agree in fact these men over here are going to get quite a show.

Linda you plead, you can’t be serious and let him do this to me I am your best friend. Yes you are Alex, Linda says, that is why I would rather see you embarrassed and get a licking then have you harmed for real.

I return at that point and you make an appeal to me, I whisper in your ear so nobody can hear, Alex you know I love you and care so much about you and if anything every happened to you I could never forgive myself. You must learn that a woman of your beauty can not flaunt your assets especially in front of blue collar workers, they could very easily get the wrong idea.

You will be fully exposed and embarrassed so that you will know the humiliation to such an extent that you will never even think about being so scantly clad again in front of strange men.

Oh no please Lou you begin to cry as I begin to unhook your bra as It comes loose I slowly lower it until your magnificent full breasts are fully exposed in all their glory. You could hear a pin drop as the men oh and ah virtually salivating at the sight of your nude bare abundant breasts. You are already so embarrassed that you can’t look anyone in the face except me.

As I place my thumbs into the elastic of your bottoms you give one more chance of pleas which only fall on deaf ears as I pull your bottom down. Your luscious bare backside and beautiful desirable cookie come into full view of all those assembled as you cry softly.

25 hard ones with the strap Alex count them as applied and thank me, oh Lou please no.

Whack ah – count them Alex or they won’t count whack two you say – no that is one you did not count the other – whack oh no two, whack three and so on.

You are thrashed good and hard and end up with a red warm bottom, but the lesson taught this time was one of exposure and embarrassment. I don’t think Alex will be so scantly clad again with strangers around the house.


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