Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alex's Correction

Alex is a tease I knew it from the first day I met her, I told her she will be in need of almost daily corrections, she just smiled teasingly.

We were out for dinner she was so naughty I kept reminded her of what she was going to get when we got home; all she said was promises, promises.

The dinner was romantic soft music good wine, we were in the mood.

When we arrived home I put up the fireplace, put some soft music on in the background and began to dance slowly with my little girl Alex, but as soon as the dance was over I sat down on the couch in front of the burning fireplace and pulled my little Alex over my knee.

What are you doing you ask meekly, giving you the spanking I promised you I responded.

I raise up your school girl looking pleated skirt and run my hand over your panty covered cute bottom. Feels good hon you remarks, whack, see if you say the same after a good licking.

You wiggle to tease and attempt to gain control as I begin to peel down your white panties. There before me is that lovely luscious backside I know and love.

As I begin to spank you from your sit spot up to the meaty centermost part and down again you wiggle in an attempt to arouse me with your contact. A bottoms attempt to gain control of the top is a good ploy, but I continue to smack your bottom as I do get aroused.

Moving around more than I can control I put one leg over yours parting yours for my pleasure as I see all of your charms revealed to me I admire them so and tell you what you are showing as I smack and fondle.

The wetness of your love juice exposes your love of the sting I smile knowingly as we approach the second phase of your discipline.

Always in need of restraint you can never control yourself during a good sound spanking I place you over the back of the easy chair with your wrists tied to your ankles rope under the easy chair legs nicely apart as I had you get totally undressed.

What a sight you are with your red bottom bared legs spread nicely apart before the fireplace ready to take the lash without any ability to stop me from doing to you and with you as I please.

I take out my old razor strop the one I think of so fondly for how it was used upon me and my cousin. It is old and soft and warn but how it stings so lovingly as it bites into the tender flesh of a well postured backside.

I caress the leather of the strap for a moment and then run it over your hind quarters ready my dear I ask teasingly – yes my love you respond anxiously.

I proceed to thrash your bottom several times in succession your ohs and ahs tell me I am succeeding in my efforts. I pause to rub and fondle you shall we continue – yes you moan out.

The stropping last long enough to give you food for thought as I then fondle you until you cum letting you remain in that position as I rest to have some coffee.

I assemble an array of implements before you a wooden paddle a whip a riding crop and a cane.

Ladies choice I tell you, you shall receive them all the order is your choice and so shall the timing I have all night my dear so choose and let me know when you are ready for the next session of discipline.

You ask for the riding crop, good choice I say as I pick it up test it and begin to tickle your fancy with its flickering capability. Then it is the work end that thrashes your bottom into a frenzied of excitement before I pause to rub and fondle once again extracting a most wonderful orgasm from you.

Part 2

With the riding crop applied to your back from your toes to the back of your shoulders with special attention of course to that magnificent backside and inner things, I finally release you from your restraints long enough to stretch rest before the next phase.

Ok Alex, I tell you, on your back as you position yourself so that you are spread eagled in all your glory as once again I restrain you.

I can't resist taking in your charms you are embarrassed to be so exposed but the embarrassment of exposure arouses you especially as I speak of your most intimate parts.

As I speak of your exposure I move closer to you and begin fondling you my touch increasing the level of arousal as I inform you that I am now going to use the crop on your front.

I can see the concern and fear in your eyes, I rub your head, kiss your lips, and I assure you that you need never fear me I would never hurt you that you would enjoy the sense of the crop upon your breasts and pussy.

You do trust me but still have concerns as I begin at your feet it stings but not terribly on the one hand, but on the other hand you are not finding it stimulating either.

I move up your ankles to your knees and then spend much more attention to your thighs and inner thighs, this sting you do find to stimulate.

I pause to rub and allow the back of my hand to rub up against your pussy lips as I rub the areas of your thighs previously kissed by the riding crop.

Your reaction tells me you are enjoying this teasing I am doing to you.

Once again I pick up the crop and flick it upon your neither lips you flinch at first but I tell you to relax once you do you find the sensation arousing.

Would you like me to rub the area I tease, you look at me with passion in your eyes you want me to of course but are too embarrassed to ask for it.

Ask me Alex my love and I will rub your cookie for you, you still do not respond. I lean over starting to kiss your knees moving up your thighs and inner thigh.

I stop just below the cookie area shall I move upward my love, in a husky aroused whisper that I could barely hear you acknowledge yes. I can't hear you Alex, yes you say louder yes even louder.

I smile as my hand moves to your pussy the feel is wonderful nice and warm and moist and as I touch you, you moan. I lean over and begin to kiss your pussy lips and then part them with my hands as my tongue enters you, you are in another world as you climax over and over again.

I caress you until you return to the world of the present, still restrained spread eagle and I have yet to use the crop on your upper torso.

Part 3

As you relaxed and I fondled you from your most recent climax with the use of the riding croup upon your lower torso to include your vaginal lips, I lean over and run my fingers through your hair kissing your lips and now moving my visual attention to those magnificent breasts standing out there for my attention.

I tell you that it is time for your breasts to get the attention they deserve, restrained and still in a very aroused state, you look up at me passionately as I reach for the riding crop.

Before I begin using the crop on your breasts and nipples I begin to fondle them and kiss them and nibble on your nipples. Once I have your nipples erect and have you moaning and groaning, only then do I begin flicking the riding crop across your breasts.

I flick 4 or 5 times across each nipple your head is moving from side to side enjoying the feeling of just the right combination of pain and pleasure.

As I pause to rub and fondle and lick the pain just enhances the pleasure as I reach down with one hand to your vaginal opening fondling as I lick and nibble your breast.

The moisture between your legs is ever present now and your moans tell me you are close another round I think before I get you off as I move my hand from your crotch.

I once again raise the crop but this time take one breast at a time in my hand squeeze the top so the nipple stands out and flick the nipple a few times you are again entering that other word of those most wonderful of feelings.

I do the same to the other breast as I place my hand once again down to your crotch, you are soaked down there, I decide to get you off this time with my tongue as I wish to savor your love juices.

I move my face down between your legs place my lips upon your vaginal lips kissing at first and then parting with my hands as my tongue enters in search of that special place at the top of your vaginal under the hood of skin that protects that most intimate part of you.

Once uncovered and flicked a few times you arch back in a frenzy hold for a few moments and release, success you have cum once again as I savor your offerings.

Part 4

Discovering what you find most enjoyable I decide to let you up and chat about our most recent discoveries. At first you are very shy but I speak to you in a very clinical way and remind you that you need not be embarrassed to do or say anything with me. Then as an after thought and with intent to tease I say besides Alex I have seen you fully exposed and on display to me and I have done to you only what one of the most intimate relations would do to another, you blush.

I continue with our discussion about how you enjoyed having yourself restrained, exposed and have your vaginal area flicked with the riding crop, you tell me what I already know that it aroused you.

I tell you that for our next play session I want you on your knees, head down, legs parted. I want you to fully expose yourself to me so that your rosebud is on full display, your expression you smile with a blush as I use the term rosebud.

You are anxious to see what I have in mind for your well presented backside and rosebud as I remind you of our fantasy nurse Betty, you smile once again that lovely Alex smile of yours as I tell you I must get a few things that I will need from the bathroom.

As I leave I tell you to prepare for our next positional game and that I want you totally nude on your hands and knees head down butt up, you know and enjoy the position well as I go to fetch the varied toys for our play.

I return shortly to find you in that most adorable position you are aroused for me to see you so displayed in such a submission posture, you even surprise yourself by your inner feelings thinking how many years we have lost by not being together.

I can read your thoughts and remind you to think not of the years we have lost not being together but rather the years we have ahead of us to be together.

I place a small white towel by your side so you are able to observe all that I am preparing for you, no doubt you have a pretty good idea from the stories we have discussed about Nurse Betty.

On the towel I place a rectal thermometer, a jar of Vaseline, a turkey baster filled with warm soapy water, a small wooden paddle and a razor strap.

Your thoughts of what is to come are confirmed although you did not expect to see a wooden paddle small though it may be. You raise your head a little look at me smiling and say what's with the paddle Lou. I smile back at you and say oh just a warmer paddle hon you know I always aim to arouse and stimulate, you smile and say thank you and put your head down again content that whatever is to come will be enjoyable and arousing.

I place my hand on your hind quarters rubbing fondling as I trace your bottom crack from top to bottom with my finger teasing. I then lubricate my finger with the Vaseline and delve a bit deeper into the crack stopping at the anus entry and sticking in deeper to apply lubricant more heavily to this orifice. As I do so I go deep enough to feel the rosebud and tickle your fancy I love hearing your moans and groans of lust and excitement.

I pull my finger out away from your rosebud and rub your bottom as I ask if you enjoyed that you just moan to the affirmative.

I then pick up the rectal thermometer stick it into the jar of jell and spread your bottom cheeks and insert as you let out an ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Maintaining one hand on the thermometer so that you are able to feel some pressure I talk with you of the turkey baster, you are getting wet with anticipation knowing what you are in store for.

I take the thermometer out of your anus and announce that you are normal no temperature and that we can now proceed with your enema.

I take a big bath towel and put it under you not to get the bed wet and then have you resume the position with your butt sticking up and out for me.

I part those lovely cheeks once again and insert the turkey baster, another oh and ah from you as the warm soapy liquid enters your anus and tickles your rosebud.

I have you hold in the liquid for awhile and then permit you to go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. I admire you from the rear as you hustle into the bathroom knowing that the wiggling backside I am seeing will soon be receiving the warm-up paddle prior to a strapping.

Part 5

Beyond the level of exposure and spanking and even anal play I have now gotten you to accept and enjoy total submission. In fact it is all you can think of each day as you anticipate my return from work and what I would have in store for your cute body especially your buns.

I call you at 1 pm inform you that I will be home by 6 pm that I want you totally naked prostrated across the bed with pillows elevating your posterior, that you should shred 4 long strong pieces of cloth that will be used to restrain your arms and legs, that you are to place the wooden hair brush and the razor strap by your side.

I arrive right around 6 pm as I had promised I remove my coat and hang it up and immediately go to the bedroom to make sure you have complied with my instructions. Upon entering the bedroom I am pleased to find you as instructed I go to the front of the bed and kiss your sweet lips tenderly at first and very deep and passionately there after, I adore kissing your sweet lips.

Taking the pieces of cloth I secure your ankles and wrists to the head and foot boards of the bed. Now spread eagled in all your splender I first run my hand over your bottom, kiss your bottom and then begin fondling you as you twist and turn with pleasure.

As you twist and turn I smack first across the peak of your mounds and then the sit spot turning your bottom cheeks to a very lovely shade of pink.

Enjoying the feel of your bottom with its lovely color and warmth, I lean over to kiss your globes. I lean over to you and whisper in your ear that I have a surprise for you as I take out an anal probe that I lubricate so you can see what is to enter your anus and tickle your rosebud. You level of anticipation increases as I prepare the probe to enter you.

The probe has little bumps like pimples all around it and at first I enter your anal opening straight once fully set within you I begin to twist, your reaction of arousal is what I had hoped for and anticipated.

As you are in a state of ecstasy I take my other hand and fondle you between your parted legs as you are so secured in the spread eagle fashion.

Vibrating up and down moaning and groaning and then a sudden jerk and frozen posture, I know that you had climaxed.

I keep you restrained as I lie next to you caressing your hair and cheek as I kiss you lips tenderly.

Once recovered from a most enjoyable climax I whisper again into your ear that I am going to stimulate your pussy lips with the crop prior to mounting you for a mutual climatic culmination, you smile knowingly.

I release your restrains, remove the pillows and lay you upon your back as I once again tie the restrains this time with both your breasts and vaginal opening nicely on display for my every wish.

I admire your charms and rub your now very moist and hot vagina as I lean over and kiss those lips I adore so much. I pick up the crop and tap your inner thighs and the bring it down gently upon your well presented clit.

Moving your head from side to side in ecstasy I know I am accomplishing my objective.

Not wanting you to climax but to just be very stimulated I stop and begin disrobing. Your eyes half closed in your aroused state watch as I remove my pants and you see the state of my cock pulsating in thrust of your well presented and eager pussy.

I climb on top of you reach down to your pussy fondle and then direct the head of my cock into the opening lips of your vagina.

The ohs and ahs you release tell me you are enjoying the feel as I am most aroused as well.

I allow my weight to slowly come upon you as my cock delves deeper within you until my entire shaft has been engulfed by your womanhood.

I hold you tight as I begin to move up and down kissing your lips and nipples as I do so. Without much effort I feel that we are both reaching the climax we seek.

I begin pumping faster as we are both in another world a world of total and complete bliss, a world of warmth and love that could only exist if both are in tune with each other.

Part 6

Again I call you from work as I normally do, this time just hinting of water play. What does Lou have in store for me you think; you have some idea from our conversations, your level of anxiety increases.

I arrive home and as usual take my time making your curiosity over flow I enter the bedroom you smile and greet me oh how wonderful you always look sitting on the bed in your skimpy traditional dress. I embrace you and tell you that I am going to prepare the bath, odd for that time of day, but you know this won't be just a normal bath.

I enter the bathroom close the door, fill the Jacuzzi tub, add lots of scents and oils and suds, I light scented candles all around the bathroom and tub then I strip down and put on a robe. I come out to fetch you and escort you into the bathroom. As you enter you smile knowingly as I assist you in removing your skimpy top and bottom.

Now totally naked before me I remove my robe so that we are both totally naked I embrace you and just your touch causes your toy to tickle your belly a feeling we both enjoy.

As we brake the embrace you look up at me smiling saying my, my aren't we aroused today. I look at your smiling teasing face and say oh yes I am but I will be even more aroused after I spank that cute butt of yours, you smile knowingly.

I sit on the edge of the tub and place you over my lap in such a position that my already aroused cock is tickling the lips of your sweet vaginal opening.

As I spank the friction begins to drive me wild, not wanting to come outside of you I stop and help you into the tub
I lay back against the tub and have you lay over me as we small talk and allow each other to let the arousal calm down.

Once in control of our arousal we begin to kiss and fondle as I pull you right on top of me and place my member within your welcoming canal.

With a motion back and forth holding each other and fondling it doesn't take long for us both to climax together in the tub.


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