Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aunt Martha's Spanking - part 1

I was 16 the eldest of four children when that terrible car accident killed my mother and father.

Our closest relative was my mother’s aunt who I met only as a baby I did not remember her. She was very wealthy and lived in a mansion with servants, she was widowed and her 40 year old daughter lived with her.

Social Services brought us to the mansion and introduced Aunt Martha to us.

As soon as the social service representative left Aunt Martha told one of her servants to take us up to our rooms.

Shortly thereafter Aunt Martha came up and began to lecture us on what she expected of us that she was not thrilled to have the responsibility for us but since she does and since we were to reside in her house she expected us to obey her rules or suffer the consequences.

Aunt Martha told us to address her as Mam not Aunt Martha and she told me as the eldest that I would be responsible for the other children and should any of them cause her a problem I would be disciplined as well as them.

I was never really disciplined by my parents really didn’t know what she had in mind, but I spoke to my sister who was 15 and asked her to help me with the younger children.

We were told to unpack and be down for dinner by 6 pm dressed cleanly and properly. Susie, my 15 year old sister helped bathe the younger children who were 8 and 10 years old.

Finally we got all unpacked, bathed and dressed, but lost track of the time; it was already 20 past 6 pm when I told the others we best get downstairs.

We went downstairs and Aunt Martha was already seated and eating, when we entered the dinning room she looked at her watch. She looked at me and said Lou what did I tell you about being responsible, sorry Aunt ah I mean Mam.

Yes you will be sorry after dinner you will be punished in front of the other children so that they will know what happens when you don’t obey me.

I just looked at her not knowing exactly what kind of punishment she had in mind, I looked at Susie and she was a bit frightened, I said don’t worry about it she is probably just trying to scare us make an example of me.

As dinner was served we kids were pretty quiet Aunt Martha did most of the talking telling us that she was going to sign us up for private schools, etc. and what would be expected of us, chores and so on.

Dinner was finished and the servants began to clean up the dinner table we were all told to accompany Aunt Martha to the den.

When we got into the den Aunt Martha instructed one of the house servants to bring her the strap.

Hearing this I was getting a bit nervous but knew I had to be strong for the others so I tried to look nonchalant.

As the servant was fetching the strap Aunt Martha told me of my fate. You were 23 minutes late for dinner Lou and as I told you I hold you responsible for the actions of all the children, in this case you are solely responsible so you will be the only one punished.

All punishments will be given on the bare bottom with the punishment strap, you will assume the position over the punishment bench and hold your position until your punishment is over. If you fail to maintain your position or attempt to cover up you will receive 3 extra strokes for each offense, is that understood, she asked.

I began to protest and tried to advise that we had never been punished in this way and that we maintained modesty in our household that neither myself or Susie were seen exposed by the other.

Aunt Martha smiled and said well you are no longer with your parents you will learn to obey me and take responsibility now Lou lowers your pants.

I looked at Susie who was terrified, I was very red faced, please Aunt ah Mam isn’t there another way. Now she said unless you want me to add to the 23 strokes you already are to receive.

With my mind running at a mile a minute I felt I had no option but to comply as embarrassing as it would be I had to think of the circumstances and the benefit of the children.

I opened my pants and lowered them to my ankles, take them off Aunt Marta ordered – I took them off.

Now the shirt, I removed my shirt.

Standing before Aunt Martha and the children I was clad only in my underpants, now they had seen me in my underpants but never nude.

The dreaded command came to take down my underpants, I looked right at my Aunt took a deep breath and lowered my underpants.

My little sister Ilene giggled, Susie stared but still had a frightened look and Aunt Martha had a big smile on her face – very well she said patting the strap in the palm of her hand.

Bend over that stool, I did as I was instructed.

Aunt Martha took up her position behind me and to my right she placed the strap over the center of my butt and reminded me not to try and cover up and to hold my position, I said yes Mam.

She began to thrash me one, two, three, four it stung like the dickens I was biting my lip not to yell out. Five, six, seven, eight tears were forming in my eyes. Aunt Martha must have seen the tears for she paused and said something like getting through to you hey.

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve I began to groan with each stroke

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen I began to sob softly.

Again Aunt Martha paused smiling said you are doing better than I thought.

Whack, whack, whack, whack – I was crying openly now.

Whack, whack, whack, whack and the 26 were delivered.

You may rise, Aunt Martha said but I want you to face me keeping your pants down. I faced her apologize to me for being late – sorry Mam I said through my tears.

Sorry for what she demanded – sorry for being late mam. Now thank me for disciplining you – thank you for spanking me Mam I said.

Very well now stand against the wall with your face to the wall keeping your bare red bottom on display.

Aunt Martha now addressed the other children looking at Susie, she had a wicked smirk on her face as she spoke.

You have now witnessed how discipline will be dished out in this house this was a moderate spanking you will all receive spanking on a regular bases so you best be on good behavior.


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