Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aunt Ruth First Encounter

Met Aunty Ruth on a spanking chat channel on the internet. From the beginning I knew she was the Aunty I have been searching for to give me the kind of discipline I need so that I might stay on the straight and narrow.

Aunty Ruth believed that a naughty man like me needs lots of very stern punishment perhaps by utilizing the cane amongst other implements of her choice, she also believes in total and compete exposure to maximize the affect of the punishment and to humiliate me to the ultimate.

Aunty Ruth is a firm believer that if a naughty man like me should get aroused during my exposure and punishment that I would then be required to masturbate in front of her until I climax.

Aunty Ruth also enjoys masturbating in front of me while I do so or while another might be disciplining me and she is not averse to bringing in a strong lady friend to have her punish me while Aunty Ruth watches on masturbating.

So it was agreed that I would report to Aunty Ruth for my just due punishment. Upon arrival I was warmly embraced and treated as a long lost friend.

Aunty Ruth offered me lunch as we spoke about what she expected of me in general and while undertaking punishment from her.

Aunty Ruth required that I strip totally before her or any of her lady friend upon her demand to do so. She advised that I must submit to any and all forms of punishment she sees fit. That I am not to move out of position and make no attempts to cover up during my punishment sessions.

Aunty Ruth told me that she spanks firmly but fairly and assured me that if I take my punishment well like a grown man that she would comfort me and reward me.

I agreed to all of Aunty Ruth’s requirements and assured her that I would do my very best to stay put during my punishment sessions. I might yelp or even cry I told Aunty Ruth, but I will do my best to keep my bottom well presented for whatever punishment Aunty felt she wanted to give to me.

So it was time for my first spanking from Aunty Ruth. I was instructed to approach Aunty, she began to chastise me, my response in a submissive and respectful tone was always to the affirmative.

Aunty outstretched her hands to embrace me which I enjoyed immensely because of how she pressed her bosoms against my chest and because of how lovely she always smell.

She told me that my spanking will be both painful and arousing and that she was sure we would both enjoy it, I thank Aunty.

That said Aunty instructed me to remove all of my clothing which I gladly did already having my manhood at half mast as I put my hands to my side knowing that Aunty Ruth expects me to be totally revealed to her for her personal enjoyment and viewing, sometimes Aunty likes to stroke and or cup me a bit prior to the administration of my over the knee warm up spanking with her loving soft hands.

Aunty inspects my cock and balls and then has me turn and bend over to inspect my anus, satisfied that I am well cleaned Aunty removes her dress not wanting to wrinkle or stain her dress and sits at the center of the couch.

Tapping her lap I approach her as she takes hold of my left wrist and escorts me over her lap panty clad bare thigh lap. I always love the feel of my bare penis against my Aunties bare thighs.

Aunty places her hand on my bare well present bottom and instructs me to spread my legs a bit so that she is able to see my cock and balls as she spanks me and has ready access to them if she chooses to fondle and arouse me.

I do as Aunty requires as she tightens her grip and proceeds to smack my bottom from the sit spot up and then directly across the meaty center part of my bottom making me feel warm all over as she remarks about the nice pink color she is seeing.

Once the condition of my prepared bottom meets Aunties satisfaction, she has me rise gives me a minute respite before having me assume the position bent over the back of the couch.

Aunty likes my bottom well stretched so I must bend over so that just the tip of my toes touch the floor. Aunty might adjust my position to her complete satisfaction as she picks up the razor strop. It is at this point that I am informed how many strokes I will receive with the razor strop. Of course strokes could be added at Aunties descreation of if I should happen to move out of position or attempt to cover up.

The strapping begins and Aunty is well skilled in applying a very thorough strapping having me yelping by the 15th. Stroke and crying softly by the 25th. For this session Aunty felt 40 strokes would suffice as she wanted to give me 12 of the best with her swishy cane.

I was not the hero with the cane as I was with the strop, but of course I have no say in the matter. Aunty allows me another minute or so to rub my very red bottom before assuming the position once again for the 12 strokes of the cane.

Aunty positions herself behind me lays the cane across the center of my butt, raises it high over her shoulder and whack lets it fly, a loud yelp escapes my lips but I bite my tongue forcing myself to stay put.

Aunty continues to lay on the cane with me crying openly now with each added stroke.

Considering the extent of the punishment I have received I was doing very well until the 9th. Stroke. When the 9th. Stroke was applied I jumped up and rubbed my bottom.

Calmly aunty told me to assume the position and informed me that the stroke will be repeated, I was angry with myself for disappointing aunty, gritted my teeth and took stroke, 9 over again then 10, 11 and 12.

Aunty began rubbing my bottom as I cried she then let me up and hugged me, I apologized for being naughty she kissed my cheeks.

Aunty looked down at my crotch noticing that I had an erection, she smiled and said what’s this lifting my shaft with her finger. Sorry aunty I said, she said well lets get you to do what you need to do to get your feelings released, yes aunty was my only reply.

She had me lay on my back on the couch one leg on the couch the other on the floor with my legs spread nice and wide. Aunty began to stroke me a few times until she felt my cock beginning to throb, she then sat at the other end of the couch took down her panties and began masturbating together with me. As luck would have it we both seemed to climax about the same time.


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