Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aunty In Charge

When things got bad after my parents got divorced, we moved in with my aunt and her daughter.

My aunt had lost her husband in the war and was raising her daughter on her own.

Unlike me her daughter was very polite, well mannered and did well in school, I was virtually the opposite.

About a week after we settled in an incident arouse that would change my life.

On this occasion my cousin, then 14 came in late for dinner, on top of that she was dirty from playing, when her mom began to reprimand her instead of he usual docile response she was challenging to my aunt.

My aunt would not hear of it and ordered my cousin to get the strap.

My cousin began to beg and plead saying mom please not in front of them, meaning me and my mom.

My aunt responded that we now lived in the house and if she disobeyed she would be punished in front of us. My mom interjected saying we could go in the other room if you like, but my aunt said no Carol deserves to be punished and perhaps Lou would learn a lesson from this. Hearing this I blushed, I had never been spanked and was very modest as was the ways of my mom’s household.

My mom told my aunt she had never spanked me and my aunt said she would be happy to correct me when I needed it my mom said that sounds like a good idea especially since you are the head of the household here.

My cousin was made to fetch the strap, she handed it to my aunt and was apologizing and still pleading.

My aunt would not hear of it assume the position my aunt said.

My cousin got on the easy chair on her knees and bent over.

My aunt came up to her and raised her skirt, my cousin looked over her shoulder with pleading eyes and said sorry to my aunt.

I know honey, my aunt said as she pulled her panties down.

I was already excited by the events unfolding before me, but when her bottom was bared I got a fully erect boner.

My aunt did not spare the strap she laid it on fast and furious my cousin pleaded and cried.

When the spanking was over my cousin got up and thanked her mom then she got a hug.

My aunt looked in my direction with a sneer and said now you know what you can expect if you are in need, she looked over at my mom and said right, my mom said you are in charge.