Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aunty Let Me Have It - part 2

After that first spanking from my Aunty I was very confused by my feelings.

One thing I knew was that I was very aroused by the entire ordeal.

Was I aroused because I saw my cousin naked? Was it because she was spanked? Was it a little of both? or was it the way my aunt and cousin looked at me when made to be naked before them? Could it have been the spanking I received?

You could imagine how a 12 year old boy would be confused by feelings of arousal after these events.

The next day after that first spanking I received from Aunty she was out shopping when my cousin Carol came up to me and began talking to me about the events of the previous day.

She knew I was embarrassed to talk about it and she teased.

She told me she liked seeing me naked and getting it, I looked at her, she smiled asking if I liked seeing her nude and getting it - I kind of nodded.

She said if you like we can play show me.

Show me, I asked yes she said I can give you a really good show of anything you want to see and you can do the same for me.

I really liked that idea thought still shy, so I nodded ok.

She went first taking off all of her clothing and really letting me see all of her in a very open and exposed way.

After a good long look she remained naked and helped me get naked and she really examined me like a doctor might not even do.

There we were both totally naked exploring each other when Aunty walked in.

What is going on here she exclaimed with anger in her voice.

Oh no, my cousin said we are going to get it good now, she said.

Well you both are certainly prepared for what you are going to get, both of you knees on the floor over the bed.

Aunty took out the big strap and with our butts next to each other my Aunty gave me one then cousin Carol one and on it seemed like it would never end.

I was rock hard but gritting my teeth, I guess my cousin was hurting too, she reached for my hand and held it tight and with each stroke she got she would tighten her grip.

After the spanking we both had to stand facing the wall as my aunt lectured us about sex that we were first cousins etc.

We assured her that all we did was look and a little touching nothing more, which was true.

She told us that she was aware of the curiosity of children our age but if we wanted to see each other nude or even if we wanted to see her nude we should ask and do it in front of her for supervision, we assured her we would.