Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aunty Let Me Have It

It didn’t take too much longer for me to stray from the straight and narrow.

A few days after that magnificent display of my cousins cute backside getting the strap from my aunt, my turn came.

Seems like everyone was anxious to see me get it, when my aunt told me to get the strap I did not obey, my cousin offered to get it.

My aunt told me that I was going to get 40 strokes with the strap for my disobedience, but if I did not accept my punishment and do as I was told she would keep adding strokes onto my punishment.

She gave me a second chance to get the strap but I was stubborn and did not move.

She told my cousin to go fetch the strap and told me I had just earned an additional 10 strokes, care to try for more she taunted.

Now take down your pants she instructed, I won’t, I said.

She said take your pants down now, I stamped my foot, no, I said.

That is 10 more now you are up to 60 strokes care for more.

I just stood my ground, she told my mom and cousin to take hold of me and she began to unfasten my belt and lower my zipper, I fought her best I could but I was a small 12 year old, my aunt was a big strong lady and my cousin and mom were holding me.

She had my pants down to my ankles I was so embarrassed to be in front of them in my underpants.

My aunt wasted no time she pulled my underpants right down. Once exposed she looked right at my exposure with a taunting smile and then looked up at my mother and said once you get them naked they always become more submissive.

They bent me over the arm of that same easy chair my cousin kneeled on.

My cousin and mom held me down and my aunt proceeded to whop me as she said good and proper.

The first 10 strokes or so really stung and I howled and yelped with each one.

After the first 10 strokes something strange happened I began to get aroused.

I was enjoying the arousal and with each stroke I felt more and more turned on, but then I began to get concerned because when I got up in my aroused state all would see me like that.

When I was allowed up there is no doubt that they all saw that I was aroused, how could they miss it especially when my aunt made me stand in front of her and apologize before she let me pull my pants back up.

I was so embarrassed, I was glad she let me go to my room.

While in my room I relived over and over again that spanking and my exposure and I began to masturbate. It was one of the best feelings I ever had and I relieved that episode many times while masturbating.