Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bent Over for Two Lesbians

I wronged an agent from another office, it was a bad day.

This offense could have cost me my license to practice.

I received a call from her manager advising me that they were going to press charges. I pleaded to meet with them and explain and apologize.

I was not aware that the manager and this agent were lesbian lovers.

I met with the manager in her private office apologizing and trying to explain.

She told me she could not let me off free that I had embarrassed her agent and was very cruel and that I needed to be punished in a way whereby I too would be embarrassed and would not soon forget.

With these words my mind began to work. I asked the manager if she would like to beat me. Beat you she asked yes mam I would submit to punishment at your hand you could have me bare my bottom like a naughty boy bend me across your desk and use a strap on my backside in front of your agent or even have her participate. This punishment will be both memorable and embarrassing.

She smiled at the thought looked at her lover agent who smiled back and nodded her head affirmatively.

She warned me that she intended to give me a really good thrashing that I would not be sitting for a week.

She had me take my pants down bend over her desk, the agent held me down as she took out a big old wide razor strop she began to thrash me good and hard.

By about 20 whacks I was yelping and by 35 I was crying, but she did not stop until she gave me 60 good hard strokes. When she let me up I did not concern myself with my modesty as I began rubbing my butt.

She told me to pull up my pants she didn’t want to have to look at my cock.


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