Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Colonel and the Lieutenant

In an Iranian prison under Sadam discipline, especially of women ran rampant.

In charge of the prison was Colonel Saad a man who enjoyed watching ladies disciplined.

Lt. Maw was an aid to the Colonel, she was very attractive about 5’5” dark eyes and hair, a great figure with large breasts and a wonder full round backside.

The Colonel had often fantasized about having the Lieutenant bare before him for discipline and was only waiting for the opportune time to do so.

So it was that two prisoners had changed cells and when the Colonel went to show the lawyer his client, he was brought to the wrong cell causing the Colonel great embarrassment in that he did not even know where the lawyer’s client was.

Lt. Maw was in charge of prisoner assignments and if any change were to take place, she was to advise the Colonel, in this case she was remiss giving the Colonel the opportunity he was looking for to discipline his very attractive young assistant.

Lt. Maw was called to the Colonel’s office, he advised her of what transpired, she immediately knew she was in trouble apologizing for her oversight.

The Colonel got up from behind his desk walked up to the Lieutenant, walked around her paying special attention to her backside as the Lieutenant stood at attention. Then facing the Lieutenant the Colonel said to her that she must be punished for her failure to notify him of the change in cell assignment.

The Lieutenant responded by telling the Colonel that she knew she deserved punishment.

The Colonel smiled at the Lieutenant’s acknowledgement and submission.

Very well, the Colonel said you will strip off your entire uniform, take up a position bent over my desk with hands at the far end. You will be expected to maintain your position without movement or cover up or suffer the penalty of added strokes, is this understood Lieutenant. Yes sir the Lieutenant responds.

Good, now remove your garments.

Keeping her head held high, the Lieutenant began to remove her uniform. Once totally naked she again resumed her position of attention before the Colonel.

The Colonel admired the beautiful charms of his Lieutenant before him as he reached into his desk draw for the razor strop that he was going to use on her bared bottom.

As the Colonel ran the soft wide leathered strop through his hand, tapping his palm he informed the Lieutenant that she was to receive 50 good hard strokes and that he expected her to count out each stroke nice and loud, yes sir, the Lieutenant responded.

That said the Colonel took up his position behind the vunerable bared backside of his Lieutenant laid the strap directly across the center most part of her butt and then pulled his arm all the way back and let the strop fly – whack – one sir, the Lieutenant responded, whack two sir, whack three sir and so the Colonel continued to apply strokes to this now very red buttocks of his Lieutenant.

At 20 strokes the Colonel paused to admire his handy work rubbing his hand on the Lieutenant’s bare bottom, nice and warm and red he commented, yes sir she said sniffling.

Are you in tears Lieutenant asked the Colonel, yes sir I am sorry, that is ok then I must be doing a good job, yes sir, she said.

Can you take your full allotment without totally breaking down young lady, yes sir I shall try, said the Lieutenant, very well then lets proceed responded the Colonel, yes sir.

Once again the strap was placed dead center across the poor young ladies already red and swollen buttocks and the Colonel did not spare her as he continued to apply the strokes good and hard. The Lieutenant’s grunts now changed to yelps as the number of strokes reached 40.

Pausing once again the Colonel began to rub the Lieutenant’s very red and swollen backside, does it feel good for me to rub your bottom asked the Colonel, yes sir said the Lieutenant. Would you enjoy some fondling to your most intimate part, if you like sir.

Good spread your legs for me Lieutenant, yes sir as she parted her legs.

The Colonel began to run his finger down her bottom crack, under her parted legs and up her vaginal opening. The Lieutenant squirmed a bit letting out an ohhhhhhhhhhh

You have a lot of moisture there my dear says the Colonel are you aroused by your exposure and thrashing, yes my Colonel the Lieutenant responds.

Ah but my dear we still have 20 more strokes to be applied let me give them to you most erotically and then see if we can’t attend to both of our arousals – oh yes my Colonel says the Lieutenant.

And so the Lieutenant sticks out her butt once more but this time the strokes of the strop from the Colonel are much more moderate a she slides the leather across her red butt with each stroke, she moans not from any pain from the strap but rather from the arousal and anticipation of what is to come.


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