Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A CSI Spanking

In an episode from CSI season 5 Sara bad mouths Katherine and later when called into Eckert’s office tells him what she thinks of him. This is my version.

Eckert wants Sara fired, he suspends her without pay for 1 week, Grissom is told.

Eckert tells Grissom that Sara is loose cannon and wants her fired Grison says she is a good CSI investigator and wants to talk to her.

Grissom goes to Sara’s house, she is drinking beer and is a bit sarcastic at first, she figured she was being fired.

Grissom tells her no he does not want to fire her but wants to know what is bothering her. Sara tells Grissom of the horrors of her childhood then breaks down into tears.

Grissom leaves Sara telling her he will see what he can do to save her job Sara thanks him telling him that she loves her job especially working with him.

Grissom meets with Eckert and Katherine about Sara, Katherine wants Sara punished.

What do you have in mind, Grissom asks.

Katherine says Sara humiliated her in front of others, she needs to learn humiliation.

Eckert says Sara needs to receive punishment she won’t soon forget.

Grissom says what do you to want to do spank her.

Katherine and Eckert laugh and then Katherine says you know that might be exactly what she needs.

Grissom says that is crazy you really don’t expect Sara to submit to a childish spanking do you.

Oh it won’t be a childish spanking Eckert says she will get a very sound strapping.

Yes across her bare butt Katherine says.

Even if Sara agreed who would administer the discipline.

Katherine would of course, Eckert said.

Grissom says ok I will tell Sara what your alternative is.

Grissom goes to see Sara again and tells her that he has good news and bad news.

Sara says Gil I will do anything to save my job and to work with you.

Grissom says before you agree to anything you should hear what Katherine and Eckert have in mind for you it is very unorthodox.

Unorthodox, Sara say, listen I will do anything they want, what is it?

Grissom raises his eyebrows and say they want you whipped on your bare butt by Katherine in front of the entire CSI staff.

Sara smiles your kidding.

Afraid not Sara, Grissom replies.

Sara smiles again, thinks a moment, ok I will do it.

You will do it, Grissom replies surprised.

Sure why not I deserve it, the guys get their jollies off by seeing me and the humiliation is what Katherine has in mind.

But what of the pain, Grissom asks.

You will be there won’t you, Sara asks.

If you want me to, Grissom replies.

Yes I do, you can hold my hand, Sara says smiling, besides don’t you want to see my butt she says smiling, Grissom raises his eyebrows again.

Ok Sara if your sure I will tell Eckert and Katherine of your response.

Sara smiles, Thanks Gil and she reaches over to hug him and kiss him on his cheek.

A memo is posted on the main bulletin board where all are able to see it. The memo states that a public discipline session for Sara Sidel is scheduled for 12 noon; all CSI agents are instructed to be present.

Sara is instructed to wear a loose skirt with just plain panties, no pantyhose, the discipline session is scheduled to take place in Eckert’s office.

Sara is initially brought into Grissom’s office while all other CSI agents assemble in Eckert’s office. He has them form a semi circle around a puma horse.

Grissom asks Sara if she is doing alright, she says she is fine.

Sara you realize how embarrassing this will be don’t you.

Of course Gil I know exactly what everyone will see, but as I told you before I deserve it I embarrassed Katherine and I opened a big mouth to Eckert so Katherine wants me embarrassed and Eckert wants me punished so they both get what they want and I pay for what I did but get to keep my job.

Ok Sara before we go into Eckert’s office I just wanted to give you one more chance to change your mind.

Thanks Gil I appreciate that, Sara says.


What’s going on Nick asks.

Katherine looks at Eckert with a grin he tells the group that instead of being let go and because of Sara’s outburst embarrassing Katherine and me, Sara has agreed to accept humiliating discipline in the presence of the entire CSI staff, Katherine will administer the punishment.

What kind of embarrassing discipline Nick asks.

Sara has agreed to take a sound strapping across her bare buttocks from Katherine.

This is crazy Nick replies.

Maybe so but it is her choice, says Eckert.

Well I don’t need to see this to further embarrass Sara, Nick says.

Oh that is the point Eckert says I had all of her peers report here to observe for two reasons one to make a point to all of you that we have rules to follow and there are penalties if you don’t and two your presence will make it that much more embarrassing for Sara so she will learn how it feels to embarrass others, all must remain.

Grissom escorts Sara into the office.

In typical Sara fashion she smiles nods her head and says hello all.
Eckert with a grin on his face like the cat that swallowed the bird said are you ready for your punishment.

Sara looks Eckert right in the eye and with a smile says knock yourself out.

Eckert smiles back looks at Katherine and tells Sara to get into position.

Katherine motions to Sara to step up in front of the Puma horse, Sara looks back at the group and smiles trying to show confidence.

Bend over the horse Sara.

Katherine takes one of Sara’s wrists and is about to secure it, you don’t have to do that Sara tells Katherine.

Katherine informs Sara that the strapping will be delivered in a very hard and stern fashion and it would be difficult for her to stay in position and not cover up.

Sara says I can take it don’t worry Katherine hit me as hard as you like I won’t move or cover up.

Ok Katherine says but if you do move your punishment will be increased.

No problem Katherine, Sara says, I understand.

Katherine reaches down to the hem of the flared skirt Sara is wearing raises it up to her back and pins it to her blouse at the shoulder so that her entire panty covered bottom is revealed.

Katherine then peels down Sara’s panties and has her step out of them. She then instructs Sara to place her ankles on the outside of the puma supports. In this position Sara’s womanly charms are now on full display the men on the team are shuffling on their feet admiring Sara’s charms. Katherine looking at how exposed Sara is smiles to herself knowing from past experience how it feels to have men look at your exposure in that way.

Katherine places a hand on Sara’s back leans over and asks her if she is ready.

Ah ha Katherine lets get started, Sara says.

Katherine picks up the razor strap measures the distance to Sara’s bottom by placing it dead center of her butt, reaches back and whack.

Sara’s head raises up she bites her lip takes a deep breath and whack the second stroke is administered.

With just two strokes Sara’s butt is already red.

Whack, whack, whack Sara stays put the only movement is that of her head each time the stroke hits, her butt is a bright red already.

Katherine pauses looks over at Eckert, he nods his head Katherine delivers a series whack, whacks, whack, whack, whack. As Katherine administers the last stroke a grunt of pain is heard from Sara’s lips.

As Katherine pauses she taunts Sara by saying sounds like we are getting through to you.

Sara looks up directly in Katherine’s smiling face and says enjoying yourself.

Katherine smiles and says as a matter of fact I am are you, she asks.

Sara says knock yourself out.

My pleasure Katherine replies and continues to lay it on Sara’s now dark red butt.

Sara is biting down on her lip as Katherine continues to lay it on hard and fast.

Finally after perhaps 75 or 80 very hard strokes Katherine stops and tells Sara she can get up.

Sara gets up making no attempt to either cover herself or rub her bottom, she has tears in her eyes looks right into Katherine’s eyes and says is that it.

Katherine looks over at Eckert, he nods, Katherine smiles saying yes Sara you may go.

Part 2

The entire CSI team was very upset with Katherine seeing how she seemed to enjoy thrashing and exposing Sara as she did.

When Katherine finished strapping Sara and let her up she looked around at the others and got the cold shoulder from all except Eckert.

Katherine went over to Brown and said hey what’s up.

Brown said I guess you went over to the other side.

What do you mean by that Katherine asked.

Well it sure looked like you are now Eckert’s girl what happened to that independent self thinking woman.

Come on Warrk, Katherine said you know me better than that.

Sure looked like you enjoyed embarrassing Sara and whipping her, maybe you should get a taste of your own medicine.

Oh, Katherine exclaimed and who might I ask will whip me, you?

Yea I might just do that Katherine, Warrk says.

I might just enjoy it, Katherine taunts

Well to be sure you are significantly embarrassed maybe I should have Grissom and Sara there.

Now wait a minute Katherine says, that is not what I had in mind, we could have a good time Warrk.

A good time is what I intend having Katherine at your expense, now you know you deserve and be a big girl lets see if you can take it as well as you can dish it out.

Ok, no problem, Katherine says if that is what you think I need then fine I hope you enjoy yourself.

Ok Katherine let me inform the others say around 8 PM at my place.

Yea sure Warrk whatever you like, I’ll be there, Katherine says.

Warrk informs Sara and Grissom both felt that Katherine needed to be knocked down a peg. Sara liked the idea of Katherine getting what she dished out and Grissom secretly has always wanted to see Katherine bare.

The group assembled at Warrk’s place and right on time Katherine knocks on the door, wearing her traditional slacks.

Warrk opens the door for her and says I would have thought you would have known better and warn a skirt.

Katherine looks at Warrk and smiles and says hey look if you are going to see my butt bare you may as well get the whole show, you know I have been there before.

Ok then Katherine if you want to be totally exposed why don’t you just take it all off.

Sure guys whatever gets your blood flowing, Katherine begins to get undressed.

Once totally nude Katherine smiles at both Warrk and Grissom almost modeling her naked body.

Grissom tells Warrk to get the strap.

Warrk comes back with a big old razor strap.

I know the taste of this razor strap first hand Warrk tells Katherine my mom and grandma were well versed in wielding it on me and my sister.

Well I guess I am going to find out how it feels soon enough.

You got that right, Warrk says.

Now why don’t you just bend over the back of the couch I want that bare butt of yours sticking right out there for me making a nice target.

Sure Warrk whatever turns you on.

Katherine lays across the back of the couch, Warrk tells Sara to grab Katherine’s hands from the other side of the couch.

Katherine looks up at Sara and says I am really sorry for whipping you, Sara says yea whatever.

Katherine continues I hope after Warrk whips me I hope we can call it even, Sara just looks at Katherine finally saying we’ll see.

Ready, Warrk asks, Katherine looks over her shoulder; I guess I am as ready as I will ever be.

Warrk reaches back and begins to let the strap fly whack, whack, whack, whack – wow oh eh ah easy guy Katherine says.

It is supposed to hurt Warrk reminds Katherine, whack, whack, whack …

Katherine’s butt turns from pink to red, unlike Sara she is not as brave and is not as able to take a good sound licking, but Warrk is intent on teaching her a good lesson.

Whack, whack, whack – Katherine begins to yelp with each added stroke, are you learning your lesson Katherine, Warrk asks.

Yes, yes I’m sorry Katherine yells out.

You will be whack, whack, whack – Katherine’s yelps now turn to cries, apologize to Sara.

I’m sorry Sara, I’m sorry – please forgive me please have him stop.

Sara watches as Warrk continues to deliver the strokes and with each Katherine lets out a cry.

Finally after Warrk delivered perhaps a dozen more, she looks up at Warrk and says I think she has had enough.

Sara releases Katherine’s hands which she immediately returns to rub her butt.

With tears coming down her face Katherine says I am really sorry Sara.

Sara smiles, I know you are, Katherine then hugs Sara.