Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Different Kind of Doctor

A Different Kind of Doctor

Having problems with stress and feelings of guilt my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist.

After analysis and several meetings the Psychiatrist felt what I needed was a special type of therapy.

The Psychiatrist sent me to Dr. Beverly telling me only that her methods were unorthodox but her success results were very good to relieve stress and feelings of guilt.

I met with Dr. Beverly who asked me what brought me to her office. As I explained that my Psychiatrist recommended her. She asked if my Psychiatrist explained her type of therapy, my response was only that he said it was unorthodox, but successful.

Dr. Beverly sitting me down at a small round table sitting opposite me reached out and took hold of both my hands. She looked me in the eye and began to explain that often we have feelings of guilt stemming from our childhood which leads to stress.

Dr. Beverly asked me if I were spanked as a child, I confessed that I was by my aunt. She asked how I felt before the spanking and I told her I felt guilty for my bad behavior because my aunt was very good to me.

She asked how I felt after my aunt spanked me and I told her I felt relieved kind of cleansed because I sort of paid for my bad behavior by having my aunt spank me.

Dr. Beverly then explained that her therapy would be very much along the lines of my aunt’s approach, she asked me how my aunt spanked me and I explained that she would begin with me across her knee spanking my bottom with her hand and then have me bend over her bed using a strap.

Dr. Beverly asked if the spankings were administered on the bare bottom, and I shyly responded yes.

Dr. Beverly advocated treatment as closely related to that my aunt deployed. I could not believe my ears, here I was a man in my 50’s, accomplished, intelligent yet this attractive woman doctor was going to spank me on my bare bottom.

I thought for a moment and said look doctor I have tried everything if you really think this will work then lets go for it.

Dr. Beverly seemed pleased and began immediately by starting to open my belt explaining that exposure and a level of embarrassment seemed to be very important in my case.

As she opened my pants and pulled them down she noticed a bulge in my briefs remarking that I seem to be somewhat aroused explaining that is a good sign meaning she had anticipated this and that her approach has a better level of success when I am aroused.

Next she pulled my briefs down and inspected me both front and back again remarking about my obvious level of excitement, I was a bit embarrassed.

Dr. Beverly took out a low stool which she sat on and patted her legs for me to adjust myself over her lap. She asked me if I was comfortable and then began to run her hand over my now bare presented bottom.

Ready, Dr. Beverly asked – I said yes and she immediately began to warm up my backside.

She was obviously well versed spanking up from the sit spot to that meaty center then across to the other cheek giving it the same level of attention. She would spank about 6 times in each place before moving on to the next area.

Within a few minutes she had my bottom well prepared to receive the strap.


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