Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Disciplined Queen - part 1

When the Queen died Lisa became Queen though she was only 11 at the time.

Lisa was the pride and joy of her father the King and she could do no wrong.

But Lisa was a true brat and took advantage of her position every chance she got.

As she grew older her amusement turned more sexual. She would enjoy purposely being naughty so her whipping girl would get disciplined; she enjoyed watching as her servant was chastised. In play Lisa would always threatened her playmate with another whipping if she didn’t do things exactly as Lisa wanted them.

By age 15 Lisa was a tyrant and those who dared even approached the King about her actions, but he just spoiled her and wrote off her actions as childish pranks ending his remarks with she is Queen after all.

Civil war was reigning in the kingdom and within months the revolutionaries had captured the castle. Like a protest rally demands were made and agreed upon by both sides.

There was but one final demand to be met.

The leader of the revolt demanded just due disciplinary action against the Queen to embarrass her before her subjects to discipline her in the way she finds so amusing of others. The demand was to have the Queen presented before the masses, stripped of all of her clothing bent over on a trellis and to have her bare backside thrashed with 100 strokes.

Of course the initial reaction of the King was not to go along with such a spectacle, but after the masses demanded it and the leader of the revolt said it was a non negotiable demand, the King had no choice.

The King thought hard and said I guess you are right she is a brat and does deserve to learn a very important lesson, he laughed to himself saying I think I might even enjoy seeing her butt bared and thrashed.

As so it was agreed that the Queen would be so chastised before her subjects.

Messages went out to all the corners of the kingdom the date and time was set.

It was like the opening ceremony of the Olympics as the Queen was driven into the center of the cheering crowd in the stadium by chariot. She was assisted by two guards to walk up the stairs of a platform sometimes used for hangings.

With head up high standing at attention two hand maidens approached her and removed her outer garments.

Standing in a corset and long legged pantaloons the Queen was a beautiful sight; her soft fair skin glowed in the sun light her cleavage well appointed as her breast moved in and out with her accelerated breath.

The hand maidens were ordered to proceed as they approached the Queen once again, the hand maidens bowed and apologized for what they were ordered to do, the Queen nodded that it was ok she understood.

The hand maidens began to undo the Queens Corset as they did so and removed it her well appointed full yet pert breasts stood out in all their glory. The crowd ohed and ahed as the the Queen proud of her appearance raised her head once again in pride.

Opening the strings holding up the Queens pantaloon they were lowered to reveal her well trimmed vaginal triangle. The sounds from the audience were obvious, even the King himself was astonished at the naked beauty of his daughter.

The Queen was escorted to the discipline device, she was bent over it in a V formation her wrists tied up and over her head as her legs were parted and secured by her ankles.

A man wearing a hood and carrying a big thick long leather strap approached the Queen. The man looked in the direction of the King for instructions, when the King nodded his consent, the hooded man turned toward the Queen.

I am sorry your majesty the hooded man said, I know you are only doing what you are ordered to do the Queen told him. Thank you your majesty, I must apply the strokes firmly he said. Yes I know the Queen responded give it to me good I do deserve this embarrassment and chastisement care not of my cries or pleas administer my just due punishment as you would any other misguided young lady. Yes your majesty the hooded executioner responded.

One of the castle guards approached the opposite side of the hooded executioner, the strap was raised and swish it struck the Queen dead center across her well presented backside. A sight released by the Queen as a red mark arose on her bottom. One counted the guard.

Whack, whack, whack the thrashing continued in earnest 9 – 10 – 11 the count went…

With each stroke the Queen would let out a yelp but not screaming or crying – whack, whack, whack – as the strokes began to cover the Queen’s entire bottom.

Whack, whack, whack 25 – 26 – 27 you could see the Queen sobbing softly but forcing herself not to cry out raising her head once again.

Whack, whack, whack by 40 strokes it was obvious the Queen was in great despair, the executioner paused, are you ok my lady – yes, yes continue do not stop, yes my lady whack, whack, whack.

At 60 strokes the Queen would cry out with each added stroke but when questioned again she told the executioner to continue with her punishment.

Finally her 100 strokes administer the Queen was released the guards helped her up but she wanted to stand by herself. She addressed her subjects standing before them totally naked saying my acceptance of this humiliation and punishment is my sign to you that I am prepared to accept the same justice that is given to you, I have treated you all badly and promise to treat you all better in the future – the crowd cheers.

I offered my red and well thrashed bare backside as evidence of my new policies. That said the Queen turns around and bends over so that her well chastised backside is on display to the assembled subjects, another loud cheer.