Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Double Agent

The Double Agent – Part I

During the war between the IRA, the Irish Republican Army and the British, Kim found herself as a double agent.

Kim was tough but always was concerned about being captured by the British and tortured.

As luck would have it she was caught red handed and imprisoned in a prison that resembled the dungeons of old.

There were 4 men and one woman guarding her. Her interrogation began on a low key civil basis first one man then another and finally the woman guard attempted to extract the information they were looking for.

Kim would provide no information whatsoever other than her name, she wouldn’t even admit to be an agent for the IRA.

The woman guard a cruel heavy set woman took on an entirely different approach threatening Kim with full exposure and cruel discipline should she continue to be closed mouthed about her activities.

Kim just looked at this woman with a defying glance as the woman slapped Kim hard across the face. Kim just gritted her teeth, but said nothing.

Three of the male guards came into Kim’s cell strip her and suspend her one announced. The woman guard and one of the male guards grabbed hold of her arms as a second man disrobed her until she was totally nude before all of the guards.

Still being restrained by two guards she was fully exposed as lewd remarks were made about her appearance.

Kim’s wrists were tied together a rope tied to her binds and hoisted above a rafter. With her toes barely touching the ground she was stretched out helplessly fully nude and fully prepared for a whipping.

She saw the female guard procure a wide thick leather belt with a wooden handle she was testing it in the air and you could hear the terrible snap that would soon be making contact on poor Kim’s body.

Kim watched with fear in her eyes as the matron guard continued to snap that belt occasionally looking at Kim with a sneering smirk on her face.

The matron guard stepped up to Kim, grabbed her by her chin forcing her to look directly into her eyes, this strapping you are about to get is just the beginning, you have already earned this strapping. If at the end of your strapping you still refuse to talk you will have earned the whip from my friend Bob here, pointing to a cruel looking almost salivating male prison guard. He remarked how it would be his pleasure to whop her good.

Kim just continued to sneer as the Matron guard took up her position reached back and let that strap fly with all her strength.

The first stoke hit dead center across Kim’s buttocks causing a bright red mark and causing Kim to scream out. The second stroke about 10 seconds later a bit lower another yelp of pain from Kim.

The strapping continued about every 10 seconds from below her bottom across her upper thighs all the way up her entire backside and then her back up to her shoulders.

By the time Kim’s initial strapping was finished she was crying like a baby and was well marked, she must have received close to 100 strokes of that heavy strap.


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