Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ever After - My Way

I enjoy taking concepts from a movie or something I see which stimulates a spanking embellishment.

One such movie was “Ever After” a take off on Cinderella staring Drew Barrymore as Cindy and Angelica Houston as the wicked step mom.

There were two scenes in this movie that caught my attention.

The first such scene was when Cindy got into a fight with her wicked Step Sister and gave her a black eye. The Step Mom says to Cindy of course you will be thrashed for this.

In the next scene you see Cindy laying on the bed her back bared and striped from the thrashing with the good Step Sister applying a cool cloth.

In my version Cindy would have been brought to the barn suspended from the beams, all of the servants would be assembled, she would be stripped totally naked as her wicked Step Sister thrashed her with a riding crop.

With each stroke the Step Mom and Sister would be taunting poor Cindy, but even thought totally naked and embarrassed before her peers she held her head up and would not give in to the trashing she received at the hand of her wicked Step Sister.

The second scene would be near the end when Cindy had married the Prince and became the Princess, unbeknownst to the wicked step mom and sister. It was set up for them to believe they were invited to a special ball in their honor thinking that the wicked step sister would be chosen to marry the Prince.

The wicked step mother and sister were shocked to find out that in fact they were invited to the ball to be stripped of all of their nobility by the King and Queen. The Queen asks if there is anyone who will speak on their behalf before we sentence them.

Cindy appears and this is the first time they realize that she is now the Princess, she says that she only wishes for them the same as they had given her, they were sent to work in the laundry as peasants.

In my version both step mom and sister would have been suspended before the court, stripped totally naked and switched by Cindy with her taunting them as they had taunted her.