Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First From My Aunt

Now it was my turn to get my first spanking.
My aunt was very calm cool and collective I knew I was wrong to peek, but I was so embarassed I had never been spanked and haven't been bare in front of a lady in a long time including my mother and sister let alone my aunt and her daughter.
I apologized in hopes of getting out of a spanking; my aunt just looked at me shaking her head saying you know you did wrong don't you - yes aunt Rita I would exclaim I am so sorry.
You are almost a man Lou so why don't you take what is coming to you - please Aunt Rita don'tSpank me I have never been spanked my mom doesn't spank me. Well then a spanking is longOver due then isn't it, she exclaimed.
I will do chores around the house anything please - my cousin got up by this time she had put her panties and bra back on - she put her arm around me and said it will be ok Lou you better listen to her or she will give it to you longer and harder.
I looked at my cousin tears in my eyes saying I have never been spanked, she smiled, and it’s not that bad it hurts and stings for the moment that's all. Is she going to give it to me on the bare, yes my cousin said that is the only way she does it, no I can't I said she can't see me bare.
You saw me bare I have seen boys and so has she its no big deal she said. I fell to the floor grabbed my aunts ankles looked up and pleaded. Lou she said stop acting like a baby and get up and take your pants down I am loosing patients with you.
I was crying looking back and forth for some help from either my aunt or cousin my cousin began to unbuckle my pants I just let her crying.
With my pants down she inserted her thumbs into the elastic of my underpants; I looked up at my aunt crying pleas in my eyes my cousin pulled my underpants down, I was so embarrassed.
I was bent over the bed over the pillow taking up the same position my cousin had previously occupied.
My aunt said I hope this teaches you a lesson not to peek if you wanted to watch you should ask I hopeI won't have to teach you a lesson on this matter again. Now the strap is going to feel like bees on your backside I want you to hold still and take what you have coming you saw Carol she is a girl you should be able to take it just as well don't be a baby.
Carol put one hand on my shoulder and one on the small of my back as my aunt began to give me the strap the first few stung but it was mostly embarrassment that was making me cry.
I tried to get up a few times but with my cousin holding me down and with me trying to take it like a man as my aunt would say I some how stayed put until my aunt finished with me.
She then told me to get up she hugged me and told me that if she didn't love me she wouldn't bother to spank me.
I was sent to my room put on my PJ's and a little while later my aunt came in with cookies and milk.