Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First From My Cousin

The following day my aunt was out shopping and my cousin and I were home alone. She came over to me and began to tease me about the spanking and exposure that took place the previous day.

She asked me if I liked the way she looked nude, I was shy, I shrugged and said I guess.

She asked if I liked the way her butt looked all red and hot from mom’s strap, I said yea.

She said I liked to look at you, I blushed, she said you were such a baby at first when mom was spanking you but then you seemed to like it, did you, she asked, I shrugged.

She asked me if I wanted to play show me, she said she wanted to get a real good look at me and I can see her, I agreed, she took the lead.

Then she asked me if I wanted to spank her, I did so I said yes

She climbed over my lap and I spanked her cute bottom and as I was doing so she was squirming making me very hot, I got a full erection.

When she felt it and got up she asked me if she could touch it, I said ok, she stroked me a little. Then she sat down and spread her legs, give me your hand she put it on her pussy and told me to stick it in, it was a great feeling.

Then she said it was my turn to get spanked so I went across her lap and she gave me a very sound spanking considering she only used her hand.