Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flowers In the Attic My Way

This story is a concept developed from Flowers in the Attic.

Joan’s mom was very cruel and disowned her in essence for marrying a man she did not approve of.

Once Joan’s husband died she was left penniless and for the benefit of her children she pleaded to be able to return to her parent’s mansion.

Joan’s parents agreed to let her and her children live in the mansion provided they agreed to the very strict discipline that her parents would dish out.

Joan on behalf of herself and her children agreed to accept whatever discipline her mother felt was necessary.

To prove Joan would accept discipline and to demonstrate the discipline that her mother would dish out, it was decided that Joan would be brought before her father. Her mother made her remove all of her clothing in front of him hold onto the rail of the bed post and accept a very harsh thrashing on her back and backside.

Her father watched in front of her as her mother thrashed her leaving red stripes from her shoulders down to the back of her knees. Joan cried like a baby as she was being thrashed but held onto the bar until her mother felt she had enough.

Part 2

Joan was brought before her children and forced to disrobe and show them how punishment was administered in the Manor. Joan had been naked before her children before but never in such a way as to display her punishment.

The eldest was a boy John who was also the most adamant Joan’s wicked mother wanted his backside to taste her strap. She gave a lecture to all of the children and John stepped forward.

Joan’s mom slapped him across the face for being disobedient, she spoke to Joan I want you to speak with your children and tell them what is expected of them in this house. Oh yes and as for your eldest John I want him to submit to me for a thrashing in front of the other children for his disobedience.

Joan pleaded with her mother not to thrash her son even offering herself to take another licking in his place. John stepped forward telling his grand mother that she is a wicked cruel bitch who gets pleasure by inflicting pain on others and that he would accept a thrashing from her to protect his mother.

The cruel grand mother smiled and said it will be my pleasure to humiliate you and break you down before your brother, sisters and mother.

The boy was adamant take your best licks bitch he said. She scorned at him and then smiled demanding he take his pants off. No – no his mother pleaded, she was slapped across the face by her cruel mother falling to the floor. Her son helped her up you bitch you will get yours, he said.

Maybe so said the cruel grand mother but right now it is you who will be getting it, now get those pants down.

John pulled his pants down, take them off the cruel grand mother demanded. Bend over the bench, he did as he was told. She came up to him and ripped his under pants off as well.

Now lets see how brave you are with your bare butt stripped good and red. She proceeded to whip his butt as hard as she could with that wicked old strap.

He gritted his teeth and tried to hold still and take the licking she was dishing out, but she was set on breaking him and soon he began to falter.

First it was a release of ohs and ahs with each added stroke and then a yelp and soon a cry which led to pleas of mercy. Soon crying like a baby he fell to the floor as his sister and mother attended to him.

The cruel grand mother sneering looked upon the eldest girl saying you will be next my dear.