Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Four Phases of Pleasing a Lady

Ladies are fortunate enough to be able to climax many times over during a love session.

It is my belief that it is the obligation of the man to learn how to please a woman several times over during intimacy.

Spanking lends itself to being able to enhance the ability of arousal so that a lady can have several orgasms before her lover mounts her and takes her.

My four climax approach using spanking as a stimulant and form of foreplay.

First after romancing the lady you should hug her and kiss her before putting her over your knee for her first spanking and her first climax. Rub her bottom part her legs stimulate her between her legs as you spank moderately. She will get very wet and most likely cum.

The second position could be bent over again with her legs nicely parted exposing all of her womanly charms, you can use a strap in that position as you pause after every few strokes to fondle and rub. You can reach down to her breasts to fondle you can play with her anus you could even tease her rear entry with the head of your cock, be sure to mix in a few strokes of the strap with the pleasure so that a relationship of the pain bringing pleasure is established. Most likely she will cum again.

For the third position I like to place my lady on her back bring her legs up over her head keep those legs nicely spread apart, talk about vulnerability and exposure oh my. Verbalize what you are seeing and speak of her beauty as you play and enjoy give her a paddling with a small light paddle and do so while fondling her this position will drive you both wild.

The fourth spanking is back to the over the knee position mostly with a great deal of fondling but this time instead of using your hand you can use a hair brush making short crisp smacks, they will sting and bring a reaction but with each fondle her then ask her if she likes that and wants more, she must accept another stroke of the hairbrush, most likely she will take it to be fondled some more. Yes most likely she will cum for you in a rather short time.