Thursday, April 27, 2006

I took it for my Girfriend

Jane was raised by her grandma who was very strict and old fashioned.

Jane was anything but plain or old fashioned when she was out with me away from her grandma but I noticed that she was very respectful and obedient to her grandma.

Even thought Jane was 20 she had a curfew and made sure I got her home by 1 am no matter what.

We had this one party we went to and were really having a great time we had a few drinks and Jane was feeling wonderful. I knew it was getting close to the time we should leave if I were to get Jane home in time, but failed to say anything to Jane even though it was me who was supposed to watch after the time.

When it got around 1:45 I told Jane we had better go it is late. What time is it she asked and when I told her 1:45 she got very nervous.

I asked her what she was so nervous about and she kept saying you don’t know my grandma, boy am I going to get it.

Get it, get what I asked. Jane blushed she was embarrassed to tell me, its ok you can tell me. She blurted it out – my grandma is going to give me a strapping for being late.

My eyes opened wide you have to be kidding, no I wish I were she said, I agreed to take punishment from her as a form of respect and I can’t go back on my word.

But Jane it is not your fault you are getting home late it is mine, shouldn’t I be the one getting punished not you.

Don’t be ridiculous Lou she said, do you want to get spanked by my grandma.

I am willing to get punished for my wrong doing especially if it will save you.

Lou you don’t know my grandma she would use the strap on you and in the same way as she does with me that would be very embarrassing for you.

How so, I asked, my grandma spanks on the bare bottom she smiled.

I thought a moment and said well if that is the way it is done fine.

Lou she will do it in front of me, won’t you be embarrassed.

Of course I would Jane, but it would be worth it.

Ok fine Jane said, it’s your butt.

We got to Jane’s grandma’s house she was waiting for us lights on. Surprisingly she was calm and collective.

She said good night to me but I said that I need to tell her something. She said good night again, I said Mrs. Waters the reason Jane is home late is all my fault, please let me explain.

Mrs. Waters really didn’t want to hear it until I told her that it was my responsibility to keep track of time, I knew the time but didn’t want it to end so it was all my fault. I know that you will punish Jane and I know how and if anyone should be punished it should be me.

Mrs. Waters looked at me with a bit of a smile, you know how Jane gets punished, she told you, yes mam I said. She looked over at Jane who blushed a bit, you must really like this boy she said, yes grandma, Jane said.

Then Mrs. Waters looked at me and you must really like my Jane if you are willing to take a whopping for her, yes mam I said it was my fault and I am prepared to take my punishment.

Ok then young man, Mrs. Waters said you go over by the back of the arm chair take down your jeans, Jane go get the strop, yes mam, Jane looked in my direction with a smile.

Jane came back with the strop and handed it to her grandma, I had my pants down which in itself was pretty embarrassing, but Mrs. Waters said boy I want to see that bottom bared. I reached up and pulled my under pants down, I blushed, Jane smiled.

You have a cute butt young man Mrs. Waters said, I blushed, don’t you agree Jane, she blushed.

Jane go around to the front of the arm chair young man stick out your hands, Jane hold on tight.

Then she began whack, whack, whack – man for a older lady she could really lay it on, my butt went from pink to red to crimson. After about 35 strokes I was yelping after each one and by 50 strokes she had me in tears.

Finally after perhaps 75 good hard strokes she stopped and said next time you get my grand daughter home on time understand boy, yes mam I responded.

Jane you can put some ointment on this boys butt if you want, yes mam she said.

She got the ointment, I laid on my belly on the couch and Jane applied it to my butt. Now I understand why you are so afraid of getting a strapping from your grandma.

Yea she can really lay it on can’t she, sure can I said.


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