Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jane In Prison

It was a Ranger training center that went too far.

The training took place in a make ship prison camp.

Amongst the Rangers who were to be the prisoners was Jane a beautiful well developed intelligent young lady who held the rank of Major.

Jane was the second highest ranked of the Prisoners.

The prison commander was Juan a Lt. Colonel with a mean streak a mile long and a definite bias against women in the service let alone as a ranger.

The Colonel had his men virtually starve the prisoners, beat them with a bam boo stick gave them sleep deprivation etc.

The Colonel became frustrated that he was not able to break these prison rangers so he decided to employ unauthorized methods using the female major.

The Colonel had the Prisoners assembled and advised them once again if anyone was prepared to release the information he was seeking, all remained silent.

Very well then the Colonel stated, bring her forward two guards grabbed Jane and brought her in front of the assembled prisoners.

They had two posts with a cross bar set up they strung up Jane by her wrists over the cross bar so that her toes just barely touched the ground.

The Colonel then order her stripped totally naked before all assembled. Some of the prisoners really objected to this and became irate knowing that this was not authorized.

The Colonel was handed a whip it was a short whip but certainly one that left its mark, the Colonel then announced that he was going to whip the Major until she confessed.

The Colonel took up his position, the Major looked over her shoulder, you will be court martial for this, perhaps the Colonel said, but right now you are going to get the whipping of your life. By the way, the Colonel said the men seemed to be enjoying your exposure – fuck you was the Majors response. Well perhaps you will fuck me later in private he sneered.

He raised the whip and began to let Jane have it systematically moving the strokes up from her backside to her shoulders then down to the back of her knees.

Her entire back, bottom and thighs were marked with red stripes, but she would only give her name rank and serial number.

Deciding to have some personal enjoyment with the major, the colonel had the guards bring her into his office.