Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Judging Amy -

I went to High School with Amy who was a funny looking kind of a nerd.

The guys I hung out with really teased and embarrassed Amy at every chance they could get, in retrospect, I was as guilty as the others.

20 years later I was accused of a petty crime and appeared before now Judge Amy.

Realizing who I was, Judge Amy offered to recuse herself but my female lawyer, Celeste and I agreed to let the hearing go forward.

I was found guilty of a minor offense and Judge Amy sentenced me to 30 days in the county jail, I was devastated. Just before gaveling the sentence Judge Amy order me and my attorney Celeste to her chambers, the others were dismissed.

In Judge Amy’s chambers my attorney Celeste, pleaded for an alternate form of punishment. Judge Amy smirking looked in my direction and began to recant our High School days when I teased and humiliated and embarrassed her.

I had no idea where this was going until Judge Amy began to discuss with my attorney Celeste about an alternate means of punishment that might fit my crime, but the way Judge Amy was talking it sounded like she was talking about my crimes of humiliation and embarrassment in High School.

Judge Amy looking at me and then my lawyer said I might have an alternative punishment if acceptable to both of you, but it is unorthodox and would have to remain only between the three of us.

I looked at my attorney Celeste and said yes anything to stay out of jail.

Celeste said we were interested.

Judge Amy smirking once again looked at me and said if you agree to take a good old fashion bare bottom strapping, then I will let you off with a suspended sentence.

I turned red, my attorney Celeste just smiled.

Well, asked Judge Amy with a big grin on her face.

Ah, yes I guess, your honor, I said.

Good, Judge Amy said.

She reached down to the bottom draw of her desk and pulled out a big old thick razor strap, she ran it fondly through her hands as she said she remembered this strap well from when she was a child.

After reminiscing somewhat about her past personal discipline, she turned her attention to me once again.

You will lower your pants and underwear, bend over my desk and grasp the far end. I will give the strap to your attorney who will administer the licking to you. You will maintain your position until you have received a full 30 strokes. You will not move out of position or attempt to cover up. Is this clear, Judge Amy asked.

Yes your honor, I responded.

Judge Amy then addressed my attorney Celeste, you will apply each stroke good and hard across his bared backside, if you fail to do so I will find you in contempt and you will find yourself in the same position with your backside bared for a strapping, is that clear.

Yes your honor, Celeste responded.

Very well then Judge Amy said, lower your pants.

I began to unbuckle and unzip my pants, I was a bit nervous and embarrassed, but I know I had no alternative. I was telling myself better to give Judge Amy her jollies than to spend 30 days in jail.

As I lowered my pants I stood before Judge Amy in my under pants embarrassed and red faced.

Judge Amy seemed to be enjoying my predicament smiling and motioning for me to take down my underwear.

I looked over at my attorney Celeste who seemed to be enjoying my dilemma as much as Judge Amy as I inserted my thumbs into the elastic of my under pants, took a deep breath and then pulled them down to join my pants around my ankles.

I was too embarrassed to look up at Judge Amy who was standing in front of me so I was staring at the desk. Judge Amy told me to raise my head and look at her, I did she was all smiles as she looked at Celeste who was standing behind me as she nodded for her to proceed to begin the strapping.

Celeste wasted no time and didn’t spare the intensity of the strokes as she began thrashing me good and proper.

With each stroke I would grunt and with each stroke Judge Amy would be counting through her smiling lips.

By 10 strokes my grunts had turned into yelps as Judge Amy remarked about the strap making an impression on me.

By 20 strokes my yelps turned to pleas for mercy, Celeste paused but Judge Amy instructed her to continue.

By 25 strokes my please for mercy had become cries of pain as I was finished off taking all 30 very hard strokes.

When finally Judge Amy allowed me to rise up my last concern was my exposure as my hands immediately went to my well thrashed backside to try to ease the sting.

Surprisingly as I was rubbing the sting from my behind I noticed the two ladies enjoying my predicament and began to become very much aroused.

Apparently the ladies realized my state as they remarked about my condition.

As such I attempted to pull up my pants, but Judge Amy told me to keep my pants down as part of the punishment.

Authors Note: Yes I got the idea of Judge Amy from the TV show.