Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Judicial Spanking in Tai Wan

In the country of Tai Wan they decided to handle petty theft and other minor crimes in a very unique way.

The council felt that minor crimes were getting too costly to try that an alternate through the police department would be to offer corporal punishment in lieu of a trial and jail time.

Increasingly becoming Capitalistic, it was thought that there could be a money making scheme incorporated within the confines of the corporal punishment concept.

The plan was to offer corporal punishment for minor offenses the punishment would be carried out on the outskirts of the city; observers would pay a fee to watch the proceedings live and it would be on pay per view.

It was felt all would benefit by this course of action the culprit would get off with a good sound whipping, the people with justice and the monies would help lower the taxes, there were other thoughts from some about those who would pay to observe but private discipline clubs already existed, why shouldn’t the state make some money from the concept.

So it was decreed that corporal punishment was offered as an alternative to trial and jail time.

The most minor crimes were first a young girl of 16 was sentenced to a crime of smoking in a public place but because she was under 18 she was only getting 18 strokes .

As the girl was brought out clad in a prison dress she approached the bench of judges.

The judges read out her crime in English because this girl was from England – you have been found guilty of smoking in a public place and due to your minor age you have been sentenced to alternative punishment of 16 strokes to your upturned bared bottom while affixed to the cross. Do you accept your punishment?

The girl was weeping but accepted. Two matrons approached her and escorted her in front of the so called cross it was actually two long posts with two crosses, it was straight up and down as they began to affix the weeping girl first with her hands above her head to the top of the device, then they raised her skirt and pulled down her panties. As her panties came down she let out a gasp of shame.

Her skirt was snapped to the top of her dress so as to keep it up and keep her bottom bared. The base of the cross had a longer cross bar of which her ankles were attached forcing her legs apart. Once she was secured the entire device was bent forward about 45 degrees positioning the buttocks in the perfect position to receive the judicial strap.

A court officer with a hood over his head as an executioner approached the girl, she looked over her shoulder in fear as the man passed behind her to stand in front of the judges. They said something in Chinese and the man bowed, he then took up his position behind the young girl and waited.

The head judge nodded and the punishment began the first stroke was administered dead center across the poor young girls bottom cheeks you could see the thick red line almost immediately she let out a shriek as a court officer counted out one.

The strokes were separated by about 30 seconds I later learned to give the most lasting affect the poor girl was not able to rub or do anything but to take each stroke and wait for the next.

It was amazing to watch the proceedings the girls bottom was so red and you felt sorry for her as she got each stroke you could venture a guess as to the pain inflicted, yet you wanted to see her get it again and again.

Being secured of course there was nothing she could do but let her now red bare bottom just hang out there to receive the allotted strokes. I was later told that if the girl used foul language that she would receive additional strokes, most did not.

Once the girl got her punishment she was made to approach the Judges with her dress still raised and ask for their forgiveness. Once acknowledged the matrons would unsnap her dress from behind her so that it would cover her and then escort her out of the arena.