Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lady Kate

The year was 1742 in England when I became a servant of Lady Kate.

I immediately considered myself fortunate since I found her so beautiful and sensual, but as beautiful as she was that is how cruel she was.

Lady Kate seemed to enjoy having the male servants stripped and disciplined in front of her for her pleasure.

Most often for a minor offense the servant was escorted to Lady Kate’s chambers by a few of her hand maidens.

The servant was told to lower his trousers and bend over the back of a chair.

Lady Kate would approach the culprit with a switch and proceed to thrash his bottom until it was well painted a nice red color.

Lady Kate would then allow the servant to rise with his pants still around his ankles so that she was able to see his manhood and after she felt she had her full of enjoyment at viewing his privates would allow him to raise his trousers and leave after which she most probably masturbated.

When my turn came to be punished by Lady Kate I submitted eagerly, she took note, she also took note of how my bare bottom looked, she seemed to find it to her liking.

As I was bent over for her thrashing and upon arising she noticed that I was fully erect which seemed to please her.

She decided to take me to the barn and give me a good sound whipping in front of all the female servants, she thought I might enjoy that, she was right.

In the barn the ladies secured me over a beam with my arms stretched above my head, I was stripped completely nude and my legs were parted.

Lady Kate picked up a riding crop and proceeded to thrash my bottom up and down until I began to yelp and plead for mercy.

Ironically I was still fully erect when Lady Kate had the maidens release me, but to my surprise she had them bring me back to her chambers.

Lady Kate told all of her servants to leave and she began to get undressed.

Once totally naked she sat at the end of the bed and told me to get on my hands and knees, I was still totally naked with a full erection.

She spread her legs wide open and told me to lick her clit. As I did so she proceeded to smack my already very sore bottom with her hand until she climaxed.

She then called in a few of her servants she handed the eldest lady amongst them a big thick leather strap.

She laid upon the bed and had me begin to fuck her in the conventional manor ordering the eldest servant lady to thrash my bared bottom as I was fucking her.

As it turned out it was the best lay I ever had.


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