Thursday, April 27, 2006

Little Laura - part 1

Little Laura is a tease I knew it from the first day I met her, I told her she will be in need of almost daily corrections, she just smiled teasingly.

We were out for dinner she was so naughty I kept reminded her of what she was going to get when we got home; all she said was promises, promises.

The dinner was romantic soft music good wine, we were in the mood.

When we arrived home I put up the fireplace, put some soft music on in the background and began to dance slowly with my little girl Laura, but as soon as the dance was over I sat down on the couch in front of the burning fireplace and pulled my little Laura over my knee.

What are you doing she asked meekly, giving you the spanking I promised you I responded.

I raised up her school girl looking pleated skirt and ran my hand over her panty covered cute bottom. Feels good hon she remarks, whack, see if you say the same after a good licking.

You wiggle to tease and attempt to gain control as I begin to peel down your white panties. There before me is that lovely luscious backside I know and love.

As I begin to spank you from your sit spot up to the meaty centermost part and down again you wiggle in an attempt to arouse me with your contact. A bottoms attempt to gain control of the top is a good ploy, but I continue to smack your bottom as I do get aroused.

Moving around more than I can control I put one leg over yours parting yours for my pleasure as I see all of your charms revealed to me I admire them so and tell you what you are showing as I smack and fondle.

The wetness of your love juice exposes your love of the sting I smile knowingly as we approach the second phase of your discipline.

Always in need of restraint you can never control yourself during a good sound spanking I place you over the back of the easy chair with your wrists tied to your ankles rope under the easy chair legs nicely apart as I had you get totally undressed.

What a sight you are with your red bottom bared legs spread nicely apart before the fireplace ready to take the lash without any ability to stop me from doing to you and with you as I please.

I take out my old razor strop the one I think of so fondly for how it was used upon me and my cousin. It is old and soft and warn but how it stings so lovingly as it bites into the tender flesh of a well postured backside.

I caress the leather of the strap for a moment and then run it over your hind quarters ready my dear I ask teasingly – yes my love you respond anxiously.

I proceed to thrash your bottom several times in succession your ohs and ahs tell me I am succeeding in my efforts. I pause to rub and fondle you shall we continue – yes you moan out.

The stropping last long enough to give you food for thought as I then fondle you until you cum letting you remain in that position as I rest to have some coffee.

I assemble an array of implements before you a wooden paddle a whip a riding crop and a cane.

Ladies choice I tell you, you shall receive them all the order is your choice and so shall the timing I have all night my dear so choose and let me know when you are ready for the next session of discipline.

You ask for the riding crop, good choice I say as I pick it up test it and begin to tickle your fancy with its flickering capability. Then it is the work end that thrashes your bottom into a frenzied of excitement before I pause to rub and fondle once again extracting a most wonderful orgasm from you.


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