Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Lord and the Maid

It was 17th. Century France when Bunny found herself homeless and without means.

She was told that there was a Manor looking for servants, they were offering room and board and a small wage per month.

Bunny met the Lord of the Manor he advised that he was adamant about behavior and responsibility and that failure on any count would be dealt with or she could leave.

Bunny was very grateful for the position and promised to adhere to the rules of the Manor or accept punishment.

Later on Bunny found out that the punishment was corporal punishment and that it was administered on the bare buttocks frequently in the presence of the other servants or anyone else that may either be present or who have been offended.

On the third day that Bunny was at the Manor one of the other servant girls was to be punished all of the servants were called to be present in the sitting room.

Two male servants brought a foot stool to the center of the room; another brought a big thick razor strop that he handed to the Lord.

The young girl about Bunny’s age was escorted to stand before the Lord, she curtsied and said I am sorry to have to appear before you for my behavior My Lord, please punish me as you see fit.

He smirked at her and told her to bend over the stool; she did as she was instructed to do.

Two female servants stood on either side of the young girl who was shaking out of fear. They raised her dress above her waist and did likewise with all of her other under garments. Then her pantaloons were opened and taken down exposing a creamy white beautifully round and full bare backside.

The young girl gasped as her bottom was exposed but made sure to stay in position as the Lord approached her and began to rub her bottom. He spoke lovingly to the girl telling her that he thought her to be a good girl but in need of correction. The girl thanked the Lord. He asked if she were ready for him to begin, yes My Lord, she responded.

The Lord took the razor strop laid it across the center part of her creamy white bottom and ran it across, he then raised it and whack, ohhhh she verbalized and then remembered to count out one thank you sir, again the strap was raised and again she yelped holding her position two thank you sir and again three thank you sir.

The Lord paused to admire his handy work he rubbed her now pink warm bottom she trembled a bit from his touch, does that feel good when I rub your bottom, he asked – yes sir she responded.

Very good my dear now hold still, yes sir – whack, whack, whack – four, five, six – thank you sir she responded crying softly now –

Once again the Lord rubbed her bottom but this time he did more than rub he had her part her legs a bit remarking how beautiful her charms were.

The Lord told the poor young lady that he knew that to be so exposed in front of her peers was very embarrassing but that the embarrassment would serve as a good reminder each time she looked at her peers of her misbehavior. He asked her if she understood – yes My Lord, she responded.

And so the Lord thrashed the young girl giving her a total of 24 good hard strokes with the razor strop before allowing her to rise.

When she did rise she had to hold her skirt up so that all could see her frontal nudity as well and in such a state apologize for her behavior promising to try harder in the future.