Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Lords Daughter - part 1

As an orphan at age 12 I was taken in by Lord Cambridge to live at the Cambridge Manor. I was treated well, taken care of and given an education. As I grew up I was like a son to the Lord.

The Lord married shortly after my arrival and soon had a daughter of their own who grew into a beautiful young lady, but spoiled as the day was long.

I was about 25 when the little brat turned 13 and she decided that she would want to marry me shortly.

I had to treat her well or else I could be thrown out so I went along with her wishes.

One day alone with the Lord we began to talk about Mistress Sara, his daughter, he would tell me that he was remiss in disciplining her that the burden would fall upon me once married. I agreed with him that she was in dire need of some firm discipline.

The Lord asked me what I would have him do, I asked him to allow me to discipline her as I see fit the next time the occasion arises. With deep thought he approved my request.

I began to make plans for how I would discipline her and to what extent. My feeling was she loved to see the servants disciplined and humiliated in public, she would often have the guards secure a poor young maiden to a cross beam in the barn, suspended and stripped of all of her protective clothing, to be totally nude in front of her peers as a male guard would thrash her backside until she cried out in pain. The discipline administered to these servants was not so much for wrong doing but for the jealousy that Lady Sara felt toward them.

I was in love with the servant lady Barbara, she and I would often slip away to be alone in the woods.

Lady Sara got wind of my meetings with Barbara and was very angry with my actions, she demanded to have Barbara publicly whipped and humiliated.

I begged Lady Sara to whip me not Barbara taking all the blame for our encounters.

She said I will be whipped in her private chambers by her after Barbara was thoroughly humiliated and punished.

I could not stop Lady Sara from her sentence upon Barbara and I was to be present for her thrashing.

I informed Barbara of what was to happen she took the news bravely telling me that she would take 100 whippings for my love, I told her I felt the same way.

Soon it was that the guards arrived to escort Barbara to the barn, she held her head up high as her hands were tied and secured then she was hoisted so that she stood on her tip toes.

Her garments were all removed until she was totally naked before all of the servants, some guards and me. What a beautiful sight she was glistening in the barn with the rays of the sun shining upon her exposure.

I admired her composure as she held her head up high as if proud of her body. I could see that many of the men assembled were aroused by her nudity.

The executioner took up his position letting the whip stretch out as he measured the distance to Barbara’s bare backside.

How many my lady, the executioner asked, let us begins with 25 the little bitch said.

The whipping began – swish whack – ohhh yelped poor Barbara as a red line rapidly appeared directly across the peek of her bared backside. One cried out a guard, whack, whack, whack the disciplining continued as Barbara suspended was helpless and jerked upon her binds with each added stroke.

With 25 strokes administered her entire backside showed the stripes of the whip, the executioner stopped, he looked upon the Lady Sara, my lady he queried – she arose from her crowned chair approached Barbara still naked and suspended with tears running down her face.

Well servant Barbara, Lady Sara asked, have you learned your lesson to stay away from Lou, Barbara sneered at the little bitch - we are in love, and can’t you see that he does not love you.

The little bitch Lady Sara was infuriated by Barbara’s response and moved back ordering the executioner to give her 10 more strokes this time across her bare breasts.

As the executioner moved into position Barbara pleaded for mercy, but there was none to come. As the strokes rained down upon her bare breasts Barbara would shriek out in pain as the little bitch Lady Sara smiled cruelly with enjoyment.

Part 2

After Barbara was soundly thrashed and let down the other servant ladies carried her back to her bunk and attended to her chastised backside and breasts.

Lady Sara growled at me as two guards took hold of me and escorted me to her chambers.

I was secured to a cross beam in the spread eagle position as all of my clothing was removed.

Totally naked before this little bitch she taunted me about my position that I should be embarrassed to be naked before her that she was going to chastise me like a child that she would make me scream out that I would pay for my infidelity.

I told her she could do with me as she wished but it would not change my love for Barbara.

Lady Sara raised the whip and brought it down cruelly across my backside hard and fast one stroke after the other I would grunt with each added stroke.

By the time I was whipped about 20 times my grunts turned to yelps and by about 40 strokes I was crying out in pain for mercy.

She picked up a riding crop and raised my cock and balls with it telling me if I did not answer her questions properly she would whip my cock with the crop.

She asked me if I loved her, no I said, whack she struck my cock I thought I would see stars.

Do you love that whore Barbara – yes I gritted whack across my cock.

Will you see that whore Barbara again – yes whack.

I could take no more and passed out from the pain.