Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Lord's Wife Gets It

It became apparent that The Lady enjoyed seeing her servants disciplined, probably where her daughter got the idea from.

I spoke with Alex about discussing the matter with his Lordship, she felt it was too risky after all the Lady was his wife and she appeared to be the dominant force in the family.

I told Alex that we felt that way with the Duchess but it worked out to our advantage that I thought it was worth taking a chance.

I approached the Lord and began to tell him how Her Ladyship had been having me discipline Alex and Alex discipline me in front of her for her pleasure most of the time for no reason. I approached it in such a way so that it came across that I wanted him to know and if he approved and perhaps benefited by it then of course it would be our pleasure to serve in that way.

The response I received from the Lord was “That Bitch” then he thought a moment and began to devise a plan.

How would you too like to get some revenge on my wife. My Lord I asked, yes how would you like to strip her down prop up her bottom and thrash her until she begs for mercy.

Ah well ah, I would the Lord interjected before I could even respond.

I will call her before me you two can wait behind a curtain I will tell her of her fate she will try to resist I will have the guards secure her and then you two can come out and administer the punishment

I smiled looked at Alex yes My Lord we both said together with a smile upon our faces.

The Lady entered the Lords chamber he was seated behind his desk, my dear do you know why I beckoned you here at this time. No I don’t I was in the midst of a sun bath what is it she responded grumpily.

I summoned you my dear for chastisement, chastisement are you crazy.

No my love you are a spoiled bitch who abuses her authority. Abuse my authority she responded in what way.

Do you or do you not have Alex and Lou thrashed for your amusement.

Ah well yes why not they are my servants.

Ah you see how you do not understand, you get more with sugar than with spice my dear. I think you need to taste a bit of the lash upon your hind quarters maybe then you won’t be so easy to have it applied to others and at the same time perhaps you should be embarrassingly exposed as you have them exposed, see if it still turns you on, maybe it shall to me.

Have you gone mad she shouted, not at all my dear, guards.

Secure her over the whipping horse I want her garments up legs spread nicely apart and bottom well presented so that all of her Ladies charms are on full display and in the right position to accept a good sound thrashing.

This is barbaric the lady shouts out as the guards secure her as instructed.

Once well prepared and exposed the Lord calls for Lou and Alex who appear both with nice thick leather straps in their hands ready to take the hide off of the Mistress who has been hiding them for weeks now

Take your positions on either side of her the Lord instructed on my order proceed one then the other and keep applying until I say stop.

Whack, whack – whack, whack – whack, whack the thrashing went on good and hard the Ladies bottom quickly turned a most adoring bright red her screams were sounds of music to us all in fact the Lord was singing to her screams.

We must have given her a good 25 hard strokes when first he had us pause, he moved over to his weeping wife and said are you ready to be nice to the servants and obey me.

She only sneered up at her husband saying he would be very sorry for his actions. Very well said the Lord again and so again we began to thrash the Ladies behind whack, whack – whack, whack – whack, whack – oh no please you are killing me she cried out – anything you say I will obey you

The Lord raised his hand for us to pause once again and will you cease to punish these fine servants for your personal amusement. Yes husband as you wish anything only please don’t have me thrashed anymore.

Very well then apologize to Alex and Lou – no husband you can’t ask me to do that his hand lowered and with a nod we proceeded to thrash her butt once again ok – ok she cried out I am sorry for having you thrashed for my amusement.

So the Lady was allowed to rise her butt crimson tears in her eyes she begged her leave from her husband who smiled thanked us and made his way to his wife’s chambers for some renewed sexual arousal.