Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mama Nan's 3 Daughters

Mama Nan's 3 Daughters« on: Today at 7:24am »
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Annie was the youngest of three daughters raised by their mama. Annie was very sweet and very submissive whereas the rest of her clan were the exact oppisite especially her mama. The girls refered to her as mama but everyone else who knew her called her Mama Nan. Mama Nan was a heavy set muscular woman with large breasts and a big full backside. The most prominet aspect of Mama Nan were her very full thighs and her dominant attitude. I had played spanking games with Annie often she would tell me of the punishment spanking she and her sisters would get from Mama. Each time she would tell me I would delve for details. Annie at 23 was still getting spanked by mama and so were her two sisters who were 25 and 27. It was hard for me to believe that all three of these grown ladies still submitted to their mama to receive bare bottom discipline. One day I convinced Annie to stay over at my place for the night, normally she had a curfew to be home by 1 am. I spanked her that night, then made love and we fell asleep in each others arms. It must have been about 2:30 in the morning when I heard a loud bang on my door, it was Annie's two sisters accompanied by Mama. When they barged in Annie knew she was in for it, what she didn't know was that so was I. Mama had brought her big thick razor strap with her, she wasn't mincing words. Over Annie she said, Annie knew better than to resist. Annie turned over on her belly, one of the girls pulled the sheets down so Annie's full bottom was exposed. One of the sisters took hold of Annie's hands the other her feet. Mama positioned herself in the center of the bed and began to wail away. Whack, whack, whack I was mesmorized by the sight before me, Mama a big woman was whopping her with all of her force after only a few strokes Annie was balling like a baby. Mama continued lecturing with each added stroke " you will be home when you are supposed to" whack, whack, whack - yes mama whack, whack, whack - you will not sleep over any mans house until you are married - whack, whack, whack - oh please mama no more she would cry.... You will use proper protection you naughty girl whack, whack, whack - mama I am sorry I will whack, whack, whack.... After perhaps 100 very hard well placed strokes, poor Annies backside was ablaze in dark red, she was virtually all cried out and just yelped with each added stroke, finally mama stopped. You young man turn over - Mama Nan - you heard me she chided. Yes mam I said fearfully and turned over. As was the case with Annie, the sisters grabbed my arms and legs to hold me in place and Mama Nan began her handy work. Whack, whack, whack - man can she hit Whack, whack, whack - you will not take advantage of my daughter... Whack, whack, whack - you dirty little boy whack, whack, whack and by this time she had me yelping to whack, whack, whack the yelps turned into please as Mama continued her attack on my unprotected backside. Although the strokes were very hard and stung like the dickens I was finding myself getting aroused. With each added strokes and the verbage that followed I felt the sting and that queasy feeling in my stomach. I began to look up and catch a glimpse of Cathy the elder sister holding my hands, she was smiling down at me even shaking her head as if to say naughty naughty, that made me even more excited realising that there I was stark naked in my bed being held down by two women and being disciplined by a third, what a turn on. Yes I was crying and yelping but I was aroused and when my punishment finally came to an end and I was permitted to get up all of the ladies saw my state of affair. Mama said to Annie you best take care of that, she winked at us both saying next time you let me know where you are. As she left Annie and I comforted each others bottoms and then did as mama told us.


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