Friday, April 28, 2006

Mom Takes Licking for Daughter

Kay tried hard to raise Amy after she lost her husband, but as it turned out Amy was a spoiled brat.

Whenever Amy would get into trouble Kay would be there to bail her out.

Amy began to hang out with a rough group of kids who were very sexually active and into cruel initiation policies.

Kay found out about this group through one of Amy’s friends.

Kay went to the warehouse and looked through a window she could see a group in a circle around Amy.

In the center of the circle was a wooden horse with tie downs on all four legs it was apparent that the initiation included some sort of paddling.

Amy moved up to the wooden horse that is when Kay barged in.

As soon as Kay barged in all turned their attention to her.

Kay told Amy to come with her, Amy said mom what are you doing here.

Kay said Amy lets go, they intend to strip you bare and beat your butt.

No mom they won’t do that they will just be tying me down it is an initiation ploy they won’t do that.

Linda told me what really happens lets get out of here.

Amy got scared and nervous and decided it was best to leave.

As Kay and Amy tried to leave the boys blocked their path.

Get out of our way Kay said, no way said the leader of the group we came here for an initiation so either you or Amy are going to get initiated.

Amy got very scared, mom lets get out of here. The leader nodded toward two other boys who grabbed Amy by the arms and began to drag her toward the wooden horse.

Amy cried out for help from her mom, but when she attempted to help her daughter, she too was accosted by some of the boys.

As the boys began to tie Amy down and Kay knew what was to happen she said ok stop I am sure you would prefer to do me than Amy after all it is not every time you get to do a mature women.

The leader seemed to like Kay’s proposal and told the guys to let Amy up.

The guys pulled Kay toward the horse, Kay shook them off I can do it myself she said.

Kay walked toward the horse, the leader of the group said turn around and face me, Kay did as she was told looking at this guy with arrogance.

The guy smiled take off your blouse, Amy cried out no mom, Kay paused in unbuttoning her blouse its ok honey, it will be ok.

Kay continued to open her blouse once all the buttons were opened the leader told her to take it off, Kay complied still looking at him with arrogance.

Kay stood before him with her bra and skirt on now, take off your shoes, she did, now your skirt.

Kay took off her skirt, Amy began to cry, but Kay still maintained her composure.

Unhook your bra, yea shouted out one guy, Kay reached behind her unhooked her bra and took it off. As she threw it to the side she put her shoulders back sticking her chest right out proud of her body, the leader smiled; now the panties he said licking his lips.

Kay gave him a look that could kill as she reached for the elastic of the waistband of her panties, she took a deep breath and pulled them right down.

The boys began to cat call the exposed mature woman before them, Kay kept her head up high saying hope you are enjoying yourself, the leader said oh yes we are but we have just begun.

Turn around and bend over the horse.

Kay did as she was told, her hands and feet were tied down, the leader picked up a big thick razor strop.

You are going to get the licking of your life miss, he said, Kay looked over her shoulder saying knock yourself out.
He began to thrash her backside, Kay was soon grunting from the lashes, her bottom quickly turning red and swollen.

After perhaps 25 good hard strokes Kay began to grunt and yelp with each added stroke.

The gang members were cheering their leader on 35 40 45 50 strokes were administered, Kay was now weeping openly but the thrashing continued.

By the time the leader had administered about 75 strokes Kay was crying like a baby, the leader paused and asked Kay if she were sorry about interrupting there party, at this point Kay would say whatever they wanted to hear.

Finally they let Kay up allowing her to rub her bottom, they let Amy loose who immediately ran to her mother to help her and console her.

Unknown to Amy and Kay was that it was the intent of the gang to now initiate Amy.


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Very good - I liked the story. Will there be a continued story?

Thank you.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Wonderful story. Loved it. Will there be a continued?

Thank you.


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