Friday, April 28, 2006

A Mrs. Robinson Spanking

AT about age 20 I over heard the 12 year old daughter of my landlord get spanked by her mom. My ears and imagination perked up.

A few days later when alone with my land lady I told her I over heard what took place.

I kept asking her questions about it, she thought I was being overly curious.

I confessed that I was because at times I wish it were me getting spanked by her.

She smiled at my admittance and asked why, I told her that as a young boy I was spanked by my aunt and missed that release.

She said well you are all grown now grown people don’t get spanked.

I told her that my aunt always said it didn’t matter how old you were.

She said ok so what did you do that you feel you need to be spanked for.

I told her that I knew I had a big exam coming up, I knew I needed to study but instead I choose to party and got a bad grade.

She said that is a serious offense.

In almost a pleading tone I said so you agree then.

She said you should know that if I do agree to spank you it will not be a love spanking you will be well thrashed and it will be administered on your bare bottom, are you still game, she asked.

Just the words I was hoping for – bare bottom – yes mam, became immediately submissive

She didn’t mix many words she brought me into her bedroom she had a four post bed with a high foot board, she told me to lower my pants and lay across the foot board.

As I did so she immediately pulled down my underpants, she ran her hand over my bottom remarking how nice and round and smooth it was just like my daughters backside.

She picked up a razor strap and positioned it dead center of my butt asked me if I were ready, I said yes mam, she said now stay put.

She raised up and let me have it one after the other hard and fast.

It didn’t take long for me to wiggle and cry out but I wanted to stay put and take all that she had in mind to give me, so I forced myself to stay in place.

She must have given me a good 40 or 50 hard fast smacks no stopping, no rubbing.

She then let me up, modesty was not even a though my hands went right to my butt as I was rubbing.

She watched me with a smile on her face strap still in her hand I looked up she was looking directly at my manhood and remarked that she guessed I had no shame, I pulled up my pants, she laughed.

Later we chatted about what took place and we both agreed that should I feel a need for another spanking from her all I need do is ask.


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