Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Aunts Manor

At the age of 12 my parents died in a car accident, I was sent to stay with my wealthy widowed aunt and her daughter Sue age 16.

My aunt had a mansion with a maid Sara, a woman in her early 40’s,her son Robert 14 and daughter Laura 15 who also lived in the manor there was also a nanny Val who took care of the kids.

The Nanny Val was a tall pleasantly plump woman with large full breasts and a nice full round backside perhaps late 40’s in age.

My aunt Rita was also a rather tall plump woman also having large full breasts and backside, she was in her early 40’s at the time.

My first real life spanking experience arouse on the second day after I arrived. I heard a bit of a discussion coming from the kitchen area the maid Sara was scolding her son Robert. My aunt entered the kitchen and asked Sara what was going on, she apologized for disturbing her. I was peeking from the back stairs where I was able to get a good view of the entire servant kitchen.

Aunt Rita asked again what was going on. Robert has not done his chores and when I questioned him he talked back to me, Sara responded.

I see, said Aunt Rita and how do you intend handling it, she asked.

I guess he will need to be disciplined with the strap, yes indeed aunt Rita replied.

Aunt Rita told Robert to fetch the strap, Robert obeyed.

My aunt told Sara that she expected her to give the boy a good sound bare bottom thrashing. She said she would remain to observe.

Aunt Rita told Sara that if she felt she was not giving Robert a good sound licking that she would take it out on her bared backside in front of Robert.

Robert returned with the razor strap in his hand looking in Aunt Rita’s direction. Very well Sara you may proceed, Aunt Rita said.

Sara had Robert bend over the table and grasp the far end stretching himself so that he was on his tip toes, Sara unfastened the boys trouser and pulled them down all the way to his ankles, his under shorts followed so that the boys pert young backside was fully bared and well presented for a thrashing.

Sara leaned over to the boy and whispered in his ear, Aunt Rita wanted to know what she told the boy. I told him to hold still or he would get more strokes, very well Aunt Rita said proceed.

Sara reached back with the strap and let it fly directly across the bare butt of her son, he flinched but surprisingly held his position. Again and again the strap would strike the boys unprotected backside finally bringing forth some yelping and slight movement, the boys buttocks was a bright red.

I could see from my position tears running down the boys face as the strokes continued and I noticed that Sara was crying as well.

After about 35 very hard strokes Sara stopped spanking Robert who remained in position his backside almost crimson in color at this point crying openly now.

Why have you stopped, Aunt Rita asked, he has had enough Sara said. I say when he has had enough Rita responded angrily. No more please don’t make me spank him any more Sara pleaded. Spank me if you must, she said.

Very well then, Rita said you can take up Roberts’s position. Ok baby you can get up Sara said – no mom Robert said I don’t want you whooped, its ok baby Sara told him, go to your room.

No Aunt Rita said I want him to observe your punishment for insolence I want you to be embarrassed to have your son see you bared and disciplined like a child.

Sara knew that any protests would go on deaf ears, she raised her dress, lowered her panties and assumed the position previously occupied by her son.

As soon as I saw Sara’s bare bottom, full and round as it was, I immediately got erect.

Aunt Rita picked up the razor strap, looked over at Robert and said now watch as your mom gets her bare behind whipped, the boy just started and Aunt Rita began to lay it on poor Sara’s backside.

Sara took her licking well, she wept quietly but did not want her son to see how much she was hurting. When finished Aunt Rita threw down the strap and said let this be a lesson to both of you. Sara slowly and carefully pulled up her panties as Robert ran to her as they hugged each other.

Part 2

From that first real life spanking I witnessed of Robert and Sara getting spanked, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to go to my room and masturbate while the images were still fresh in my mind. I concentrated on Sara naked before me bent over as she was with her bare backside well presented for my aunt to spank her with that strap as if she were a naughty young girl. It did not take long for me to reach the release I sought.

I began to hope that I could witness another spanking soon and also began fantasizing about getting spanked myself.

I didn’t have to wait long, it was the next day after I witnessed Robert and Sara spanked that Val the nanny reported my cousin Sue to my aunt as receiving a poor grade in her most recent math exam.

I overheard this discussion between Val and my aunt in the dinning room and my aunt instructed Val to fetch Sue and bring her to the study. Sue was now 16 years old, she was already nicely developed a bit chunky the way I like a girl to be. Her breasts were developed and she had a nice full broad rear end. She often wore a long blouse or skirt to hide her abundant backside, but on this day I had the feeling I was going to get a very good view of her posterior assets.

Val found Sue and told her that she was to escort her to her mom’s study, Sue had a pretty good idea what that meant. As they arrived my aunt was seated at her desk. My aunt took out the math exam placed it on the desk facing Sue asking what is the meaning of this.

Mom it was a very tough exam I promise I will do better next time. There is no doubt you will, my aunt said; after all you can’t do worse than an “F” now can you.

Sue did not respond, you know what comes next my aunt told Sue. Yes mom, she replied.

Now Sue, my aunt began I understand that when Val offered to tutor you in math you told her to fuck off, is that correct. Sue just apologized.

You will be soundly chastised, my aunt told Sue but not by me by Val from here on in Val has the authority to discipline you when she feels you are in need, is that understood? Yes mother Sue replied, Val looked over at Sue with a big grin, Sue was not too happy about this turn of events she and Val never got along that well, Sue taking the position of Val’s employer while Val tried to take the position of Sue’s guardian, aunt Rita’s decree this day definitely made clear who had the upper hand.

My aunt told Val to proceed with Sue’s punishment.

Sue raise up your skirt, she did as she was told. Lower your panties, she did so, bend over the desk and grab the far end.

48 is the count Val said, don’t move or miscount or the stroke will be repeated understood, yes mam, Sue replied.

Observing this I once again was in a very aroused state this time fantasizing that it was me having to bare myself in front of my aunt and Val having my backside presented for correction. I adored seeing Sue naked like that she being older than me always came across as superior to me, now naked before her mom and Val and getting spanked on her bare butt, she didn’t look like such a big shot.

Her spanking began; Val really laid it on 23, 24, and 25 by the 26th. Stroke Sue began to squirm a bit and yelp. Her yelping was arousing along with her bright red butt and her gyrations.

By about the 32nd. Stroke Sue began to cry openly flaring her legs to the point where her feminine charms were readily on full display, wow what a show I was getting.

Finally Sue received her full 48 very hard strokes, with panties still down and skirt still raised she had to turn and face Val and thank her for disciplining her. As she did so I got a great frontal view of her charms what a turn on. I could tell that to thank Val was very difficult for Sue, but she had no options.

Sue was allowed to pull up her panties and lower her skirt and go to her room, Val remained behind.

I was about to leave so as not to chance getting caught when I heard my aunt tell Val that she was very upset with her not coming to her about having difficulty with Sue not doing her studying. Val responded that she thought she could handle the situation and did not want to disturb her. My aunt responded that obviously you were not able to handle it, isn’t that correct, she asked.

Yes mam, Val responded, very well then what do you think we should do about this Val, my aunt asked. I should be soundly thrashed mam for my error.

Very well then, my aunt said, shall we proceed?

Part 3

Val, a more mature women in her late 40’s prim and proper type pleasantly plump seemed out of place to be on the receiving end but was quick to submit to my aunt. As she handed the razor strap to my aunt and raised her skirt without question then lowering her panties exposing her abundant backside my state of arousal reached new heights.

A pale full round backside of a mature woman so nicely displayed for a thrashing. My aunt did not spare Val either in fact it appeared as if she wanted to make a point of breaking her, but Val took her discipline as a champ gritting her teeth with each stroke but holding her position without any attempt to move or cover up.

Receiving a good sound 50 + strokes Val’s butt was covered a bright red almost crimson in color. As she got up she faced my aunt Rita thanking her for disciplining her as she deserved. My aunt smiled telling her to be sure it is not necessary again, yes mam Val replied, now go see to the children, yes mam.

Part 4

My first spanking came about later that week. I was playing soft ball, the game went into extra innings, it began to rain. I got back late, I was soaked and dirty, and my aunt was very upset. She had me take a bath and then Val would warm up some supper for me.

After my bath and while I was eating my aunt sat at the opposite end of the table. She began to reprimand me about being late and the condition I was in when I finally did get home. I apologized; I was not used to being reprimanded like this. She said that she knows that I was never spanked by my parents but that I would receive my first taste of her strap for my misbehavior.

I had a pretty good idea what was to happen to me after witnessing the previous spankings I saw dished out. I was both nervous and excited at the same time.

Since this is to be your first spanking I want everyone to witness your punishment, in this house it is not uncommon to be disciplined in front of the others to make an example of the individual and everyone in this household is subject to discipline. Even you auntie, I asked. My aunt was surprised by that tort, all of the others now assembled in the study looked in my aunts direction with a smile on their face waiting to see how my aunt might respond.

My aunt though awhile and then responded, yes even me if I were in need of discipline, I would submit myself for correction. Who would discipline you auntie, I asked. Again all smiled and looked at my aunt. Well I guess if I was in need of correction I would call upon Val to discipline me, she is well versed in administering discipline and is mature enough to take me in control. Would the others here be able to witness your punishment auntie, I asked.

Having enough of my questions, my aunt said let us not be concerned about any correction I may or may not receive for now you are the one to get punished.

My aunt turned to my cousin Sue and told her to fetch the razor strap as my aunt informed me that I would be spanked both by her and by Val, she wanted me to know that I would be subject to discipline at Val’s hands any time she felt I was in need.

As the time was getting near I was really beginning to get scared although I wanted it to happen and I really had no choice. When my aunt advised me to lower my pants I instinctively began to plead for my modesty. Some found that humorous as my aunt informed me that all discipline is administered on the bare buttocks.

I slowly began to unfasten my pants feeling very self conscious as I knew all of the eyes were soon going to be on my bared exposure.

I let my pants fall to my ankles and the under pants my aunt demanded I lowered my head and pulled my under pants down over the table young man, my aunt ordered.

Val you may begin my aunt handing her the strap.

Val leaned over stay put boy or I will have to give you more, I will try Val I replied.

Whack, whack, whack the strokes began to rain on my butt, wow I never expected it to sting so much. I thought back to the spankings I had witnessed how did they take it holding still I thought.

Whack, whack, whack I tried to stay put and not cry out but it stung so much by the 12th. Stroke I stood up and covered. You have earned an extra 5 strokes my aunt informed me you must learn to take your punishment without moving or covering up.

Whack, whack, whack the strapping went on by about 20 strokes I was yelping out loud with no end in sight.

Whack, whack, whack by 30 stokes I was pleading for Val to stop. Whack, whack I had received 35 strokes and Val stopped, I thought it was over, but I had forgotten about my aunt taking her turn.

Now it is my turn, my aunt informed me. Oh no I replied as she took the strap from Val.

Still bent over my butt very red and stinging my aunt took up her position.

Whack, whack, whack if Val’s strapping hurt, my aunt’s hurt that much more I began crying as I receive 40 and then 45 strokes.

A slight pause as my aunt advised me that I was now about to receive the additional 5 strokes for moving out of place and covering up. With that she laid on the hardest strokes yet having me yell out howling with each stroke.

Finally over my aunt said now let that be a lesson to all of you.

My first and very embarrassing spanking was finally over.