Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Society 2045 - part 1

It was the year 2045 nine years after the destruction of most of the world. A group of survivors, all of who were young when the destruction occurred ran into two older people a man and a woman perhaps in their early 30’s.

The younger ones, now late teens early 20’s had no sexual experience whatsoever. The two older people knew how to read were aware of much of the previous life existence prior to the disaster, so they became the leaders of this new society.

They found a mostly undisturbed lab with self generation for power and lived with almost all of the amenities of the previous existence.

The younger kids looked up to the two older ones as their authority figure and the older ones used that to exploit the younger ones sexually and with their own desires.

So it was that a society was established whereby those disobeying the rules would receive corporal punishment at a designated time and place for all to assemble and observe.

Not knowing any better and wanting to be able to exist in this society all of the children agreed to abide by the rules and submit to the consequences of corporal punishment if they broke the rules.

Tom the older man wanted to demonstrate how discipline was administered using his lady friend Kim a lady of Asian descent to submit to punishment that he claimed she was deserving of.

Kim was made to stand before Tom as Tom told her of the reasons she was to be disciplined and the means of punishment and the number of strokes, Kim bowed to Tom after his pronouncement and thank him for caring enough to properly discipline her.

Kim then began to completely disrobe before all of the kids who watched with great interest.

Once totally naked in the circle of the group Kim was instructed to slowly turn around with her hands at her side so that all members of the groups could view her total exposure and submission.

A puma horse was brought to the center of the circle and Kim placed herself over it so that her feet were off the ground holding on the hand rails with her hands she was positioned with her bottom sticking up, a perfect position to receive punishment on her backside.

Tom got up from his chair walked over to retrieve a razor strap that he used for punishment referring to it as the administrative strap. He flicked it into the palm of his hands showing it to all those assembled in the circle.

Kim will receive 40 strokes today, the strokes will be administered in 10 second intervals, Kim will not attempt to move out of position or cover up and she will use no foul language, should she disobey the spanking requirements strokes will be added to her punishment. Tom pointed to one of the girls and asked her to count out the strokes as they were administered and advised Kim to thank Tom after each stroke.

And so Tom took up his position behind Kim asking her if she was ready, yes sir, she replied again thanking him for punishing her.

Tom raised the razor strop and brought it down dead center to her bare upturned buttocks creating a red blush across her entire butt. One counted the girl – thank you replied Kim.

Ten seconds later the second stroke was administered and so it was that the society of the year 2045 observed their first discipline session.

Kim took the first 25 stokes very well, but then with each added stroke she would yelp and you could see her strain to thank Tom but she was able to restrain herself and take all allotted 40 strokes without requiring any additional strokes.

By the time Kim was permitted to rise she did have tears in her eyes, bowed to Tom thanking him again for spanking her she slowly turned around for all to observe her well punished backside and then told the group that this is what can be expected if they did not follow the rules. She advised the kids that punishment day was Friday at 12 noon each would carry a demerit book and each demerit would be equal to a stroke.

Chapter 2

Alex and Lou, two of the younger ones amongst the group Lou at 21 and Alex at 18 became inseparable Alex very shy choose not to participate in the array of sexual activities that the older ones were demonstrating and teaching to the others.

Lou choose to abstain with Alex for his only interest was her welfare.

Tom and Kim, the leaders took exception to our exclusion from the sexual activities and began to pick on us, particularly Alex. Tom gave Alex a substantial amount of demerits knowing in this way he would get to see her nude and thrashed.

On the next Friday at noon I offered Kim my butt in exchange for Alex’s she was to get 50 strokes, Kim spoke with Tom who said he would not let Alex off entirely but would give her only half and I would receive a full 50 strokes from Kim.

I had no option but to accept and I told Alex I thought it better for me to get whopped first so that she would be in the center of the group for a shorter period of time after her exposure and strapping, she hugged and kissed me telling me she would be so embarrassed and scared, I told her to be brave.

Kim seemed to be salivating at the opportunity to give me a strapping I figured to taunt her I would try not to make any sound or move.

She ordered me stripped and I assumed the position, she began to thrash my backside and I just stayed in that bent over position not moving or even grunting, she was determined to make me yell out so she hit me harder. By about 35 strokes it was really stinging, but I bit my lip and held my position until frustrated Kim applied the full 50 strokes to my bare upturned butt.

She then had me turn around totally bared for a few minutes for all to observe me, she was really trying to embarrass me, but my concern was more for Alex’s modesty. This was the first time Alex had seen me nude too and as I looked in her direction she could hardly look at me.

Alex was then brought to the center of the ring of our society all gathered around in the circle as Alex began to weep as she undressed totally for all to observe her beauty and charms. You could even hear the ohhhhhhh’s and ahhhhhh’s from the men as her assets were revealed in their entire splendor. I too was in awe of her charms and could not stop looking at her although I knew it would embarrass her.

Bent over the Puma horse Alex’s bottom presented quite a target. Tom took his time in administering the strokes and even paused a few times to rub and even fondled a bit, Alex just whimpered as he did so, shivering from his touch.

Finally after she received the 25 strokes she too had to display herself to the crowd of onlookers’ red faced and red bottomed until finally I was permitted to cover her up and comfort her alone.

Part 3

I take Alex back to our room where I comfort her mostly from the humiliation, I tell you that you need not be so embarrassed you are so beautiful and the others are now just envious of your beauty.

With tears in your eyes you look up to me reach for me and kiss me, I so adore your kisses.

I ask you if you want me to apply ointment, you smile, kiss me again and roll over. I take out some ointment and ask you if I can lift up the bottom of your covering, please you say.

Although I had seen you nude while getting your thrashing to be so close to you and rub your bottom was really very stimulating to me.

As I began to rub your bottom you begin to moan and wiggle parting your legs giving me the impression that you want me to rub and fondle you in your most intimate places.

With great respect and love for you I want to be sure it is ok for me to touch you there before I do so.

Alex would you like me to rub you there, yes oh yes please you say, with an inward smile and a strain in my pants I gladly accommodate your wishes as my hand begins to run down the crack of your backside slowly, you moan again and the more you moan the more aroused I get too as my fingers now find their way between your legs, you part them wider for me as I fondle you most sensitive parts and admire your exposed beauty.

As I move my fingers up your vagina you surprise me by asking me to spank your bottom, to be sure I question you knowing you had just gotten a strapping. Are you sure Alex that you want me to spank you, yes Lou spank me erotically I trust you.

And so it began that Lou and Alex became not only intimate but established a spanking relationship, stay tuned.

Part 4

The next Friday rolled around and both Alex and I went to the noon assembly to watch some of the other members of the society receive their punishments in the same manor Alex and I got ours the week before.

As a young lady then a young man were stripped, prepared, displayed and then spank, Alex looked at me with a smile on her face, I grew to know that smile meant she was turned on and wanted to go back to our hut after the public spankings were finished for me to give Alex a private spanking preceding our love making session.

We went back to our hut and I began to tell Alex how naughty she is getting and she agreed though when I told her to raise her skirt and take down her panties she began to tease, I told her not to make me run after her, but she just teased that much more.

I cornered Alex letting her know that now she was going to get it good. As I began to lift her skirt up and pull down her panties she only fought me half heartedly and rapidly I had Alex over my lap with that fabulous bottom bared.

As I smacked with my hand and felt the smoothness of her bottom and as the heat began to rise I paused to rub and fondle, Alex again began to moan as soon as my fingers found her crack.

The moisture between Alex’s legs rapidly crystallized sending out a glowing invitation for more and greater attention.

Alex’s request is my desire as I fondled her more rapidly and with greater intensity. With the moans increasing and getting louder and faster I knew I had Alex close to a climax.

As she climaxed for the first time I soothed her in her recovery by rubbing her bottom and asking if she enjoyed that.

As she returned to a more normal state I began to spank her again with my hand once again arousing her to climax, but this time laying her on her back raising her legs and doing so with my tongue between her legs.

Now so aroused myself I almost ripe my pants off to let Alex’s toy find its freedom and way toward Alex’s cookie.

With the tip of Alex’s toy saying hello to Alex’s cookie I let my weight slowly press down on her as I slip so nicely into her warm moist home for her toy.

Slowly up and down with arms around her and lips locked coming up only for air we hold each other in a tight embrace as we cum together in a wonderful blissful moment of erotic pleasure.

Part 5

It was now our routine for Alex and I to play spank each other as a form of foreplay and I would think up different concepts of role play to employ.

Alex began to pick up the concept rapidly when she came in from outside I said Alex I received a call from your teacher, he tells me you were caught smoking in the girls room, what do you have to say for yourself.

Alex just hung her head saying sorry. You know what this means don’t you, no Lou, it means Alex is going to have a red bottom tonight, no Lou please, Alex you know you deserve it now lets enjoy our dinner then after you finish with the dishes I want you to fetch the strap and come to me, yes Lou, you say.

I can tell you are a bit nervous during dinner, I smile at you, don’t be nervous sweetie it won’t be a real hard spanking but you know I really have an adversity to your smoking.

Yes Lou, you say – besides, I say with a smile, you know that we both enjoy the making up part, you smile nervously.

I go to the den, turn on the TV set I can hear you cleaning up and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, seems that you are taking your time, I smile knowing that you are stalling, but that eventually you will realize that you must come to me fetch the strap and take your licking.

As you come to me with the strap I place it to the side come honey sit on my lap, as you do and I put my arm around you kissing your cheek caressing your hair I say I hope you won’t smoke anymore sweetie for your own good, your health ok – I will try Lou you say. That’s my good girl.

Ok baby girl lets get that bottom bared, you begin to pull down your pants, take them off sweetie I don’t think you will want to wear them for the rest of the night, you blush a little at those words.

I admire you clad in your panties blouse too hon, I say. I want you totally nude for me.

You have been nude for me many times but are always a little shy especially when you know you are to be spanked.

I lean back and watch as you strip for me enjoying the view knowing it makes you feel a bit ill at ease, a little humiliation in a spanking setting is always good.

Once you are totally naked you turn and look at me, I smile come baby girl, you come over to me, I take you hand and help you over my lap. I immediately place my hand on your butt rubbing, so Alex tell me are you going to stop smoking whack, oh yes Lou I will try, whack, try Alex you have to do better than try whack, eh yes I will, whack you will what, I will try whack I said you must tell me you will stop whack, I don’t want to lie Lou whack, whack, whack, oweeeeeee so you are telling me you won’t stop, whack no I ah whack, what was that Alex eeeeeeeeeee please Lou whack I can’t think whack, whack, whack how are you buns baby girl they hurt oh sweetie let me rub.

As I rub I fondle and you love that feeling I continue until the moisture is apparent and you begin to moan then I tell you it is time for the strap. No Lou, oh you want me to rub some more, yea you say ok a bit more but then you know you must get the strap ok, yes Lou you say.

I continue to fondle until I get you off. I love your moaning and wiggling as you go into a world of ecstasy.

I caress your hair and your backside until you calm down and return your composure ok Alex up you go for your strapping.

Lou do we have to you plead again, I smile bend over the arm of the couch you know you will love what comes after, you smile and assume the position.

Not too hard Lou, you say looking over your shoulder, I smile saying stick it out, you elevate your butt for me I rub you know I love your butt Alex, you look over your shoulder thank you Lou, I lean over and kiss it.

Then I raise the strap and apply modestly you yelp, I smile I apply again yelp, again yelp, come now Alex as I rub I am applying softly it doesn’t hurt that much.

No Lou know you like the yelping I move to the front stand please you do I put my hand on your cookie I like doing this too, do you ah ha you say smiling.

I begin to fondle your breasts and then lick with the tip of my tongue as your nipples become erect I reach over to your backside and begin applying some soft strokes mmmmmmmmmm you begin to moan, like that honey, oh yes you say.

Now advancing to your emotions I begin to kiss your lips, your breasts and down to your belly and cookie while either smacking or strapping your butt.

Ready for your toy hon, I ask. Oh yes Lou please, you say.

I stop and begin to undo my pants, you begin to help me.

We almost tear my clothing off as you help to strip me naked before you.

Your toy fully erect and throbbing from excitement is yours for the taking.

Your soft touch is almost enough to set it off as you guide it to the entrance of your cookie. Just the touch excites me as I slowly lean you down and mount you with passionate desire.

Slowly I enter your paradise of warmth and moisture, you close your eyes as my mouth finds yours and my hands are upon your breasts as your toy begins going in and out of its self made home.

Tightening our grips of each other we hold on tight for the ride a ride that will bring us to climax together in a wonderful blissful moment.

Part 6

This day knowing that Alex is under the weather not feeling well that time for her on top of the fact her back has been bothering her, I make a point for her not to exert herself. Alex agrees she will take it easy, I run out to pick up some groceries for the hut but upon returning discover Alex stretching out fooling around with the curtains.

What are you doing Alex you are to be resting your back stretching like that is about the worst thing you could do. I know Lou, you say, but it has to be done and you know me. Yes Alex I know you, but you promised me you would relax and as I know you, you know me, what happens if Alex tells Lou something and then doesn’t do it.

Oh no Lou please not another spanking, yes another spanking Alex we will continue to do it until we get it right. Ok you say teasing, trying to use your charms this time to get out of a spanking although I know we both secretly enjoy it.

I go over to you, help you down from the stool you were standing on, perhaps this stool will be something good for you to bend over you look at me with that sheepish smile. I sit on the stool first and begin to undo your slacks with your slacks down around your ankles making it difficult for you to walk I bend you over, you are wearing peach colored panties with frills nice silk ones I run my hand over your butt.

Alex like that feeling, you know I do Lou, you say looking over at me with a smile. Shall we warm it up – ok you say perky

Whack, whack, whack I smack you over the panties, I begin rubbing again as much as I like the feel of your bottom enclad in these panties Alex I much more adore your bare bottom exposed. I pull down the panties to your ankles to join your slacks.

I run my finger down the crack of your backside having you moan from my touch, you like that hon, you moan oh yes well we will get back to this whack, whack, whack now is time for your spanking.

Ok Lou and you arch up knowing this is mostly a romantic prelude, I pause and say I think you should take the shoes, pants and panties off, you know why so as to be able to part your legs for greater attention to the most intimate of parts.

You stand up take off your shoes, slacks and panties and turn to me and now as beautiful as you are of course I am aroused but those abundant breasts of yours need to have their freedom as well so I tell you to take off your blouse and bra.

With an almost stripper action you open your blouse and then take off your bra and if I was aroused before from your exposure the freedom of your breasts presented to me in all their glory has my old man throbbing to attention.

You know what you do to me and just stand there in your birthday suit with nothing on but a smile swaying back and forth tormenting me for your toy to find the freedom you are now revealing to me.

Knowing that if you were to get over my knee the rubbing against my swollen member would put you in control, you ask if you should lay across my lap, knowing your games I say no bend over hands on the stool.

You know you were outwitted in that round but bend over and wiggle your bottom seductively, I immediately give you a swat and rub and fondle taking your mind off the teasing as I run my finger down the crack of your backside, between your legs and then reach up to that sweet vaginal area of yours, as I return using the same path the moisture gives you away and now your mind is less on the teasing but more on the enjoyment of the feeling of arousal.

With a few more spanks to prepare the area I pick you up and carry you to the bedroom where I lay you down on the bedspread. You are so beautiful so nice and pink and naked against the back drop of the dark bed spread, still a bit modest you keep your legs closed.

I smile as I undress before you and once fully undressed with my manhood bobbing and knowing how you enjoy that rear view with my legs spread so that the shaft and balls of your toy are on display to you, I turn bend over and hold the position with the excuse of picking up my clothing. Knowing you so enjoy that view I don’t get up, but look over my shoulder to see your reaction, you have a big grin on from ear to ear with a noticeable blush on your face.

Ready hon, I ask, oh yes you say, I get up turn and approach the bed and immediately grab your ankles to part your legs foe me, you place your hands over your belly in a manor of protection yet openness for me to take you.

I lower my head so that my mouth and tongue can tease your vaginal lips and then I move over you straddling you so that the head of your toy is now tickling your lovely lips.

You place your hands on my lower back pushing down so that I enter you, as I do so I feel your warmth and moisture and then the muscles of your vaginal opening closing in on me creating friction that is a feeling that can’t be described.

Leaning forward my mouth attacks first you left breast and then your right getting your nipples at attention as my mouth moves to yours and our two eager tongues attack each other.

Slowly and softly at first we move together up and down and in and out with the pace gradually increasing with each stroke, grabbing each other tighter holding on for dear life we arch and cum together in a most wonderful manor described only as paradise.

Together we lay on her sides holding and cuddling and hugging and kissing as we look at each other lovingly into each others eyes.

Part 7

On this day Alex knows she was naughty and knows that when I get home she will most probably get spanked, she is right about that.

So when she hears me coming toward the house you rush to jump into the shower figuring that if I see you are in the shower I will jump in with you, we would fool around and I would forget about the spanking you have coming.

I have your antics down to a science, yes seeing you in the shower does drive me wild and I get all undressed and jump in with you, we rub, we kiss, we fondle but then as we are to get out, I pull a fast one on you.

With your bottom still well I quickly bend you over my knee and begin to spank your wet bare bottom, the wetness adds to the sting.

After a good round of spanks with your bottom nice and pink I tell you that you thought you were going to use the shower to make me forget about your spanking didn’t you.

You smile knowing you were caught, and begin to rub your bottom that hurt Lou you say pouting come sweetie let me make it all better, I take your hand escort you to the bed lay you on your belly, take out the lotions and oils and begin to rub.

How does that feel honey mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is your response I will take that for good.

From the rubbing and application of the lotions and oils I progress to the fondling. I love to run my finger down your crack and between your legs and up your vagina and I know how that arouses you.

Already naked myself I don’t have to worry about getting undressed, but so aroused from our shower together and your arousing exposure and the spanking I just gave you and the fondling I am ready to go and from the moisture you released while I was fondling you, it seems that you are also ready.

This time a bit different lets use the rear entry so I position you on the bed on your knees, head down onto the mattress knees apart oh wow what a view and how enticing it is.

I move up close to your tickle your opening with the head of your toy as I slowly enter you nice and easy and loving.

Your breasts hanging down so invitingly I reach to them and fondle as I ride you getting your lovely nipples to full erection as we get close to climaxing together.

I love the feel of my belly bumping up against your back and backside and my manhood tickling your inner thighs as I thrust forward.

Together we reach that point hold on tight and collapse onto of you.

As we roll over facing each other holding and caress, kissing and hugging, we fall into a most restful and peaceful sleep.

Chapter 8

Alex was using the concept of not feeling well today in hopes of saving her backside, another game she plays.

I take out the rectal thermometer and the jar of Vaseline – Alex sees what I am doing, oh no she thinks to herself what have I gotten myself into this time.

Trying to resist my taking of her temperature and opening her mouth in hopes I would take her temperature there, you know better Alex lay on your belly.

Knowing better than to resist, Alex lays on the bed, this is so embarrassing Lou, she says, yes my sweet I know now let me raise your skirt and pull your panties down, mmmmmmmmm there is that sweet backside I love.

Unscrewing the jar and sticking the tip of the thermometer into it I part your cheeks, you just hold your position, no matter how many times I do this to you, you are still embarrassed.

Knowing that you get embarrassed by taking your temperature I also know that you get even more embarrassed if I were to give you an enema, I tell you that if you don’t have any temperature then you are to get a cleansing enema, oh no Lou please not an enema you plead.

I just smile with one hand on one cheek of your bottom and the other on the thermometer to apply a little pressure so you can feel it.

We wait the 3 minutes ok ready to check as I pull it out and wipe the tip with a tissue, lets see hmmmmmmmmmm looks normal 98.6 Alex stand up no don’t bother to pull up your panties in fact I want you naked you know what you have coming.

Pleading again as you undress for me I prepare the enema bag I do so slowly letting the water in the bathroom run so I can have it at the right temperature. I bring out the stand to hold the bag as you continue to undress but still plead with me not to give you the enema, I just smile telling you that you know the consequences of being naughty.

Once totally nude I have you stand before me as I always do to admire your beautiful charms, no matter how many times I have seen you nude before me I love to look at you.

As is always the case as I look at you, you still blush from embarrassment I love to make you blush, and you know it.

I take a few pillows from the head of the bed stack them on top of each other, I get a bath towel to put over the pillows, Alex on your knees belly over the pillows, yes Lou you say.

I go into the bathroom carrying the enema bag, fill it with warm water and return with the hose and nozzle to the bedroom.

You look over your shoulder thinking to yourself oh my G-d as I attach the bag to the stand, you know what it feels like, you are just hoping now that after I fill you with the enema bag that I will let you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself before you get your spanking.

Knowing you like a book I tease you about that but in reality I want you to enjoy your spanking as I do giving it to you, so I will let you to be comfortable.

I take the nozzle of the enema and put some Vaseline on it you peek over your shoulder knowing only too well what is coming.

I spread the cheeks to your bottom once again, of course the nozzle to the enema bag is much thicker than the thermometer.

Once in place I touch the nozzle with my hand moving it in circles a little so you can feel it, ready honey, I ask. Yes Lou you respond, I smile as I open the flow.

The initial flow draws an ohhhhhhh from you as you begin to fill up, enough Lou oh wow please no more. Again I smile as I let a bit more enter you before I shut off the flow.

Looking over your shoulder you plead with me to let you now relieve yourself. In a moment honey, I say as I pull the nozzle out take some Vaseline on my finger and run it down the crack of your behind. Getting the verbal response I was looking for I tell you that you can go to the bathroom.

You jump up and scurry rapidly over to the bathroom. Don’t be long my lovely I want you in your spanking position now.

You appear shortly looking so wonderful come to me my love I say with open arms, we both love this part where we hug and kiss before you get your spanking.

You know I am going to spank you because I love you and always want to keep you a good girl as you are – I know Lou you say puttying your hands on either side of my face giving me a wonderful juicy kiss.

Now then Alex ask me to give you a good sound spanking as you deserve – Please Lou spank me now as I deserve you say taking up position over the pillows as before.

I begin rubbing your bottom, you wiggle as I do so and then part your legs I fondle you moan I smack you moan I rub you moan I fondle again you moan I spank.

Now nice and pink and warm I love the look and feel, I press my facial cheek against your neither cheeks the warmth is wonderful, I kiss your bare bottom and begin to fondle you from the crack of your backside down between your legs and up your vagina.

You are so nice and moist already I can’t resist much longer taking you, mounting you, making love to you. I open my pants, take them down, step out of them.

I want to feel your skin against mine all over so I get completely naked. I lay over you still on your knees, you can feel the head of your toy pressing up against your butt, it is hard, erect, throbbing, it wants the warmth of its home inside your vaginal opening.

But I also want to tickle your rear fancy as well so I stick it into both of the awaiting entry holes you offered so seductively to me from the rear. As I enter you the moans and groans are a wonderful turn on to me, but this day I want to take you in the traditional way and to play with and fondle and suck those magnificent breasts of yours.

I turn you over you spread your legs for me I admire you beauty as I place my manhood against your vagina you reach down wrap you soft dainty hand around my shaft as you guide it in.

Oh the feeling is so wonderful I wrap my hands around your ribs holding you so tight I feel your erect nipples against my chest, you always tell me that the hair on my chest makes you nipples feel good so I am sure to move up and down a little so that your nipples feel the contact.

Holding on tight we slowly move in and out, up and down and explode together in a lustful feeling of bliss.

Chapter 9

Discovering that Alex was using the not feeling well ploy once too often and also knowing how careless Alex can be especially when she is not feeling well due to her monthly or her back or even when doing something around the house like using the sewing machine, I decided to employ some help to both assist Alex around the house and also keep an eye on her so that she doesn’t end up hurting herself.

The lady who was perfect for the job was Nurse Betty a rather large strong German woman who was not only capable of handling all of the chores in the household but was also well versed in administering discipline to both a naughty male or female bottom.

I told Nurse Betty that she came highly recommended and that she had a free hand in administering discipline to Alex when she needed it even when I was not around, but I told her that if at all possible I would prefer for her to wait to spank Alex when I got home, she understood.

I also told Nurse Betty that humiliation and embarrassment always works well with Alex especially when insertions are used in her butt, Nurse Betty smiled and told me that she knew exactly how to administer that type of humiliation.

Nurse Betty looked at me knowing I had something else on my mind, I was finding it difficult to tell this to Nurse Betty, she asked and you sir, me what I asked. Am I to tend to you as well sir, she asked. Yes of course Miss Betty I replied. She said in the same manner you describe for Alex, yes of course I said what I would expect Alex to submit to so shall I, she smiled very well sir.

Shortly after our discussion my sweet Alex arrived, it was obvious she most likely just finished smoking a cigarette; you could smell it on her clothing. Nurse Betty opened the door to the front of the house and there on the floor was a cigarette half put out half still burning and the smell of the smoke was readily apparent.

Nurse Betty picked up the cigarette brought it into the house and confronted Alex with it, is this yours yes so what replied Alex, were you smoking Alex yes of course, well Lou does not want you smoking, well are you to be a tattle tail asked Alex well only if Lou asks why I am disciplining you.

Disciplining me, are you crazy said Alex, you work for me. Yes my dear replied Nurse Betty I do, but I also work for Lou and he authorized me to punish you and humiliate you as I see fit should you require discipline and I think smoking is a major offense in his book.

Oh he did give you that authorization did he, we shall see about that, I don’t think so Alex as it is you have earned 25 strokes with the razor strap want to add another 10.

Alex attempt to go to see Lou cost her another 10 swats, knowing that what Nurse Betty was telling her was most likely true and knowing that if she did not comply and submit it would only mean more strokes Alex decided to submit.

Once positioned over some pillows over the bed with a towel over the pillows Alex was looking around to see what Nurse Betty was up to. She noticed her coming back with a jar of Vaseline and a rectal thermometer, oh no you don’t Alex said getting up from her spanking position.

Resume your position this instances or I shall add another 10 strokes, Nurse Betty advised. No I will not Alex said you will not take my temperature that way besides I don’t have any temperature.

The rectal thermometer and the enema you are to get, the enema Alex exclaimed, you are out of your mind, ok Nurse Betty said that is 10 more you are now up to 45 want to make it 60.

Lou Alex screams out, bad mistake Alex Lou will have you restrained, no oh no please don’t let him, sorry Alex you dug your own grave.

I come in what is going on, Nurse Betty begins to tell me as Alex runs up to me hugs and kisses me and begins to tell me that Nurse Betty wants to spank her and humiliate her with you blush an enema.

Yes Alex I authorized her to do so, no Lou come on please it is bad enough when you know you do it but a stranger, someone who works for me.

Alex, I say you will take what is coming to you now or I will be forced to restrain you, no you say jumping on the bed off the other side running toward the door but just as you get there Nurse Betty puts a vice grip on you, going somewhere young lady she smirks.

Get the restraints, I advise Nurse Betty – she comes back with these large cargo belts used to secure things on the roof of a car she had 2 of them and she also had padded cuffs for Alex’s wrists. As I hold Alex from her arms Nurse Betty begins to undress her. Once naked Alex is placed on the bed over the pillows which is still covered by a bath towel.

One cargo belt is placed right around Alex’s kidney area under the bed and secured, the other is secured around her mid thighs. The cuffs are put on Alex’s wrists and pulled forward and attached to the head board. In this position Alex now has her arms up in front of her secured and has little movement while her bottom is sticking up in the perfect spanking position.

I move over to you, you raise your head please Lou you plead you do it, don’t let her play with my rosebud like that, I smile lean over kiss your head, you will enjoy honey, you know you always do.

You lower your head and Nurse Betty is there with the rectal thermometer I part your bottom cheeks as you feel it inserted into your anus, you squirm a little, I rub your bottom as your temp is being taken, a good 3 minutes we wait, then Nurse Betty takes it out and checks and pronounces happily, no temperature. I told you, you say, whack I smack you with my hand on your bottom, be nice Alex I say.

Shall I cleanse her Lou, Nurse Betty asks, by all means, you can use the turkey baster, oh ok she says. Be sure the water is luke warm, yes Lou, Nurse Betty says.

I start rubbing your head telling you that I am making it easier on your not using the enema bag, thank you Lou, you say. I tell you how magnificient you look, thank you Lou, you say.

Nurse Betty returns with the turkey baster full of nice warm water she primes the tip with some vasoline as I part your cheeks once again, she inserts and then squeezes the ball – ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you respond as the turkey baster is emptied into you. How you doing honey I ask, ok Lou am I going to get spanked with it in me, yes hon it isn’t that much you can hold it.

Oh Lou please can you have her begin then and ask her to give it to me fast so I can relieve myself, sure hon, I turn to Nurse Betty you may begin.

She picks up the razor strap and proceeds to whack you moderately on the center of your beautiful butt. Within 5 strokes your entire butt is nice and pink I raise my hand and rub ok baby girl, yes Lou please hurry.

Ok Nurse Betty proceed and another 5 I rub again, once all of the strokes have been administered we release you from your restraints, you get up, hug me and kiss me and then ask permission to go to the bathroom, I tell you it is ok.

Chapter 10

Alex has learned of Nurse Betty’s authority and has become very obedient to both Nurse Betty and me, but when Nurse Betty is not around, Alex would tend to tease and play knowing I would give her the romantic attention we both crave.

It was a Thursday night Alex was exceptionally horny this day and from the time I came home she began to tease and taunt me. Alex you are going to get it, I would warn, promise you would tease, oh yes.

With this toying going on a few times you then respond so what are you waiting for, your butt is mine little girl, catch me if you can you tease as you run away.

Not able to catch you I corner you, no Lou I was only teasing you respond laughing as I grab you I can’t help but hug you and kiss you.

I reach down under your knees and pick you up carrying you over to our bed, no Lou lets make love don’t spank me you say, I will make love to you Alex no doubt but your cute little backside will get the attention you have been asking for first.

You begin kissing me on the lips as I am carrying you over to the bed trying to get me aroused to the point where I might forget about the spanking and just take you, but I am smart to your ploys.

I sit you down in the center of the bed and take your hands in mine, Alex you know better than to argue with me when I feel you are deserving of a spanking, now I plan on giving you a nice erotic spanking so I want you to fully submit to me.

Let’s get you undressed as I begin to help you opening your blouse you look up at me and smile as I am opening your blouse still trying to talk me out of the spanking.

With your blouse off clad only in your bra above your waist the cleavage from your magnificent breasts always drives me wild, you know it, you smile at me as I admire your beauty.

Saving the full exposure of your breasts for later I unzip your skirt and help you take it off.

Now clad only in bra and panties you are a sight for sore eyes. I love the touch of my chest against your bare chest so I take my shirt off, by now you know me and know how I love to rub my chest against your bare chest as I am taking my shirt off, you unhook your bra.

With the bra loose you take it off and your breasts bounce forward in all their splendor. You are so beautiful to me and you know it just smiling as I pull you close to me so that your erect nipples can run over my chest.

Moving up and down for the friction on your nipples with our lips locked I am already so aroused that I fear you might win out and get away without me getting to spank you.

I persevere and turn you over my lap you still struggling a little I lock one leg over your two, you know now that you can’t get away so you settle down and stop struggling.

I am rubbing your wonderful bare backside now and ask you if you are finished struggling and if you are ready to take your spanking like a big girl.

Yes Lou you say and I say ok baby girl here we go and I begin with modest smacks to the center part of your behind and the move down to the sit spot and spank up a few to each location and moving around in circles until your backside is nice and pink and warm.

Ok Lou enough you say I am so hot, we have just begun honey stick it out for me you do and I spank a bit harder until you are squirming for real.

With your bottom nice and red and warm now I have you part your legs for me, you love this part as I do. I begin to run my finger up and down the crack of your bottom sticking a finger in to tickle your rosebud, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is your response, just the response I am looking for.

From anal play I move between your legs, by this time you are so aroused that you loose all of your modesty and spread your legs nice and wide for me to admire and fondle as I please.

As I am fondling you the moisture is readily apparent as you moan and groan so erotically.

I too am so aroused I feel like I could pop any second but in viewing your open mound and feeling your moisture I feel that I can get you off easily with my tongue, I lean over licking your clit and in a short time frame you obviously climax to our mutual satisfaction.

Turning you over once recuperated, I mount you and slowly lower the head of your love toy into you feeling the lust of your loins, the warmth and contractions of your vaginal muscle.

Holding each other tightly and rocking in one motion we both climax together in each others arms in a lustful bliss.

Chapter 11

I love the way you walk around the house scantly clad in only your thong and a skimpy top or perhaps just a large t-shirt, but I have warned you on more than one occasion to be sure nobody else is around.

I got a phone call from the cleaning lady telling me that I should speak to you because you were walking around the house scantly clad while the gardeners were outside working on the grounds and they can easily see you.

My concerns primarily are that I don’t want these guys getting the wrong idea and maybe even trying to attack you.

When I get home it is my plan to tan your hide to teach you a good lesson and to threaten you that next time I hear you are prancing around the house scantly clad like that with the workers around the house I will bare your bottom by a window and spank you so they can see you getting it.

I come home and tell you what the cleaning lady told me, you certainly don’t want your butt bared for the gardeners to see and you know I am serious so you say sorry, hug me and kiss me move over to the couch lower you thong, step out of it and tell me please spank me as I deserve, I know I have been a naughty girl and I am sorry.

You know that by using that approach you make me melt, I move toward you unfastening my belt as I approach you, as I come up behind you I begin to rub your behind telling you how much I love you and that I only want to protect you and keep you safe.

I know Lou you say as you stick your butt out further. I double over the belt place it across your butt and tell you to hold still, yes Lou you say.

I raise the belt and smack a red line appears and an ohhhhhhhh escapes your lips.

Hurt honey, I ask yes Lou but its ok, whack ouch, let me rub, thanks hon, you say.

Whack, whack, whack oh, ah, eh – rubbing again I see that your butt is already streaked I sit down on the couch and pull you over my lap and finish spanking you with my hand now that your bottom is tenderized.

Knowing that I was upset with your actions you begin to cry softly not because the spanking is severe but because you know that I was really upset with you. As soon as you cry you know it breaks my heart, I stopped spanking you and take you in my arms, your head on my shoulder crying into my chest.

I raise your head, wipe the tears from your eyes, kiss you lips and tell you how much I love you. I’m sorry Lou you say, I won’t do it again, you kiss me most passionately, I kiss you back and take you to bed where upon we make wonderful love.

Chapter 12

It is a Saturday night and I have a great evening planed I call you from the office and tell you to get dressed for a nice fancy night out, I send you flowers before I get home, you smile knowing this night is going to be wonderful.

As I get home you have just gotten out of the shower drying your hair, I kiss you and tell you that I know of this quaint little Italian restaurant where the atmosphere is very romantic with candle light and soft music and their food is outstanding.

We get all dolled up and enjoy a great dinner, wine, food and conversation.

As we get to desert and coffee I begin to tell you what I have planned for you when we get home.

I begin to tell you that I am going to strip you nude and kiss, fondle and lick every inch of your body and that I am going to give you a very erotic spanking with anal play and lots of intimate touching and that I want you to open yourself up to me shamelessly and let me play to my hearts content.

You smile having a good idea what I have planned for you and wanting it, but still it is your nature to be embarrassed by the very though of what you want and what is to come.

As I help you get undressed I talk with you about how I know you want this and you just blush and I tell you that your blushing is giving you away, you smile and kiss me figuring that the kissing will shut me up.

Once I have you totally nude, as is normally the case, you look so beautiful and I adore just admiring you like a feast before my eyes before I delve into it.

You look up wanting to cover your most intimate parts but resist and keep your hands by your side allowing me to view your beauty in all its glory.

Very much aroused before I even touched you I tell you that I have to get more comfortable, you know what I mean and you just smile.

I begin to undress before you and never forget that when I get down to just my undies to turn around for you and bend over once my bottom is bared. I part my legs so that my jewels are on full display for you and look over my shoulder with a big grin.

Your smile tells it all, I wiggle my bottom a little for you and you laugh as my jewels jiggle.

I now move up to you and begin with your toes sticking them in my mouth kissing each individually as my hands are on your ankles caressing moving up your ankles to your knees.

My lips move to your chins and my hands are on your knees moving up your thighs.

In anticipation of the touch from my hands you part your legs inviting me in, I smile knowingly.

My lips now on your inner thighs and my hands caressing your vaginal curls, you moan so softly for me.

Now as my lips meet yours I use my hand to part your lips and let my tongue delve into your.

My tongue searching out your most sensitive spot on the back of the uterine wall as I flick my tongue you squirm.

Fully aroused to climax I allow you to rest a few moments as I turn you over and have you get on all fours, head down, legs spread nicely apart.

With your anus and rear entry made available to me I am like a kid in a candy store deciding which to take first.

I decide on a little anal play with my fingers and the head of your toy before I enter your rear entry with your toy.

I hold onto your hips as I slowly enter you and apply a few smacks as we go in and out until we both climax together.

Chapter 13

I ask Nurse Betty to help me with an enjoyable evening I have planned for you.

The eve is to begin with a dinner prepared and brought in by a great chef I know we have the food served in the den on the cocktail table with Nurse Betty serving us, we have the fireplace burning and soft music playing in the background.

The wine is flowing and we begin to dance, as we do so I ask Nurse Betty to put up the Jacuzzi for us.

Nurse Betty goes upstairs puts up the Jacuzzi, places scented candle all over the room, turns off the lights and puts lots of oils and perfume into the tub.

Nurse Betty comes downstairs to let me know the Jacuzzi tub is ready, we both go up and Nurse Betty accompanies us. She helps you get undressed and get in the tub, then I get undressed and get in the tub also, she begins to sponge us down but I tell her to give me the sponge and I will do you and ask her to leave she smiles and asks if she should prepare the exam for Alex, I smile look at you and say yes, you have an idea what I have planned for you, you just smile nervously.

We bathe together and sponge each other down do lots of fondling, hugging and kissing and then I get out first and help you out and wrap a towel around you.

Once dried off I escort you to the bedroom where Nurse Betty is waiting for us she has a few pillows stacked near the end of the bed covered with a big bath towel she has a stand with an enema bag full of soapy water and yes a rectal thermometer with a jar of Vaseline.

Who shall go first, Nurse Betty asked, this surprised me, I did not plan that, but apparently you got drift of my plan and knowing I am always one to believe what is good for the goose is good for the gander, you planned for both of us to get the same treatment.

I looked at you, you smile a devilish smile at me, Alex I say, yes dear you respond, I can’t believe you too, I look at Nurse Betty, she is just grinning.

I will go first you say as you take off your towel and lay over the pillows Nurse Betty prepared for us. You part your legs so she can insert the thermometer up your butt, you do enjoy the feel and the fact that you know I am seeing you like this. Then the enema you move up on your knees a bit parting your legs some more as Nurse Betty sticks the nozzle all the way in kissing your rosebud, as she lets the flow go, you fill up fast, you are then permitted to go to the bathroom and relieve yourself.

Nurse Betty waits until you return to do me. Ms. Alex, she says shall I now do Mr. Lou, yes you smile looking at me, I take a deep breath, undo my towel and take up the position over the pillows that you previously occupied.

I can feel your warmth from the towel as I position myself and part my legs, knowing you like to see your toy hanging from behind I am sure to spread my legs nice and wide for you to enjoy.

Nurse Betty jells up the thermometer and sticks it in as she parts my anus, you smile looking on as I take the same medicine I dish out to you, but like you I enjoy being exposed and handled that way knowing you are watching.

With the temp finished it is now the enema nozzle that is inserted and I am filled up as you were and then scuttle off to the bathroom to relieve myself.

Once the two of us have had our exams Nurse Betty instructs us both to lay over the side of the bed butt to butt as she picks up the razor strap. Five each until you tell me to stop fine with me, I say, you just smile.

We stick our butts out and Nurse Betty begins to let us have it alternating between us 5 at a time.

Chapter 14

I found out that you had worked for over 5 hours in the garden, I had warned you not to over exert yourself, yet I find out when this cat is away you mouse plays.

I was very upset a discipline spanking was certainly in order.

I tell you of my decision, as usual you attempt to plead your case, but I would not hear of it.

I tell you after a hand warm up over my knee you are going to get 38 with the hair brush and 38 with the strap and I want you to count and thank me and if you should miss a count or try to cover up you will get 2 extra for each offense.

You were distraught by the sentence but knew it was fruitless to argue, can we do it now you ask me. No I reply after dinner as usual.

The waiting and anticipation was what you were trying to avoid, I knew that, just smiled to myself as you began to prepare dinner.

I sat down in the den watching TV as you were preparing dinner, every once in awhile you would look over at me and I would respond with a big grin, you would smile back but you were always a bit nervous especially when you knew you were to get a discipline spanking.

You were quiet during dinner as you normally are in anticipation of a spanking after you do the dishes, I get the big razor strap and the flat wooden hair brush and lay them down in plain sight so you can see them while cleaning up the kitchen.

As you finish your kitchen chores and wipe your hands you come into the den, sit on my lap, kiss me on my lips put your arms around my neck and say sorry Lou I didn’t mean it.

I smile up at you and say Alex you know I love you but you also know you deserve a good sound spanking, yes Lou, you respond I know.

I smile as you get up lower your pants and panties and lay across my lap.

As is always the case I immediately get aroused by your beauty and exposure as I place my hand over your beautiful butt and rub as I verbally chastise you and begin to smack your bottom with my hand.

You apologize again and wiggle a little as your bottom gets nice and warm and dark pink.

Well prepared I tell you to get up and fetch the hair brush that I left on the kitchen table. Hobbling over you fetch it and as you hand it to me plead again telling me how you hate the hair brush.

I take the hair brush from your dainty hand tap my lap as you take a deep breath and position yourself over my lap. I take the back of the hair brush with its smooth polyurethane finish and rub it over your buns.

You get a chill as I rub the hair brush over your bottom knowing only too well from past experience how that thing stings your butt. I smile as you twinge, hold still honey I say, you know it is about to begin.

Don’t forget to count Alex, I say as I raise the hair brush, whack – one ouch, two ouch, whack ouch, three. I apply 10 fairly hard smacks upon that cute butt of yours before paursing to rub are you learning your lesson Alex, yes Lou you say, are you going to listen to me in the future, yes Lou I promise you say, ok honey get ready for the next 10, you tighten up relax your butt it won’t hurt as much, I’ll try you say.

Whack, whack, whack I continue to apply 10 more, tears form in your eyes, but to your credit you hold your position and do not cover up.

After you receive your full quota from the hair brush you are crying softly and your butt is really red I almost am reluctant to give you the strap, I ask if you are ok, you try to be brave and say you are, but I know otherwise.

Since I already told you that you were also going to get the strap I ask you if you want it now or tomorrow, I will take them now you say, knowing I would be sympathetic to the condition of your backside and not give them to you too hard.

You were right, I just applied the strap gently to your bottom since you were already sore you flinch with each added stroke but endure all of the strokes well.

Once finished I let you up hug and kiss and then have you lay on your belly as I apply ointment and lotion to your backside. Once I finish I turn you over kiss you lips and say you are forgiven, you smile, kiss me back and we make wonderful love together.


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