Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pat - My Mrs. Robinson

Pat was my next door neighbor when I lived in my Condo; Pat was about 40 years old at the time I was about 25, she was divorced and had a daughter Christine.

Christine was a good kid, but like most when she reached the age of about 14 she began to feel her oats.

Pat’s mother and father never spared the rod with Pat and her siblings when she was growing up so she decided to employ the same tactics with Christine.

I would run into Pat often while throwing out the garbage, when going to the parking lot and so on.

When Christine was being disciplined by Pat I could hear it all and really got turned on.

I envisioned Christine getting spanked, the position she was in, was her butt bared, what implement was used and so on. I also fantasized about it being me disciplined by Pat.

I decided to bring up the subject of Christine’s spankings with Pat when I would run into her. My first comments to her were I guess Christine was naughty again.

Pat smiled and said I guess you heard, I smiled back yes I did, she apologized if it disturbed me, I said oh no not at all was listening attentively and enjoyed it.

She smiled back saying naughty boy. I smiled back saying yes are you going to spank me too. She said I might, I said any time.

So we would tease along those lines when we would run into each other. One time she even took my hand as if she were going to bring me to her place and spanking me teasingly.

A few weeks later on a Saturday I was out puttering in the garden when she came out to sit on the patio. Hi Lou she said how you doing, I looked up oh fine Pat how about you, she said well fine now can relax Christine is spending the week end with her father.

My ears perked up I kind of took that remark as a possible invitation. I turned the chatting into discussions of spanking. Pat, still laying in her lounge chair said you know Lou with Christine away you might end up getting spanked from me.

I said to Pat is that a promise, she smiled and said tell you what why don’t you go shower and then knock on my door.

I did exactly that, I took a shower in my place put on just a button down short sleeve shirt short and underwear and thongs.

I knocked on Pats door next door; she had changed into a provocative house dress. Pat was on the pleasantly plump side and really great boobs you know the type heavily freckled.

She took my hand at the door as she had once before to escort me, her hands were small for a woman her size, she was not a small woman, but they were exceptionally soft.

She took out an old garrison belt well worn, she showed it to me with some pride explaining that it was this belt that had tanned many a naughty bottom. She told me It was that same strap that her dad used on her and her sisters and that she used on Christine.

Pat was talking about the strap fondly as she ran it through her hands. She then began to tell me how she spanks Christine first with a hand spanking over her knee to warm her up and then bent over the bed or the arm of the couch giving her the strap.

She smiled at me saying of course all spankings are given on the bare, only way of course, I smiled back and said of course.

Ok young man, she said lets see what you got under those shorts, take them down.

I did as she instructed, I was already erect when my shorts were down it was obvious to Pat even through my under pants, she smiled. She came over to me rubbed the bulge saying you naughty boy.

That soft gentle touch of hers only got me more excited as she pulled down my underwear, oh my she said what do we have here as she stroked and cupped me.

Again Pat took my hand led me over to the couch, seated herself and escorted me across her lap.

As I lay across her lap she placed her hand on my bare well presented butt rubbing as she spoke about how naughty I was.

Then the spanking began, let me tell you Pat was well versed in administering a spanking she gave good hard swats with her hand from the sit spot of each cheek all the way up to the top meaty part. By the time she stopped peppering me I was glowing.

Her rubbing and soothing of my bottom was now accompanied by some wonderful fondling as I parted my legs to give her easier access, she laughed saying you like that don’t you, you naughty boy as she emphasized that last point with a good smart smack to the center of my bottom.

Can’t fondle you too much Pat teased, want to save that for some mutual fun a bit later, ah promises of things to come I thought to myself.

After some more very desirable hand spanks to my bottom Pat had me get up off of her lap.

Ready for the strap, she teased, rubbing my butt from the hand spanking and flushed with arousal I responded to the affirmative.

So then I was bent over the back of her couch, she had me put the palms of my hands on the seat of the couch and in that position my toes barely touched the ground and my bottom was pointing straight up, an ideal target for Pat to apply the strap.

Whack, whack, whack, she let loose oh wow what a sting I loved it I was stinging but enjoyed every stroke.

After perhaps 2 dozen strokes Pat paused to rub, fondle and examine her handy work.

This went on until I earned at least 75 good hard strokes at which point Pat helped me up.

Again my hands went right to my bottom for rubbing but my cock was raring to go.

Pat cupped me and stroked me gently and then began to undress.

She looked wonderful naked having those big full breasts and a backside to match.

We made love and it was a wonderful Mrs. Robinson experience.


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