Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Princess Kathy Strapped

Hi Kathy,

Saw a movie on cable last night and it lent itself to a great story with you and I as the main characters, thought you would enjoy.

It takes place in the days of the knights of the round table the main female character Kathy was a princess who rebelled against her father.

Kathy had a secret lover Lou who was the general of the army, her father the King wanted Kathy to marry the son of the King of Spain.

Kathy and Lou get caught making love in the barn and are brought before the King. The King was so disenchanted with his daughter Kathy that he decides to punish her in public and humiliate her the way she humiliated her father the King.

As for Lou he was put in the dungeon sentenced to death.

The time for Kathy’s punishment arrived there was a staged area in the center of the square in the center of the stage was the punishment devise.

The punishment device resembled the capital letter H and was bent slightly at the intersection.

Kathy was prepared and dressed in a very common dress, unlike the type of attire she normally wore as a Princess.

Kathy was escorted to the punishment device.

Kathy’s arms were outstretched above her head and fastened to the top of the device.

Kathy’s dress was raised above her waist revealing her bare bottom. Although embarrassed by having her buttocks so exposed to the common people Kathy was adamant about taking the punishment she knew she deserved like a brave woman.

The executioner took up his position behind Kathy and looked in the direction of the King for his instructions to proceed.

Kathy looked at her father and said “I am sorry father for my actions, I know I deserve what I am to receive and I will try to accept it in a way that will make you proud of me”

The King felt sorry for his daughter but knew that this punishment had to be issued so that the people would know that there were to be no exceptions.

The King nodded his head in the direction of the executioner who then proceeded to thrash Kathy’s upturned unprotected bare bottom with his very thick leather judicial strap.

Kathy bit her lip with each stroke, tears falling down her cheeks as the strapping was administered, her cute lovely bare bottom so red and swollen as the executioner did his job well administering a full 48 very hard strokes.

From my position in the dungeon I had a perfect view of the proceedings and thought back to the many times I had spanked you and made love to you afterwards, both of us so aroused.

I wondered as you were getting thrashed in public so soundly if you were aroused at all by it.

Hope You enjoyed

Hugs Lou