Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Revenge on the Dutchess

After that thrashing Alex and I became lovers, eventually I was given back my foremanship and Alex became head housekeeper.

The Lord was beside himself with his daughters actions and recalled the thrashing she had bestowed upon both Alex and me.

He approached Alex to ask her if she would attend to her naughty daughter Alex smiled may I have Lou assist me you asked the Lord.

Oh by all means Alex, the Lord said, I want her to be humiliated it will teach her a lesson she soon would not forget.

All of the servants were assembled in the library the Lord told them that he was aware that his daughter is a spoiled brat and has caused virtually each and every one of the servants agony and pain and humiliation. That it was his intent to have her thrashed by Alex and Lou in a most embarrassing manor so that she would respect the humility of others.

AT first young April tried to belittle her fathers concept, but she realized her tactics were not working and then began to appeal for reason after all I am not a servant to be thrashed for misbehaving certainly not by servants or in their presence.

The Lord spoke you have had every one of these servants humiliated before you for your own amusement and they are most your senior and did not deserve it.

You will be stripped of all you garments as you have done with them you will be totally exposed so that all of your womanly charms would be on display and Alex will thrash you until you beg her forgiveness for what you had done to her. Lou will assist in holding you down and keeping your legs apart so that you are on full display.

So it was that you April the Duchess was stripped of all of her clothing bent over a wooden horse legs parted and held down by Lou while Alex picked up a riding crop and painted her young naughty bottom a very bright red.

At first the Duchess was adamant speaking profanities which became pleas for mercy which finally became apologies.

She was finally let up but was forced to remain on display for the amusement of the servants who walker around her admiring and sneering at her nakedness before them.