Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spanked by my Friends Mom

Mark discovered the love of spanking.

He knew his friend Jeff and his sister Joan were still spanked.

Mark very much wanted to have Faye, Jeff’s mother, spank him.

When Jeff and Joan were not at home he knocked on Faye’s door.

Faye always thought of Mark as her third child.

Faye was dressed in a house dress somewhat loose fitting and low cut enough to show some nice cleavage.

Faye always smelled great and was always hugging and touching Mark.

Mark decided to begin the conversation about spanking by asking Faye how come she still spanks Jeff and Joan.

Faye smiled and was surprised by the question, she paused putting her hands on her hips and asked Mark why he was so interested.

Mark replied because he wished he was subject to spanking too. Faye was without words for a moment and then asked why he wanted to get spanked.

Mark said because you do something your not proud of you feel guilty, get stressed out and you punish yourself that way, wouldn’t it be better just to get spanked and get it over with.

Faye had to agree with Marks logic. Then asked what did you do Mark, Mark went on to tell Faye that he had tried pot, Faye was really shocked.

Faye went into a lecture on the evils of doing drugs etc. Mark understood and agreed.

Faye paused in deep thought for a moment, asked Mark it he told this to his parents, he said no, he didn’t feel he could talk to them as easily as he could to her.

Faye asked Mark if he did tell his parents how would they react, Mark said they would probably just get very upset but probably do nothing, Mark teased you know they kind of spoil me. Faye interjected and said yes some time you do act like a spoiled brat, Mark smiled saying guilty.

Ok Mark, Faye said if I agree to spank you, you will get spanked the same way as Jeff and Joan do, that mean bare buns mister, do you understand that?

Mark paused, said ah yes sure no problem, Faye smiled, then teased saying always thought you had cute buns guess I get my chance now to see first hand.

Mark blushed.

Faye dried her hands from washing the dishes went over to the hook in the kitchen where the paddle hung.

She took Mark by the hand and escorted him into the living room.

Faye sat down in the middle of the couch told Mark to lower his pants and patted her lap.

Mark was red faced as he first lowered his pants and then his under shorts he wanted to make sure Faye got a good look at his semi erect manhood, Mark had long ago discovered an association between exposure and spanking.

Over Faye’s lap Mark went, she rubbed and lectured about the evils of drugs and then began to augment her lecture with first her hand and then the paddle.

The spanking seemed to go on and on from the beginning Mark felt this wasn’t going to hurt at all and was really enjoying it, but as the count went from 50 to 75 the sheer number of strokes began to take its toll.

Mark was now squirming with each added stroke and it seemed that Faye was picking up both the force and intensity of each whack.

Soon Mark was yelping with each additional spank which led to pleading and then promising never to use drugs again.

Finally Faye let Mark up, he immediately shot his hands to his burning butt rubbing not caring or realizing at all that he was fully erect in front of his friends mom, who was staring at his cock and smiling.

Faye looked up with that smile telling Mark that she hoped he learned something, he said he did. She told him that if ever he felt a need to be spanked again she would be happy to warm his buns.


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