Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spanked for Peeking

At the age of 18 while going to Night College I took a job working for a small fabric house on the Upper East Side.

By far I was the youngest employee at the small firm.

One lady I took a liking to was a lady who worked in the accounting department, I worked in the order department an office down at the other end of the floor.

This lady was perhaps 10 or 12 years older than I was and held a position much higher than mine in the company.

Between our two offices were bins of fabric stacked perhaps 15 feet high on shelves. At the far side of the shelves were windows.

Jean knew I had kind of a crush on her and would frequently tease and I believe she kind of liked me too.

In any event we had inventory, Jean was in charge and she choose me to help her. This meant over time and it got very dark outside.

As I was walking from my office to Jean’s I passed by the windows and as I looked across into the next building I saw an apartment with open shades and a lady getting undressed.

Only being human I continued to watch as the lady got totally nude trying on bating suits.

Mesmerized in my viewing activities, I got caught by Jean.

Jean was very upset, she said she thought better of me besides the fact that I was supposed to be working.

She was really very angry and threatened to report me to my boss at which time it was highly likely I would get fired.

I pleaded with Jean to find another way other than to tell my boss. She said my pleas sound similar to hers when she was a young girl when she was about to get a spanking.

I said if that is what you want to do fine, spank me, but please don’ t tell Joe, he was my boss.

Jean smiled and said you would let me spank you, I said yes, she thought a moment and said if I do it would be in the same way I was spanked. How was that I asked, she laughed on the bare bottom.

I said wow, you were spanked on the bare bottom, she shook her head smiling saying yes that was the only way my father did it, he wanted to embarrass me.

I was very surprised and very interested in the discussion so I asked how long that continued, she said it began when she was about 9 and continued until she was 17.

17, I said how could you let him spank you that way at age 17. She smiled took a deep breath and then said look he spanked me moderately, he got off on it, if I didn’t let him do it to me he would have beaten the crap out of my mother, so I felt it was a small price to pay, let him get his rocks off and it didn’t really hurt that much.

I was amazed at her honesty, but then she turned the discussion back to me and what I had done.

She said if you will take a licking from me I won’t say anything to Joe, but you have to submit, not cover up and take what I feel you have coming, agree, yes Jean, I said.

Good, she said, she had me lower my pants and lay over a fabric roll, she found an 18” wooden ruler in one of the desks and she used that.

When she made me take my pants down I was aroused I made sure she could see my arousal, she did and smiled but didn’t say anything.

I laid across the fabric roll and she gave it to me good and hard and long. It hurt and it stung and I had to force myself to stay put, she knew how I was feeling, she had been on the other end, she wanted me to yelp and plead.

After about 25 strokes she had me yelping and pleading and then finally she let me up, as she did my hands went right to my butt, but my erection was standing right out there, she smiled and hugged me saying ok get your pants up so we can get the work done.


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