Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spanking Chat Meeting with Lynda

I met Lynda on an adult chat line and we began discussing our various desires, desires that most people find difficult to discuss even amongst their own gender group let alone the opposite gender, but it is with the anatomy of the internet that we feel free to discuss our most intimate desires.

I told Lynda of how I was into spanking and exposure both to give and receive; she appeared to be very interested.

At some point, after a few chats I informed Lynda that I had a cam and that if she wanted to see me it would be my pleasure to expose myself to her, she indicated she would enjoy that.

From that point forward I had often turned on my cam for Lynda we both enjoyed and began chatting even more openly about our desires, she liked me to stroke and even asked me if I could cum for her. I told her it is a bit difficult to cum on demand in an uncomfortable seat but would try.

We progressed into phone conversations with both of us being increasingly naughty and both teasing one another.

We both had a desire to actually get together and play out our fantasy desires in real life, this story is of our fantasy encounter.

I tell Lynda that I was flying into Dallas would be checking into the Marriott and hope to meet her for a weekend of erotic bliss; she agrees to meet me at the hotel.

As I arrive at the hotel I check into my room and you call my room at the desk I come down to get you.

As I see you we embrace in a nice warm hug I then loosen the embrace and give you a loving soft kiss upon those sweet desirable lips of yours.

I take you by the hand up to my room telling you I really need to shower from the plane trip and invite you to shower with me a bit shy you refrain at first I understand.

I enter the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar as I proceed to get undressed and into the nice warm shower. A few minutes later you enter the bathroom remove your clothing and join me in the shower.

As we embrace and kiss I rub you’re back amongst other strategic places as you do likewise really warming up to our frequently discussed romantic week end.

Making love for the first time in the shower I tell you of the evening I have in store for a fine dinner, soft music, dance followed by adult play and love making.

The wine flows at dinner and we dance into the we hours talking and teasing and taunting as I ask you if you would like to go up to the room. You smile kissing me softly telling me most definitely.

I tease that you have a spanking coming for being a tease but assure you it would be a loving erotic spanking. Getting more brazen you inform me of your intentions to spank me as well, I respond with the tease promise.

As we get to the room and remove all of our clothing in a full embrace of hugs and kisses I lay you down and begin to explore your body from your ears to your toes and everything in between.

As I move from your ears to your other delicious facial aspects my hand moves down to your breasts as I fondle your nipples to an erect state.

As I am kissing your facial features and fondling your breasts you reach down and begin fondling my already erect penis cupping my balls as you do so.

Not wanting to get off just yet I move my mouth down to your breasts while my hands arrive at your vaginal opening.

With my mouth on your breasts nibbling your nipple and tickling with my tongue my hand is working your pussy feeling the moisture of your love juice.


At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got lost in your blog for an hour,
wonderful remembrances and even current events.
Appreciate your taking the time. .
I'm Katrine and was very submissive to my bossy older sister in younger years and 20+ years ago.
So your blog resonates with me.


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