Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Therapy Conversation

Therapy Conversation:

Goddess Helen is a 40ish domme about 5”6” dressed in a short skirt and low cut blouse. Her bedroom is converted to a small discipline room filled with varied implements. A table resembling a doctor’s exam table is at the far end of the room having restraints for wrists and ankles.

Lou: Hello Goddess I was recommended to you by my psychiatrist she told me that your methods will reduce my stress and feelings of guilt.

Goddess: I do have a very good track record of success, but I should warn you my methods are unorthodox.

Lou: My doctor mentioned that but at this stage I am prepared to try anything that might help me.

Goddess: Very good then is 2 PM today good for you.

Lou: Yes Goddess.

Goddess: here is my address and directions.

Lou: Thank You.

Arriving at a small house not too far from my office I park and ring the bell.
A sexy smiling lady answers inviting me in. The house looks very ordinary I look around to see if anyone else is there or where the session might take place.

Goddess: Let us sit here for a moment and chat – so tell me Lou what seems to cause your stress.

Lou: I have a demanding job and try to help all those I work with but sometimes a conflict between two I am trying to help arises and that is what I find most stressful.

Goddess: According to your file as a boy you were disciplined by your aunt.

Lou: Yes Goddess that is correct.

Goddess: How did your aunt discipline you?

Lou: She spanked me

Goddess: Exactly how did she spank you Lou.

Lou: First she would put me over her lap and use her hand and then usually bent over either the bed or the arm of her couch and apply her razor strap.

Goddess: How did you feel after those spankings, did you feel relieved, cleansed.

Lou: Now that I think of it yes I did.

Goddess: One other thing did your aunt bare your bottom when she spanked you.

Lou: Ah yes she did.

Goddess: I see and was that embarrassing to you.

Lou: Yes at first it was.

Goddess: I think that the method deployed by your aunt instilled within you an embarrassing, humiliating method which enabled you to rationalize that the sting of the strap was retribution for any wrong doing you may have done. It is my belief that similar type treatment today would hopefully bring forth the same results hence give you a feeling that you paid for the guilt and then the stress would be gone.

Goddess: Are you ready to submit to such therapy Lou?

Lou: Exactly what would be involved?

Goddess: We will begin slowly, first you will just undo your pants belt and lower your zipper, I will then have you lay across my lap and I will hand spank you over your underpants. Then your underpants will be lowered and I will hand spank you on your bare bottom. Once your bottom is covered in a nice shade of pink I will have you rise and remove all of your clothing, I want you totally nude and submissive to me. You will then choose an implement from group one I will apply that implement to your bottom for about 5 minutes then we will take a 5 minute break and I will rub your bottom. Then you will choose an implement from group two and we will follow the same procedure until every group has been used.

Goddess: Are you ready to try this method of therapy Lou?

Lou: Yes Goddess.