Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Thieves

As thieves on the run we crossed the line from stealing to abusing those who got in our way.

We traveled away from the big main cities into the mid west.

We arrived at a restaurant in the middle of the night nobody was in the place except Rose the waitress and her manager.

After we ate our meal, we went to the register to check out and told the manager to give us all the money.

Foolishly he tried to pull a gun on us, when he did that we pistol whipped him and tied him up.

Bob and Jim wanted to leave since we had the money, but I wanted to have some fun with Rose the waitress.

I went over to Rose who was a very proud obviously modest conservative lady she was about 40 years old with a nice full figure full breasts, nice big round ass and a promise of other admirable assets.

As I walked up to her and attempted to touch her she pulled away, I approached again and she took a swing at me, I stopped her hand grabbing her wrist and then smacked her across her face.

You were very naughty to resist me Rose, I said. You should know better to be more polite to your customers perhaps you need to learn a good lesson.

Rose stared at me with daggers in her eyes.

Bob and Jim came up to Rose grabbing her arms behind her. I now began to speak with her touching her face then my hands on her shoulders, she tried to get away but she couldn’t.

Now then Rose, I said, I will give you a break, I will give you a choice for what will happen to you for your naughty behavior, you can choose to be raped or to submit to a well deserved sound spanking.

Tears swelled up in Rose’s eyes you bastard she exclaimed. Don’t make it worse for yourself Rose, what shall it be. She did not answer I smacked her again across the face. Well do you want another? She was already in tears.

Ok, ok she said, ok what Rose, I asked, I will take the spanking she said.

Very good Rose now I want you totally naked. What she exclaimed, you heard me – but I don’t need to be totally naked for you to spank me. No you don’t I said, but I want to see you totally naked and the humiliation will do you good, the other men laughed.

Rose looked around at the other two men and her boss laying on the floor, she knew she had no real options.

With shaking hands she began to unbutton her waitress dress.

The buttons went all the way down to her waist, she slipped the dress off and underneath she wore a bra and a slip.

Down to just bra and slip you could see the embarrassment already in her face.

Her cleavage was abundant and with her anxious state she was breathing hard and her breasts were moving up and down so seductively, I was having second thoughts about not fucking her.

Rose removed her shoes and calf high nylons then went for her slip. As she took her slip off she was now clad only in her bra and panties, as I stared at her triangle area it promised to be a nice full bushy area to soon be revealed.

Please she made one last plea, now I demanded – she reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and let her breast fall free. They were magnificent I wanted to fondle them, suck then right then and there.

Now the panties I demanded, she was crying as she inserted her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and slowly began pulling them down. As the top of her fury triangle began to come into view she turned in hopes of not allowing me to view her feminine charms.

Once her panties were off I made her put her hands on her head and face us, she stood there completely red faced as we crudely made remarks about her exposed condition.

I took a straight back chair and placed it in the center of the room, patted my lap and she walked over to me pausing momentarily and then placed herself over my lap.

I began to rub her luscious full round bare bottom, it felt so soft and desirable, then I raised my hand and began to spank her from her sit spot up to that meaty center part and across. After giving her a good warm-up Bob found a wooden spoon in the kitchen and handed it to me, I began using that on Rose and as I did she yelped with each smack.

Finally I let her up and as I did she immediately began to rub her bottom, apparently she thought that her spanking was over but as I was removing my big thick black garrison belt I advised her that it had just begun.

Oh God please she pleaded again to no avail. She bent over the counter with Bob and Jim holding her down as I gave her the licking of her life. She was crying like a baby after only about 20 whacks but I continued to give her about 50 strokes before letting her up.

By the time I let her up her backside was a bright red.

I told her that I hoped she learned a lesson to be more polite, she just looked at me crying as we left.


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