Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Toni My Teacher

I met Toni [Antoinette] at our ski lodge up in the mountain. We hit it off almost immediately.

As it turned out she was older than me although I told a white lie about my age because she looked younger than she was and had some bad experiences with younger guys.

She had an apartment up town I worked on Wall Street. On Friday I would bring my car into work and leave for the mountains from there.

As Toni and I began dating I would pick her up and drive her to the mountains.

One Friday night Toni suggested we spend the night at her apartment and drive up in the morning.

As we were laying in bed I reached over to get something and when I did she gave me a swat on my backside. My response was oh ah she said you like that, I said yes mam.

From that point on Toni opened up and told me how she very much was into spanking, that she was a switch but mostly top.

Toni would set role plays for us and I would be the willing submissive.

She taught me how to be subservient and how to please a woman in every way, she would spank me in a series of four, her favorite approach. Always to begin and end with hand spankings with strap or paddle as second and third form of spanking.

We played many and varied roles together and we both enjoyed it very much and I learned a great deal from Toni.